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  • Hello, I'm a musician and composer arranger black and electronic music, im from san sebastian town (basque country/north spain), I work in styles; hiphop, rap80s, 80s electro, break beat, jungle, drum and bass, dub, brokenbeats, trip hop, acid jazz, downtempo, G-funk, hip-house.

    I am also a radio disk jockey disk jockey and party on stage and nightclubs.

    I come to share my musical tastes and influences and acquired over 21 years, thanks for all greeting for the whole community :uglywave:

  • Hey hey hey - good to be back - it's been over 8 years I think. Gimme the traxx. - especially old school dnb break mashups. Also interested in making my own beats so any advice would be warmly welcomed. Greetz from San Francisco !

  • I make all kinds of electronic music (since 2000), but also electro. Probably my biggest musical influence for electro and one of my favorite bands of all times is Drexciya. Otherwise I prefer silence and synthesizers to music. I am from Estonia & hape means acid in my language
    Links: /

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  • Hey Everyone! Im new to the community!

    A lil bout me, I love electronic music... lol and I like making music, painting, and Im just starting out making video animations as well. I use Reason and Acid Pro, I love mixing with vinyls and have some old school electro vinyls from electrowax days and before...

    some of my biggest influence in the Electro scene would be like Illektrolab, AS1, Morphogenic, Drexcyia, Darxid, Boris Divider, Anthony Rother, etc. Too many to list to be honest!
    I love house, techo, breaks, and several other genres not electronic based like jazz or rock, Pink Floyd, etc... Hendrix.. :)

    I started playing guitar when I was a kid, and never tried drums but could always keep a beat with my feet and hands. I can play a little keyboard, not much of a pianist though. Im looking to get back into it and Ive got a new machine, three screens and some more gear coming, monitors are next.

    I would love to find some hints and tips in using Reason to helping me make those crafty sounds, that give distinctness in ones music... Illektrolab has one in their bass kicks and bass lines, every major artist has their niche, I have been searching thru genres, I always feel differently as to what kind of music i want to make and come out with... but Ive narrowed it down to three various types in general. Thanks for reading my intro thread, hope to chat on the forums! cya around!

  • Hi All,

    Was actually a member long ago, around 99/00 when I got into collecting 12"s I missed out on on my youth. Work, married life and family took over as is often the case but now I have a better balance I am back on it.

    My aim is to collect all the 12"s which appeared on the Streetsounds Electro series (before it turned into Hip Hop Electro) - however Star Raid is going to be a bit of a problem! Also aim to have each track as a digital copy too (preferably from cd) - again Star Raid will be a problem there!

    Anyway, enough rambling and taking up your time, glad to be back in the Empire!

  • My name is Serge. I like electronic music, synth, electro funk, chillout, downtempo and more. I hope the meeting here like-minded people and friends.

  • Hei there, I'm Robyrt from Leipzig, Germany. I recently got encouraged by the Electro Emperor to swing by this message board and so I did. I run a small label called YUYAY Records, having released nine releases this far of which the last two were 12" vinyls. If the budget will allow it, I'll continue down the vinyl road. I do produce tunes myself and am performing as a vinyl DJ mostly in Leipzig.
    I'm not fond of the whole Web 2.0 thing and disappointed that most online communication has left for those sites. Maybe it's still possible to get a groove on in an "old-fashioned" forum like this one. I'd like that.

  • Hello Everybody!

    I have enjoyed making all forms of electronic music for the past 5 years. I still have many things to learn, I hope to become more proficient at mixing and mastering but I definitely believe I have something to offer all of you guys as well.

    Looking forward to discovering new music, learning techniques and eventually sharing my stuff.

  • Hello,

    I'm a musician, composer, author (above all writing about Asian and African electronic, noise and experimental music), radio host. I play(ed) and plenty of bands, especially in Belgium but also in Singapore, Lebanon and Germany. I do a bit of electro (solo and with the Lebanese project Tasjiil Moujahed) but must of my electro stuff are not online yet (Tasjiil Moujahed will soon publish an electro EP). Above all I play noise, industrial, improvised and electroacoustic (experimental) music, still a bit of minimal wave and not-techno-acid, I played a lot of breakcore and digital hardcore in the past, some drum n bass, still play drone, dark ambient, etc. on occasion. I run a label (Syrphe) mostly dedicated to experimental and electronic music from Asia and Africa, I organise concerts, etc. etc.
    Based in Berlin but often in the Middle East, East and South east Asia, sometimes elsewhere.

    I started to listen to EBM (electronic body music) in 1986, discovered electro later in the 1990's. I above all like the robotic and dark side of it.

  • hi!

    I'm N2B from Spain. I'm 38 yo and i love electronic music, breakbeat mostly, but retro, because nowadays it's very different.

    I'm grateful to be here!!


  • Hello everyone!!! We are Electric Kingdom, an online magazine dedicated to the sounds of Electro music. Our team consists of people with a long history in the scene, like Chris Nexus 6 from New Flesh Records and Fundamental Bass Intelligence, Santino Fernandez (Morphogenetic, Ascension Electronique), Giulia Scrocchi of Soundwall Magazine and the iconic Italian Orbiter parties, and of course, Lukas Barfield of Global Funk Radio and his long-running Freebass Radio show.

    You can check out our posts here from time to time, or visit us on the web at:

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