Warning to producers selling music...

  • Warning to producers out there, a guy on my facebook called Scott Miller is claiming to have had a hard drive failure and asking producers for music he NEVER purchased (I keep records of everything, but nothing from him - see below). Despite him turning nasty and threatening to pirate your music when you don't give him what he wants... DO NOT give your music away to him for free... PM correspondence below (email addresses censored):

  • Hi LektroID...havent you noticed that when you upload a new album to BandCamp, immediately it gets uploaded to some russian direct download pages and torrent sites? Why? Cause Bandcamp has a crap security system and a 8 year old boy can bypass it.....

  • Quote from stevefrances;66189

    Hi LektroID...havent you noticed that when you upload a new album to BandCamp, immediately it gets uploaded to some russian direct download pages and torrent sites? Why? Cause Bandcamp has a crap security system and a 8 year old boy can bypass it.....

    That is Not the point I'm making... Everything can be copied or hacked, as has been proven time and time again - just read the mainstream media.

    A little support goes a long way in such a small scene like this. Clearly this guy has no interest in supporting anyone, only spoiling it for our producers.

    The point is, this guy is extorting tracks from people in this scene, where our artists have spent thousands on gear, and put many hours of our spare time in, only to make pocket change back. After reading many comments on facebook, it turns out many have experienced the same attitude from this guy...

  • I can see you cant read between lines....do you think this guy is asking you for the tracks when is dead easy to find them for free?
    BTW every single week I am asked to send my tracks for promotion, is up to the artist to do it or not.

    Is cristal clear that Scott final attitude was not good, personal attacks and strong language is wrong, big mistake made by him but your attitude does not makes you to have the reason.

    I hate any kind of useless discussion and making gangs....

    Anyway, hope your EP sells good i like your stuff......



  • Great. More abuse...

    At this point I blocked him before he had a chance to turn nasty again.

    So far he has claimed to have bought my album through
    1. His Paypal (checked, no record)
    2. His Friends Mastercard (Bandcamp is PayPal only)
    3. His Mother's credit card (again, Bandcamp is Paypal only).

    Basically he hasn't bought my album, and is trying to extort free music, and turns nasty when you don't deliver. I got a lot of private messages at the time from other artists saying he had done the same to them, but seems nobody has spoken publicly. Now he's dragging my name through the dirt across Facebook, for something that happened a year ago, and I'm being singled out as the bad guy, with nasty messages and pictures being spread across facebook by this one person.

    It would be good to hear other people's accounts here (not in a PM to me that is never going to get heard)...

  • This Scott Miller recently wrote me telling me that he is excited about my new album and cant wait to hear it. He asked for free promos. I informed him the only promo available was being distributed to dj's exclusively through Miami Bass Radio Network. He then wrote back that he previewed my album & liked it VERY VERY MUCH. He proceeded to tell me that he LOVES my releases & LOVES to have it in his collection though he's broke and therefore asked for a free download. He claimed to be part of star league electro alliance and electro avengers & supports all our music. My only reply to him was simply a cut /paste of this thread initiated by Rich Elliott here indicating to Scott that we are well aware of his Modus Operandi.

    He then replied by grossly insulting Rich Elliott & also informing me that my album is hot his style and my music is CORNY.

    LMAO... seriously LMFAO.

    Mr. Scott Miller,
    All your actions just broadcast your smallness of character and lack of self-esteem. I will not lose any sleep over any of your whiney glosses. Get off of my lawn and stay on your meds!

    I know all about meds, i'm OCD.

  • Some of the PMs I had when it kicked off last year...


    *name removed*

    Cheers Rich, have also had some issues with the Fella in tha past - :) tried to be polite about "track lists" credits etc - :)

    to no avail..........

    electrobass fam stick together :)
    keep up the good work man -

    ***** (name removed)


    *name removed*

    Hey brotha how r ya!! Just writting to let u know the same shit happened to us with our new release on soundcloud and Scott Miller. I wrote to him and after some back and forth he told me it was some dude named Joe Doe and not him. He did admit to sharing our release with some of his friends and was prob one of the lol w/e anyways man thanks for bringing this to light bro.


    *name removed*

    Hey mate...just saw your post on EE about Scott Miller.
    That guy has tried it on with us too...after free promos n shit.
    I caught him uploading mixes which had ripped tracks from Soundcloud one time (unreleased tunes etc)
    He has also uploaded "compilations" of tunes onto pirate sites..me and **** spotted them...i'll try and find the web links later.
    just a heads up ...the guy is a dick.

  • :uglywrath:

  • wow, people and their desire for free anything these days...ridiculous.
    i work in retail and the "customer service" industry and let me tell you the shit that people try to get away with is absurd. we are in a world of selfishness and greed. sad.

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