Emotion Coder - My Never Ending Wish EP [MJ50]

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    Emotion Coder (Victor Marak), is here on Mojear. About Victor : "I am a self taught professional security researcher and a self -taught electronic musician, based in Kolkata, India. I am a unique looking handsome young man with great hair. Ha! I travel alot, when I am in the mood. I play the piano / keyboards and guitar, and am well versed with western music theory, music production, programming and the works essentially. My debut EP is going to be released in October 2012 by Mojear Records (Romania). Its a sampler with acid jazz, trip hop and downtempo under the pseudonym 'Emotion Coder'. I have produced demo and EP recordings of local artists, made underground rock music -to - electronica remixes of local rock bands and have performed in popular venues like La Dolce Vita and the Princeton Club in Kolkata while being part of an Indo-Electronic outfit "Tablatronics" . Those club nights have been graced by the glitterati of the city. Post show comments on tv by visiting music journalists from abroad included - 'as if being in a top shot club in Ibiza or Paris, and you would'nt know it'. Now thats something! And we had tons of fun doing it. Tablatronics initiated electronic music exposure for a mainly rock oriented audience in Kolkata. It is safe to say knowing many of the local musicians in the city and all over, that we gave an impetus to other bands to take up electronica as a platform for perfomance. Our TV telecasts were broadcasted in a 2 episode show in "Party Time" in one of the premier entertainment bengali channels geared for the city -slickers and club addicts. as well as select stations in South-East Asia. I was also interviewed personally during a perfomance by German band "Lichee Lassi" in hot-shot club Tantra to give a description of the music they were playing, for tv audience. During early college years I won pan - India inter-college music and Dj'ing competions at different festivals most notably IIT - Guwahati -Alcheringa., securing 1st prizes in those intial college freshman years, with fun cash prizes. My styles range from house, drum n bass, trip hop, neo-classical, IDM, ambient, new age, hip hop, mashups, alternative remixes, dubstep and minimal techno. I have recorded more than 130 tracks right from my intital forays in to the scene and the electronic exposure during my early school days to studio recorded and mastered grooves for EP's and live perfomance. My roots are defintely in house music." Emotion Coder here on Mojear Records, just for you!

    Genre : Chill Out

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    Tracklist info :

    Emotion Coder - My Never Ending Wish EP [MJ50]

    MJ50_01 : Emotion Coder - Signify (Original Mix)
    MJ50_02 : Emotion Coder - Streets (Original Mix)
    MJ50_03 : Emotion Coder - Concentric (Original Mix)

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