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    if i were to make recordings of music, mostly non-electronic, personalized for occasions weddings, funerals, b-days etc. and sell them, that would be breaking all sorts of copyright law even if they were continuous recordings (all one track)

    i'm assuming it would be, but just checking with the experts

    thanks el.b

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  • Well, recording of music is actually legal (as long as you`re not going to avoid any copy protection. I don`t think that can`t be realized by radio stations to protect their play music). When you use it for your private use.
    But I don`t think it`s legal to play it on such events because then you make it available to the public.

  • Hm.. i think this is handled a little different in every country. I know that something like this would involve paying the GEMA over here, but not sure how exactly its done in the USA.

  • Yes, it's illegal to distribute them without permission, and a bigger bugaboo if you sell them. However, if all you are planning to do is distribute them and/or sell them on a minor basis, to family, friends, local customers and the like, then go for it. However, if you plan to do something major like selling them in a store online you should be careful.

  • thanks!

    for the sake of discussion let me throw this out there...

    if a DJ does a gig, club, party, wedding etc., that DJ is getting paid for their ability to use music, copyrighted music, to entertain. as far as i know is totally legal.

    if that same DJ uses that same talent and records music, re-packages it and sells it to entertain that is against the law.

    i don't get it. i both cases he/she is getting paid to use copyrighted music to get paid. what is the difference?

    "There are no problems, only solutions".

  • for djing the fee collecting organisations (GEMA over here) want to be paid as well.
    (unless its some illegal small underground event) ...usually the party organiser has to deal with this.

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