• Well i think this is an attempt to bring the many who have abandoned Street Sounds ( due to the last outings of NU ) back into the fold

    i love the cover design and will buy it for the collection , but its just another compilation of trax that any true Electro head already has

    and i hope to god that if its mixed then they get someone who will do it justice unlike the fade and blend outing that was on NU 4

    but hey what do i know

    There is so much new Electro doing the rounds now that its a almost beyond me that Street Souds arnt taking the chance with it , after all they used it to get back in the scene . So why ignore it now for some strange mix of Dance/RnB

    Just my Opinion

  • Quote from the1theycallleeroy;64547

    There is so much new Electro doing the rounds now that its a almost beyond me that Street Souds arnt taking the chance with it , after all they used it to get back in the scene . So why ignore it now for some strange mix of Dance/RnB

    Just my Opinion


    I understand your point of view, but it should be remembered that 'Streetsounds' was NEVER just about 'Electro', although that was hugely important for many of the UK based Hip Hop heads on this site. You have to think back to a time when records were not instantly available on the internet for download (legally or not), and you had to wait for the local record store to have the record on import, or be prepared to travel to seomwhere that did, assuming of course that there was record station that was available locally willing to play 'black music'.

    As time has passed I think many have forgotten just how isolated and ignored black music was (Hip Hop, Soul etc), and how important the pirate radio stations were in helping to spread the music - to a generation of youngsters who had their finger on the 'record' button every week! The contribution that 'Streetsounds' made in that respect is invaluable, and (whatever the differences that people may have had in recent years) is unquestionable.

    'Nu-Electro' is just too small a scene to be commercially sustaining in the long term, and MK is undoubtedly a businessman.

    155 :)

  • Streetsounds can go get fucked for a number of reasons.
    But mainly their hype and bullshit about "more legendary acts soon to be announced" crap and stringing everyone along for over a year....only to announce Dave Pearce and Arthur Baker (as if they are live artists??????)
    Then there is the fact that the artists who performed at this "reunion" crap were NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO SELL MERCH. This must be the first gig ive ever heard of where the performers were not selling even so much as a damn t shirt!
    Then their pig ignorance over basic questions on Facebook and banning of folk for asking relevant questions they are to fuckin lazy or brain dead to answer...

    Now they are announcing what? Crucial 4?
    A compilation of old crucial albums which were compilations of regular electro albums ..which were themselves compilation albums!


    Now i see they are announcing some 30 year anniversay event..another roadblock another huge "more legendary acts" etc etc bla bla.

    Hey...try releasing the fuckin DARXID album first. Or give the guy his fuckin music back so he can put it out himself like he has done countless times.

    And that guy who was stringing everyone along with his Fresh 86 vhs tape can fuck off and die aswell...the cunt!

  • Do not worry... im sure DJ cheese will be replaced by someone like Turbo B of Snap so he can lip sync to Chill Rob G in true Top Of The Pops style.


    it will be a roadblock event!! :)

  • It is going to be mixed but with so many great tunes that have been missed from the original series it would have been much better to see some of those. I have been trying to get My Hands Are Quicker Than The Eye on it but I think it's fallen on deaf ears even though a lot of people agreed it would be a good inclusion.

  • same old same old Blah blah blah, best possible quality blah original masters blah best possible blah

    its StreetSounds what did you expect

    im still gonna buy it if it ever comes out . for the Sleeve only

    hopefully it will be the LAST adventure into Electro that they do and let us have it back after the Car Crash that was NU 4

    they still havent sold all of them so that says it all

  • I must admit the cover is good but they could have come up with a more original old school tracklist i find there selection lazy, i could have come up with this in 5 mins

  • I see this album has now been shoved in the bottom drawer along with Darxid's
    (poor Mario probably still being fobbed off and told that hes going to be the next David Bowie)
    shame as i was looking forward to giving it one of my real reviews. ;)

  • I've just ordered myself the double CD.

    One disc mixed, the other full length separate tracks.

    Looks good if it comes off. It will be nice to have Knights Of The Turntable, Monster Beat & Get Busy on CD. There's only really Divine Sounds & Papa Austin that aren't that great.

    They should do this format with all of the Street Sounds Electro collection - I would buy the lot.

    Crucial Electro 4 - Track Listing:

    01. AFRIKA BAMBAATAA & SOULSONIC FORCE - "Looking For The Perfect Beat"
    03. DAVY DMX - "The DMX Will Rock"
    04. AWESOME FOURSOME - “Monster Beat”
    05. DYNAMIC DUO feat. SHAQUAN - “Knights Of The Turntable”
    06. DISCO FOUR - “Get Busy”
    07. THE EGYPTIAN LOVER - “My House On The Nile”
    08. DIVINE SOUNDS - “What People Do For Money”
    09. JAMIE JUPITOR - “Computer Power”
    10. PAPA AUSTIN with THE GREAT PESO - “Wrong Girls To Play With”
    11. MARLEY MARL feat. MC SHAN - “Marley Marl Scratch”

    EXCLUSIVE BONUS TRACKS - Only available on Crucial Electro 4:

    01. MANTRONIX - "Who Is It?" (Street Sounds Version)
    02. DAVY DMX - "The DMX Will Rock" (Street Sounds Version)
    03. THE WORLD CLASS WRECKIN CRU - “Surgery” (Street Sounds Version)
    04. THE EGYPTIAN LOVER - “My House On The Nile” (Street Sounds Version)
    05. DIVINE SOUNDS - “What People Do For Money” (Street Sounds Version)


  • Yeah been looking at this myself, might buy it just for the sake of it.

    IMO it could have been much better, certainly wouldn't have included Get Busy, What People Do For Money and Wrong Girls To Play With.

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