Jomox Xbase 999 or Acidlab Miami?

  • Hey guys,

    I know that the XBase 999 and the Acidlab Miami are totally different and the 999 clones the 909 (and seems to go beyond cloning) and the Miami clones the 808, but nevertheless: which one would you prefer?

    I love the sounds of both drum machines equally although i think i like the 808 sounds a bit more.

    But, it seems as if the 999 has a lot more options and functions than the Miami has and might be more interesting because of that.
    Would it even be possible to modifiy the 999's sounds that much that you get something sounding like 808 sounds?

    In Berlin there was an 999 sold for 800€, the Miami costs that much in new condition...

    I hope you guys have an answer and I hope this is the right thread to post it in, I'm quite new to this forum..

    kind regards and I'm glad about every reply!

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