Deemphasis Guest Mix for Synaesthetics

  • Hi !

    here is a mix i've done for Synaesthetics, played on EdgeRadio 93.3


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    01 Deemphasis - My Secret (Ukonx Recordings)
    02 Time Light Curve - Multipole Vector (AW-Recordings)
    03 ESS - Preset Memory (DeFeKt)
    04 Aurora Surrealis - Central Station (Elektropunkz)
    05 Dos Mas - Puerta Del Infierno (Frustrated Funk)
    06 Rude 66 - West (Bunker Records)
    07 Silicon Scally - Magnified (SCSI-AV)
    08 Deemphasis - Residual Data (Forthcoming on Ukonx Recordings)
    09 Info_Cifon - Entering Central Microprocessor (Access Tonal Communications)
    10 Luke Eargoggle - I Belong To The Past (Kust Musik)
    11 Seldom Seen - Radio De Slide (Frustrated Funk)
    12 Replicante Norman - Visceral Behavior (Mars Frequency)
    13 Solvent - Think Like Us (Ghostly International)
    14 ADJ - Reconnect (Shameless Toady)
    15 Synth Alien - Computer Slavery Feat. Rawtary (Crobot Muzik)
    16 Deemphasis - Shadows ((Forthcoming on Ukonx Recordings)
    17 DMX Krew - Left Brain (Kust Musik)
    18 Dopplereffekt - Superior Race (Dataphysix Engineering)
    19 Arnold Steiner - Visitor Alek Stark remix (Transient Force)

    bye !

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