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    01. E.R.P. - Paper Dove [Music 4 Your Legs]
    02. Anthony Rother - Basic Level [Kanzleramt]
    03. Boris Divider - 1983 [Drivecom]
    04. Deemphasis - No Fault [Ukonx]
    05. Komarken Electronics - Intelligent Defence [Stilleben]
    06. Mono Martini - Nomen Nescio (Original Mix) [Transient Force]
    07. ElectroBerlin - Trip At The Speed Of Light [Self-released]
    08. DJ Xed - True To The Game [Subsonic Device]
    09. N-ter - Mom [Crobot Muzik]
    10. Deemphasis - Sleep Little Men [Ukonx]
    11. Other Aspect - Nuance (ElectroBerlin Remix) [Black Leather]
    12. 808Squad - Reality Attack [Self-released]
    13. Dark Vektor - Com Ets Tu [Crobot Muzik]
    14. Hardfloor - Skill Shot (Hardfloor Vs Pip Williams Remix) [Hardfloor]
    15. Offset - Plastic Dreams (Deemphasis rmx) [Unreleased]

    This tracks I selected for morning set on rave on the island on Amur river "mostrave" in june 2012 (http://mostrave.ru/mostrave70/)
    I think electro is the best music for the morning, for beholding the sunrise and for for comeback to reality after nighttriping.

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