Bass Agenda Vol 1: The Fight Against The Mundane

  • Coming soon! Reserve your copy of this limited edition Double CD release (less than 70 left) by emailing

    Features guest artists from the first 12 months of the Bass Agenda Radio Show

    Previews available to stream here -


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  • This limited edition compilation brings together 35 of the guests from the Radio Show's first year. 30 tracks on limited edition double CD and 5 tracks that accompany the CD in digital format.

    Previews here -

    How to pre-order:

    Email the Bass Agenda Radio show at

    Ships Worldwide by the end of July 2013

    Price - £15 (UK) / 17.50 Euro / $22.75 (US) - (subject to exchange rate changes)

    About the release:

    The Bass Agenda Radio Show has featured as guests some of the most talented and innovative electronic music makers of our time.

    Some of these guests are relatively new to releasing music such as China's Noise&Noise and the UK's Dexterous Numerics. Others, such as Dirk Da Davo of The Neon Judgement and Neon Electronics and Scape One have been releasing and making music for many years.

    No other compilation has covered the breadth and depth of this genre:

    The Fight Against The Mundane:

    Offensive 1: (CD)

    Illektrolab & 4th Genome – Intro (The Fight Against The Mundane)
    Romplex - Basstroyer
    The Exaltics - In Time
    Datacrashrobot - MMIC
    Franck Kartell - MOX
    Dexterous Numerics & 4th Genome – Make It Happen
    Neon Electronics – Games of Love
    R21 - Time Travel
    Middle Men - For All Your Tomorrows
    Iffnot & PROT|O|TYPE – Electric Ace
    Vadim SVD – Frozen Time
    PL_anet - I Am A Robot
    N-ter - Teknology
    Miotek - Empty Your Mind
    Medora - For Pleasure (De Con Version)

    Offensive 2: (CD)

    Weapons of Bass Destruction - End of Science
    The Korrupted Brothers – Zero Time
    w1b0 - Main Squeeze
    Alavux - Cycle
    DWELLZ - Hanibal Lectro
    Noise&Noise - Thought Disorder
    Hadamard - You Know What I Mean
    Deemphasis - Hidden Sun
    _AWOL - 3rd_Sektor
    Scape One - Timelapse
    Microslav - Köln
    Das Muster- Geheimabsprache
    DefBass & Jay Mass - Fallout
    Rawtary - Many Many Things
    Sync 24 - Kinda Loose

    Offensive 3: (Digital)

    Clatterbox – King Pin
    The Hidden Persuader – I Got The Beats
    DVS NME - The Bog
    The Outsider – Cosmoship

    Note: Previews not in same order as tracks appear on final release.

  • The remaining copies of Bass Agenda Vol 1: The Fight Against The Mundane are now available to pre-order through Bandcamp...…nst-the-mundane

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