PT001 | Datacrashrobot - PHI X 174

  • In the midst of the Cold War and the arms race between USA and the Soviet Union, the science team of the Communist Bloc came to the idea of creating the weapon more powerful than the nuclear bomb, the only weapon of mass destruction at that time. Studying radioactive mutations and genetic engineering, Soviet scientists came to the conclusion that human gene mutation could be the ground for creating the most sophisticated warfare machine - the highly intelligent soldier with unlimited strength and excellent infiltration skills, which he would use to destroy the enemy within, before the latter realizes what hit him...


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    Artist : Datacrashrobot
    Title: PHI X 174
    Label: Pripyat Recordings
    Catalog #: PT001
    Format: Digital (WAV, MP3, FLAC)
    Release Date: 2013-01-16


    01 | Bacteriophage
    02 | Pyrosequencing
    03 | Virion Assembly
    04 | PHI X 174

    This release also includes PDF digibook that contains a story of human hunger for power, so unquenchable, that it goes against ethics and even common sense, but shows insatiable human nature in all its glory. Are you ready to face their means to an end...?

    // CREDITS

    All tracks generated by Datacrashrobot.
    Cover design by Gogxon.
    Layout & story by Nanomorph.

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  • Quote from albotron;67445

    great one...

    i love the artwork :o :o :o :o

    Thnx! Sorin did a great job, as usual. Those fine glitches just scrub yer brain and it just feels gooooood :cylon:.
    Artwork just had to be good so it can tell a story through a release :). It was made by friend of mine, so if you'll ever need that kind of drawings contact him here.

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