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  • this is Rebus, the robotic entity from Greece spreading the word of electro planet.
    I used to be a member a few years ago but the site disappeared suddenly.
    Now I am back.
    Respect to everyone who loves this music.

    :cylon: :cylon: :cylon:

  • Hi. A new Electro Empire.. another registration. My old account must have got binned in the tidy up/move. Not to worry. Back again.. same login name.. a little less hair now though.

    Auld c@$ t
    From Glasgow
    Owns some gear
    Loves Electro

    Think that about sums it up for now.

    Bonjour everyone.


    Bounty Hunting Beats & Basslines, Across The Galaxy & Beyond

  • i am a graffiti-writer and music lover, who started buying records (mainly electro) in about 1994.

    there are a lot of electro producers i love, eg. drexciya and rutherford etc. and of course all the superb 70s and 80s pioneers.

    during the last years i lost somehow connection to the scene. that's why i will sell a big part of my collection and only keep my personal jewels.

  • Quote from testakles;70858

    i will sell a big part of my collection and only keep my personal jewels.

    Hello there,

    do you have any list or discogs page where I can see the items you sell?
    Thank you mate.

  • Hi all the good electrofunkers! My electric name is dRxId "Actually Darkside". Had to code the name a bit, because the original is obviously too widespread. I'm a blind musician from Estonia, who has finally accomplished hes childhood dream. On my soundcloud page there are among others some true electrofunk creations. Being totally blind it's not easy to work in this supersaturated modern world of technology, especially true in computer music. That's why I chose to go the other way. Not being a wealthy producer, have to work with modest tools. At the same time my setup is constantly growing bit by bit. Currently working with the following: Yamaha mm6, Alesis Micron, M-audio Venom and the rest from Korg: Microkorg, R3, Microsampler, Monotribe and since recently also the Volca series. Microsampler being of course the center of all this funky buzzing. Computer is actually used for editing/mastering and occasionally throwing in some samples, that can not be created on the listed instruments, sutch as speech synthesizer phrases. Being a detailed and somewhat pedantic guy I could go on for hours, but it's actually better for you to take a listen. So: and stay all funky!

  • Hello Everyone!

    I'm Amper Clap, Spanish DJ and producer. Electronic music lover since forever, with influences as Mr. Oizo, Dark Globe, Simply Jeff, Überzone, Mike Oldfield, Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk. In 1999 he started DJ, strongly driven by the scene breaks the moment. In 2005 he entered the world of essences combining trance production with breaks. Currently, not forgetting its inception and underground sound, their productions beyond, working with great dedication to projects Breaks, Techno, Electro with surround sounds, melodic, progressive and abstract that can reach wrap.

    Follow Me:

  • Hi all.. I'm RUncELL from Essex- Uk.
    I've been producing electronic music from about 1990. I'm influenced and produce several styles including electro. I currently use a Laptop with Cubase and Reason (and a mouse).. but i will be pulling all my hardware out of storage once i've upgraded my computer and software.
    I've only been online since the end of 2012 -better late than never.
    I'm unsigned but never really tried to.

  • Greetings from Element aka Tygaelement.

    I'm a Dj Musician. Researcher .. My background is Electrical / Electronics based.

    I'm here because Electrofunk is a useful aid in researching the evolution of club & dj culture & the technologies which helped shape them...

  • :) It's good to be back here at Electro Empire yall!...Sorry about my Tracks ive posted up for like a year ago...I've deleted all my tracks on my Websites on Soundcloud & Bandcamp...I will make new profiles on both websites coming up when i Pre-Release all my Electro Tracks Coming soon on Vinyl & mp3...Working hard to put this in effect yall...Different than the Releases ive posted before..This time it will be legit...I'll keep you all posted...Peace.

  • Hi all!

    I'm Michael but people call me Captain :3

    I'm from Poland. I'm a popping dancer who loves all kinds of funk especially electrofunk. I'm also a beginner in music production and some day you will hear my songs. I'm here to learn sth about all this stuff!


  • Hello electro empire poeple, my name is Bjorn and I am from Belgium.
    I am 33yrs old and I collect vinyl since I was 15yrs, so have a nice collection.
    Badly much good electro music never get's pressed on vinyl anymore.
    I never buy mp3, only vinyl so much good stuff I miss because of that. Some years ago times where better and everything was on vinyl.
    Digital music did kill vinyl for a big part. I do not hate mp3 and stuff but I hope in the furure we do more to keep vinyl alive!
    Digital music is better quality, that's true but a vinyl is more special + you can touch it,...

    Further I also collect dj-mixes and live sets. Have a big collection, if you seurch for something special,please let me know, Always nice to change mixes and stuff.

    In Belgium the electro scene is not that good at the moment, almost no party's anymore.... Also not much good artist here, in the past we had Bytecon and last time one artistmakes a lots of good music and that's Microcontrolunit.

    Further I like to visit party's in other country's in the future and meet some artists.
    About the electro scene, allways nice poeple and respectfull :)

    Talk to you later ....

  • Hey everyone. Been checking out EE for a while now so thought it was time to sign up and get involved!!!
    Very briefly, my names Kneill,from just outside London, I'm a pro/session musician for 20 years or so, been into Electro from the start pretty much, but will admit that I hated the way it went with dance/techno etc, so didn't keep up to date thru the 90's/00's. My tastes really lie in the classic 80s stuff, but I've recently been working on the new sharon brown ( I specialise in love !?) album with the guys from Mtd London, and it looks like we've started a pure Electro project under the name 'delta city'. The first tracks are shaping up well, and have a kind of man parrish/russell brothers/soulsonic vibe to them. :)
    Looking forward to chatting with you all!

  • Hi all,
    I'm an electronic music producer from Dublin Ireland, creating anything from Electro to ambient etc. I have a new Electro project album under my alter ego "The Shape" clearly influenced by the accidental electro works of John Carpenter & Alan Howarth plus many of the modern electro masters Rother,Finlow, Blotnik etc.. So I'm wondering is there a forum section here to promote new music as the CD will be out in August and would like to get it to some appreciative ears ;)

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