Who Wants To Remix A Newcleus Classic?

  • This should be right up the ally of many here. Probably our most "Nu Electro" like track back then :)

    Before we went into Sigma to lay "Teknology" on 24 track I recorded it on my 12 track Akai recorder. Well, I have transferred the multis to digital. It is exactly the same as the release (minus edits and effects of course). What I don't have is the drums (I assume any remixer would change them anyway) and the samples, but everything else is there! The "Tek-Nology" voice sample is isolated on the CD so I'll sample that and include it to.

    Here is what I am doing. Anybody who contacts me to do a remix I will give the stems to. If I like your remix I will release it in some fashion. The best ones I will include on an official release on CD and digital. The very best perhaps even vinyl. Of course, all remixes will be my property... HOWEVER, as compensation for your hard work I will license the remix back to each remixer to release or sub-license on a 50/50 basis. You only have to notify me as to your usage. Of course, if I release it commercially you can't just give it away, but if I give it away knock yourself out!

    Anybody interested? 8)


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  • Quote from Cozmo D;63954

    Probably our most "Nu Electro" like track back then. :)

    I have been listening to the 2 albums a lot during my workouts lately, and I was thinking the same thing about Teknology.

    Very much interested, of course. :D
    What's the timeframe for this?

  • Quote from lj;63972

    I have been listening to the 2 albums a lot during my workouts lately, and I was thinking the same thing about Teknology.

    Very much interested, of course. :D
    What's the timeframe for this?

    At least a month, probably longer. PM me if you want the stems. :)

  • OK... UPDATE TIME!!!!!

    This has been the worst year of my life... bar none... by far, yet in the midst of it I have been extremely blessed! This is a secret of life that has long kept me sane, that even amidst the worst it is possible to find blessings. I only wish that more people understood this, the blessings are there, seek them out.

    Anyway, my mother passed away in the middle of this project, so very little has been done on my end. However, since bills have to be paid business must go on, and in the process of this business I have gone into partnership with an international physical distributor who is enthusiastic to put out anything I send his way. I will now be doing CDs... and yes, VINYL... internationally!

    As for the "Teknology" project? AMAZING!!! I have gotten some fantastic remixes... a few of them INCREDIBLE... and many from peeps who frequent this forum. All in all at last count I have 12 remixes that I intend to release. I am not expecting any more to come in but if any do that knock me out I will include them as well. However, the selection for the CD is now made and full so the only way something new could make the CD is to knock one that has already been selected out, which would be one hefty task!

    Because my new distributor would like 2 months ideally to pre-promote I am targeting the release for January. We WILL be doing vinyl as well. I figure the original plus the most danceable 3 remixes. I have not decided which those will be yet. In fact, I am asking for help with that.

    Next week Saturday, October 27th, on our show Jam-On The Groove on Global Funk Radio at 10pm GMT (5pm EST) We will play EVERY remix that has been selected for release! Please tune in and check them out, and then let me know which one YOU think should be put on vinyl. Remember, I'm not looking for the best remixes for the vinyl, but the ones that are most likely to rock a dance floor. Please help me figure this out.

    BTW, anybody who wants to sneak peek or preview their remix please feel free as long as it's not downloadable. Contact me if you are not sure whether yours has been selected for release or not. If I have decided not to release it please feel free to do whatever you wish with it (short of selling it of course). There were a couple of remixes that were actually pretty damm good, but had nothing to do with the original other than the vocal sample. I know that this is how some people make "remixes" these days but I'm sorry, I'm from the Old School and if the remix has no elements at all of the original then it is NOT a remix. A sample of somebody saying "Teknology" just doesn't cut it.

    Aiight... hope to see everybody at GFR on the 27th! 8)

  • Hey Coz! I guess this is the worst year for you by far.. Hang in there buddy! We're sending our full moral support from Crobotville!

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