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    [img3][/img3] Where did you first hear Electronic music and who initially inspired you to produce music of your own?

    My very first recollection of electronic music with some very early Stockhausen and experimental oscillator to tape music back in the late 1960s. Later on, things like Kraftwerk with autobahn, and Jean Michel Jarre with Oxygene

    Can you tell about the New York club scene around the time you started to release music: which clubs you went to, what DJ’s you liked and the type of music they were playing?

    There were basically two different kinds of clubs when I was going out. Disco and rock or new wave clubs. Funny you ask me about what DJs… There were no “DJs” in that time period. There was no DJ culture until the mid 80s. Dance clubs of course had DJs, but they were usually unknown, or a big deal was never made out of it. Dance Clubs ranged everything from the club where they filmed Saturday night fever that I want to, to studio 54, where I performed twice, came down from the ceiling, and Madonna was MY opening act !

    The rock ‘n roll clubs for places like Dane-a-Teria, Mudd Club, Max’s Kansas City and CBGB’s Where I saw many then unknown acts, back in those days like, Arrowsmith, Bruce Springsteen, Devo, Blondie, Talking Heads, Joan Jett and the Runaways, The Cars, And I can go on and on…

    The dance clubs was strictly disco music, the rock ‘n roll clubs didn’t have DJs, they had live shows, and in between the acts, they put some cassette tape on, at a low-volume to keep some music running in the room. The new wave clubs, of course played all that great 80s music that we all love and we got to dance to.

    On your first album Man Parish (1982) you have a track called Techno Trax. Which must be one of the first uses of the term?

    Yeah, I guess so! Also hip-hop bebop was one of the first mainstream commercial uses of the word hip-hop. So many people claim that I coined these phrases. y think? I know there have been other uses of the words around, but we were the first to put it out there on records, as titles. on at:

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