IF4001 - The Same - Fungeez EP 12" on InFiné France

  • Label: Infiné
    Catalog No. IF4001
    Genere: Electronic
    Format: 12"
    Release Date: 21.01.2013


    A – Mental Disorder
    B1 – Man of Dust
    B2 – Fungeez



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    About “THE SAME”:

    InFiné Podcast : http://www.infine-music.com/news/197/podcast-004-the-same
    Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/thesamepl
    Soundcloud : http://soundcloud.com/thesamepl

    Tymoteusz Cypla & Sebastian Pellowski are not like the average Polish youth slightly dumbed down by the Pan-European TV channel, Viva Zwei. They are probably the last producers daring to qualify their own music as “TRANCE”. But for "THE SAME", this word “Trance” is not a label stamped to a record. For them, the word means a journey in a limitless space and time frame, which brought them to get to meet, whereas they were living hundreds of kilometres from each other.

    From their encounter came out a first EP entitled “We are the Same” released by the very respected net label, Phatt Sounds. In 2010, one of their track “Szarpiesz Minerwa” slipped into Agoria´s “Balance” mixed compilation and a new relationship starts with the crew of InFiné (check their Podcast inspired by Gaspar Noé`s “Enter the Void” on the InFiné website). A dark and cinematic atmosphere can characterize their Music. They build up their musical outputs with ready-to-rumble basslines, vicious synth-waves and explosive hi hats.

    The Fungeez EP could not find any better shelter than InFiné : mutant and hors catégorie like most of the release of the label. Its four tracks are equally sick and euphoristic and display a sound power, which will set fire to any dancefloor.

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