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  • just found this review:

    MVDvisual has announced the upcoming September 2nd release date of Kraftwerk and The Electronic Revolution, a documentary featuring rare performances and photographs, obscure footage, exclusive interviews and more.

    As innovative as they are influential, Kraftwerk's contribution to the development of electronic music since their formation in 1970 remains unsurpassed. Having inspired everyone from Bowie to Coldplay, Siouxsie to Radiohead, this bizarre collective have also proven partly responsible for entire genres to develop - electronica, techno and synth-pop to name but three. This DVD reviews the career and music of Kraftwerk, from their inception in the late 1960s (as pre-Kraftwerk ensemble Organization), through their most celebrated period in the mid 1970s, and culminating with their resurgence during the 1980s with the popularity of synth-pop and techno. The film further explores how Kraftwerk both fitted in and pulled away from the electronic wing of what is often lazily referred to as 'Krautrock'. Sparing time also for many of the groups' contemporaries from the same field, and tracing the unfolding of electronics in German contemporary music generally, this program presents a fascinating story previously untold on film. It features rarely seen live and performance footage of Kraftwerk and of other Electronic and 'Krautrock' bands - much from private collections, rare photographs of Kraftwerk and others, exclusive and extensive Interviews with ex-Kraftwerk members and other German ambient and electronic musicians, contributions and enlightenment from German academics, writers and journalists, live and studio recordings of many of Kraftwerk's pivotal tracks, plus live and studio recordings of many other bands form the 'Krautrock' movement.

    Bonus Materials:

    * Special Feature 'The Dusseldorf Scene Vs. The Hamburg Scene'
    * Extended Interviews
    * Full Contributor Biographies

    ...should be interesting.
    at least more entertaining than their last live DVD.. ;D

  • I'd heard about this a while back Matt but didn't actually know the realease date. Thanks for sharing this Matt ;)

    Postcode're thick if you deny it exists

  • Quote from V-Tronik

    Cool, looks interesting.
    I finally get to see Kraftwerk in Melbourne on Nov 22. ;D

    Seen 'em twice bud, all I can say is you are gonna love their show!

    Postcode're thick if you deny it exists

  • Quote from aitchski2007

    Seen 'em twice bud, all I can say is you are gonna love their show!

    That's good to hear, never really hear bad things bout their shows. I do wish it was a regular private show tho, it's part of the global gathering festival so I hope they do a decent length set. Either way, some sleepless nighs leading to it for sure. :)

    "I need your clothes, your boots, & your synthesizer" :cylon:

  • Quote from lj

    looks very promising.

    as for techno, i would say it's a 50:50 split between kraftwerk and manuel goettsching concerning the question who invented it. :D

    btw. has anyone ever heard any pre-autobahn / organisation material?
    --> worst. hippie. shit. ever.

    yes, I do. Tone Float by Organisation (pre Kraftwerk). Fekking terrible but a must for serious Kraftwerk collectors ;)

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  • Watched the DVD yesterday.
    180min - 50% kraftwerk and 50% about the space music/krautrock scene they emerged from.
    Interesting interviews with Klaus Schulze, Conrad Schnitzler, Karl Bartos etc.
    Somehow feels like it doesnt cover everything that went on back then, but never the less a very interesting docu. All in english.…24165936&sr=1-2

    Quote from lj

    btw. has anyone ever heard any pre-autobahn / organisation material?

    Its mostly wild experimental stuff...
    I like some tracks of it like "Ruckzuck".
    The "ralf & florian" lp has a few nice tracks too.

  • i like the ralf & florian lp. it is pretty accessible compared to the earlier stuff. if someone asked me (which unfortunately nobody does) i'd say you can already hear the transition to the more controlled, stripped down & organised (no pun intended :D) kraftwerk .... far from the hippie-improv-noodling of organisation.

  • That was shattering.. Was looking forward to it for about 5 years, still can't believe it, had a decent night tho, considering. :"(

    They were setting up the stage for Kraftwerk with about 15 minutes to go then some MC came on stage with Ralf Hutter and said he had an announcement. Ralf said that Frinz wasn't feeling good, that he had been taken to hospital and he didn't know the severity of his condition, looking quite concerned as he said it, and that the show wouldn't go ahead.

    The MC was quite dis-respectful I thought, he was pumping up the crowd saying "Are you gonna come back to Melbourne and DO ANOTHER SHOW!" Considering that Ralfs band member was possibly in a life threatening conditioning, I thought that was a little extreme.

    Anyway Ralf hinted at a possible return to Melbourne for a proper solo show at some point, which could work out better, since I always wanted to see them in a private show rather than a festival. I can only hope. Good to know that Frinz is fine.

    I didn't go to the Perth show, as it was the next day on the other side of Australia, and I don't think anyone expected at the time that Frinz would be fully recovered to do a show the next day.

    If they do come back, I hope it's with Florian too, wouldn't quite be the same not seeing that robotic bald genius in the lineup.
    Oh well...

    "I need your clothes, your boots, & your synthesizer" :cylon:

  • Someone reminded me of this great docu!
    In case anyone missed it.



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  • Quote from alavux;41332

    matt , you kidding ??? right ... florian is of the concert line up year and a half , some guy is on stage ::) (not me :"( ) and doing videos ... scheisse !

    This thread is old, in December 2008 it was new to me that florian is missing. :-/

    Quote from Nanomorph;41315

    What's the name of track in the background?

    Not sure, but might be something kraftwerky sounding produced (by someone) just for this docu.
    Cheaper than licensing original Kraftwerk music i guess.

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