CE011LTD - World Electronix V1 - Silicon Scally, Boris Divider, Sync 24 & Deixis, Morphology

  • Artist – Various
    Title – World Electronix Volume 1
    Label – Cultivated Electronics
    Format – 12” Vinyl/Digital
    Catalogue Number – CE011 LTD
    Release Date – Vinyl – 03-09-2012

    A1 - Silicon Scally - Deodexed
    A2 - Boris Divider - Primary Functions
    B1 - Sync 24 & Deixis - Haunted World
    B2 - Morphology - Dark Star

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    To mark its 11th release CE launches a new V/A compilation series featuring exclusive material from some of the hottest names in Electro from across the Globe right now. The World Electronix series will be strictly limited to 4 x single press 12”s.

    The first instalment of World Electronix aims to showcase the darker dance floor side of the genre.

    The series kicks off with Parisian resident Carl A Finlow AKA Silicon Scally who turns in a signature style machine tech roller reminiscent of his early SCSI-AV works.
    The duty then shifts to Spain's number one electro export Boris Divider with a clinical, tight, Rother-esque groove.

    On the flip we see London based CE label head Sync 24 join forces with Australia's Abstract Forms label owner Deixis. The debut release for these 2 artists is a spooky, spacey affair with haunting vocals and a killer sub!!

    Rounding off the EP are Finnish duo Morphology, who alter the proceedings with a freaky 4/4 electro piece.

    The following editions of World Electronix will include tracks from E.R.P, Versalife, Gosub, The Exaltics, CRC, Dynarec, Fastrgraph, Plant 43, DeFeKT, Steve Allman and Sync 24 & Deixis. Watch this space!!

    Pre order from - Clone or sync24@cultivatedelectronics.co.uk

    Dark & Robotic

  • Quote from electrocutioner;64969

    Will this vinyl be sold at any of these stores: Clone, Interstellar, Juno or Templeplate?

    Yeah will def be on Clone and Juno and Intersteller, possibly Template. You can also grab a pre order from me. Drop me a PM if you want :)

    Dark & Robotic

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