Break From Canada & Italy - J Prime & Stex

  • New Break Promo from J Prime (Canada) & Stex (Italy)

    We’re proud to present this new Funkybreak Canadian promo by JPRIME from Viperfunk Beats and Breaks. An underground digital label bringing you some breakbeat business for your party destruction arsenal!
    Exclusive Junodownload May,21th 2013…-ep/2208525-02/
    in Beatport and iTunes from June, 3th 2013 – Young NRG Productions

    NRGNRGBRKUP – J Prime – BreakUP Ep
    1 The Rhyme Weapon
    2 Assault
    3 Drive

    Stex - EARTH - PLUTO - MARS OUT NOW Junodownload & Beatport
    Are u ready to dance? This remix is for ur breakz secret party! Massive acid arp bass with a sexydance vocal singer!
    The Original Mix is a classic break banger with hiphop roots inside! massive bass!

    Earth - (6:51)
    Earth (club vocal remix) - (6:55)

    STEX feat MC K - PLUTO

    Pluto (Funkabass) - (4:52)
    Pluto (Bass Inya Face mix)- (5:06)…uto/2196899-02/

    Review: Nu-funk's most intrepid astronaut Stex hits the seventh planet from the sun, and he does so with a keen sense of urgent trance. Rushy, clipped arpeggios control the funk shuttle's coordinates while a snappy, driving break powers the journey. As we eke closer to the 27 mooned planet Stex initiates the Deep Dub drive. With subs so smouldering they'd make your mum blush, it's as unforgiving as the icy, planet itself.

    Uranus - (8:41)
    Uranus (deep dub mix) - (6:55)

    Review: Young NRG boss Stex continues his party-primed planetary series with "Mars". A little more sedate and understated than his usual swag, "Mars" thumps softly with a warm kick drum pattern and subtle use of a string sample. Hankering for Stex's more trademark chaos? Don your white gloves, toot that whistle as loud as you can and jump straight on his "Acid Break" remix. Heavy.

    Mars - (6:41)
    Mars (acid break mix) - (7:12)

    Thanx for your support and feedback!

    Young NRG Productions

    Young NRG Productions
    One of the most innovative labels in Italy, officially started in 2001 but established in 1989, is one of the few that creates an international music networking. Founder and manager of Young NRG Stefano Ricci (aka Dj Stex), together with Teo Ederle, founder of Lao-tsu Productions,
    Young NRG Productions offers a choice of 30 different musical genres from House, Electro, D’n'B, Breakbeat, Lounge, Chillout, ElectroHouse, Progressive,to list some.
    Definitely worth giving it a good check and… give support to independent labels !!

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