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  • Hola everyone, I'm machete. I used to be on here aaaaages ago. Dropping by on a mission but I'll try to keep my account current. long live electro funk, electro hip hop and miami bass!

    Although I'm here on a mission, I'm not a leech, my collection is open to all but probably the same stuff everyone else has!

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    HI there my name is Alistair Greecy and Im working on a new book about Londons past record shops in from the start of the ELECTRO era in the 1980s to ACID HOUSE , I need help locating people who were there at the time and would like to share the experiences in the book . I need photos of shops or past memories.

    Please get in touch if anbody is interested in helping the cause you can be anywhere in the world so please get me here or add me on facebook , search ALISTAIR GREECY and you will find me.

    While im writing this a thought has crossed my mind and its stating the blimmin obvious but when I was buying tunes back in the day the only way to meet people was to go out to the shops and mingle but now my god its all at a touch of a button.

    IM listening to the live stram and the music is fantastic, theres a kid in Sweeden letting everybody who he is and hes just watched the breakdance movie and hes just bought ELECTRO 3, fucking brilliant. Things aint bad after all , things just move on, this will be going in my book in the future section.

    Anyway I've still got a load of music gear I've got a roland sh101,707,727,606,626,saturn 09,xoxbox and cubase 7 , I know the basics but still need to learn the power of cubase my favourite all time tune is no ufos by model 500n but there are many others.


  • Hello Electro empire I am Kendrick Dixon also known as The 808 Supremacy!!! I'm glad to have joined you guys and look forward to being here amongst you all.. Thanks for allowing me to join..

    808 Supremacy!!!!! :headphones:

  • Kia ora!

    New member here from Auckland City, New Zealand, South Pacific.

    Been listening to Electro since the early 80s, repping electro / technobass / detroit bass / miami bass in my city as a producer and DJ since the 90s.

    Do I get a basket of digital muffins or something?

  • Hi all fellas!
    I am Pharcyde,a Greek italo disco/synth/electro breaks music lover and vinyl collector.
    Its about 1 hour ago I discovered myself this site and I m more than happy for this!
    Hope to learn stuff and help with my knowledge,if possible.
    Glad I ve found you all!

  • Hey my name is DJ Jeff AKA defcreator and i have been making records since the early 90s mainly boombap hiphop DJ related, prob my best know track is "Change the Scratch" on Return of the DJ vol.2 ..but my roots are in the early 80s, the electro years, too young to understand what was going on back then so at a later age i started getting more interested in the roots of hiphop..right now im collecting records that i missed buying as a kid..i prob have about 500 records now mainly funk and electro from 1981-1984...those years are the best years for me personally..thats when hiphop was at its peak..from there on we all know what happened to the culture..i will never forget the true era of hiphop! Peace!

  • Quote from Electro Empire;65497

    Hello & welcome to all new forum members!

    Say hello and tell us a little bit about yourself if you like.
    Where are you from? When did you start listening to Electro and what are your favourites? etc

    Don't be shy, most on here don't bite! :uglywave:

    Born and raised in Southern California. Listening to hip hop since 80. I love ElectroFunk and Electro like one of the best Al-Naafiysh The Soul,lEgyptian Lover, MC ADE , pretty Tony,Hashim, OldSchool Hip Hop, like MC Lyte, EPMD, Eric B and Rakim ,Freestyle, Dance like Trineire and Shannon, and early to mid 80s funk. Like SOS band and Yarborough and Peoples.
    Smoke Weed Every Day

  • Hello everyone

    I am from India.

    i like electronic dance music.

    i will be very glad to share some great stuff and information about electronic music.


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