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    This Scott Miller recently wrote me telling me that he is excited about my new album and cant wait to hear it. He asked for free promos. I informed him the only promo available was being distributed to dj's exclusively through Miami Bass Radio Network. He then wrote back that he previewed my album & liked it VERY VERY MUCH. He proceeded to tell me that he LOVES my releases & LOVES to have it in his collection though he's broke and therefore asked for a free download. He claimed to be part of star league electro alliance and electro avengers & supports all our music. My only reply to him was simply a cut /paste of this thread initiated by Rich Elliott here indicating to Scott that we are well aware of his Modus Operandi.

    He then replied by grossly insulting Rich Elliott & also informing me that my album is hot his style and my music is CORNY.

    LMAO... seriously LMFAO.

    Mr. Scott Miller,
    All your actions just broadcast your smallness of character and lack of self-esteem. I will not lose any sleep over any of your whiney glosses. Get off of my lawn and stay on your meds!

    I know all about meds, i'm OCD.

    Excuse me, I have to run out and buy a couple more boxes of tissues to wipe the tears from my eyes. Uncontrollable laughter does that to me.

    It appears that fans typically glorify SS at face value mostly oblivious to business ethics, morals & professionalism while artists & business affiliates on the other hand be tellin' it like it is toward MK. Once y'all realize this, then it's just another day in the music biz. Petty stuff...getting quite old actually.


    "what do all these have in common u ask?"

    a slow, cynical churning of manufactured hype that music has never witnessed...but i'm still smiling ;D

    Quote from B-T-T-B;53255

    Yes man...that`s horrible


    I've been on the frontline & i can assure you that vinyl is at best an expensive calling card for gigs. With each passing day there is less interest in vinyl and I alone cant change that.

    Does anyone find it a sensible business decision to press vinyl for a loss?

    thanx for the pump guys. Disappointingly the cost to benefit ratio on vinyl pressings has become pityful & no longer a viable option.

    distributors have all fallen out in the U.S.
    retail stores are gone
    dj's continue to digitize

    Its a losing configuration. Why pursue it & for how much longer?

    reality checkin' 1 2 1 2

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    As a bonus this EP also includes an exclusive instrumental version of a Debonaire produced Egyptian Lover track. Available now for immediate download.

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    Brilliant writing Morph ;)

    Coz ---> No accusations here my man. The spin stops here.

    Yes compensation was discussed and committed to verbally though never followed through in writing. In a remarkable turn of events, today i discover that Egypt in fact got paid. But I did not receive a dime! The agreement for my work was reviewed many times though it always seemed to get bumped to the side, put in cue, stalled...whatever you wish to call it. What took place with other trax, and what followed on vol 2 with IBE, are entirely separate dealings that did have written agreements involved. Anyhow, my intent is not to defame character but merely to share that a #1 means nothing on a chart and nothing for your pockets. Additionally, i remain insulted that as of today i was told to go fetch my money from Egypt. Egypt never committed anything to me nor did he need to since M was orchestrating and leveraging the song...exclusively and on behalf of SS.

    Anyway, stick a fork in it i'm done!
    A good leap of faith gone bad.
    I share facts you decide.


    Sup Cozmo :D

    M was the marriage maker. He insisted i produce the track for a set of awfully sloppy audio recordings of Egypt vocal outtakes. Egypt sent me the vocals direct. As God is my witness the vocals sounded like trash. Poorly recorded. Noisy. Completely out of sync with one another & dis-arranged. I slaved for countless hours just cleaning up some one else's dirty work. I then produced the beat around Egypts new polished vocal arrangement. 50 hours of professional studio time later what you hear is what i've done. I kept getting spoon fed that an agreement was on the way, that i would be "taken care of" & rewarded for accomplishing the seemingly undoable given the supplied voice tracks. After more requests than necessary to confront business & compensation i eventually realized i was duped & gave it up. Fell on deaf ears. Anyway, the moral of the story i was sweet talked into accepting vocal royalty terms. I displayed good will & positive intent. I had never in my life been so lax with business but somehow i let my guard down & just for a nanosecond decision i now report this disappointment.

    I cant imagine Egypt not getting paid...but then for what i would ask. The opportunist use of his name i suppose (along with mine). Master? I'm certain Egypt wrote the lyrics. Thats all i can confirm. The rest is my doing (with the exception of 1 or 2 sounds from Egypts original song). I was brought in to remix but found myself audio scrubbing, arranging, composing & producing 95% of the time. Call it what you want. I did my job.

    Today I have nothing to show for it. Not even a chart position...but i'm still smiling though ;D

    I apologize in advance to whom may feel as though i needed to refrain from airing this matter. It's not at all personal. I's all business and a select few can heed this caution and learn from an old schoolers mistakes...still!

    This thread has been brought to my attention by a fiend & was subsequently invited here to voice up. So here's my misfortune with the said label in question. In regard to "professionalism" i sadly chime in with a regrettable experience. See to all you unsuspecting peeps riding the bandwagon of "love & respect" you will be stifled at this newsflash i share. It's not that i'm too old or too young to give a freak, i'm in my mid-life crisis and so i MAXIMALLY don't give a freak!

    I'm that fool who produced the Egyptian Lover track that was #1 on that special chart for more times than truly necessary. I'm that fool who was reassured i would be compensated. I always look for a spark of good in people before assuming the worst. I'm that fool who later began requesting by email and voice conversation for a royalty agreement for my work but surprisingly never got one. 20 months later I'm that fool who still waits for a petty compensation handout. Ohhh i don't know, maybe a hamburger from McDonalds or maybe some cotton candy from a clown! Nothing, nada, nichts, rien. Current state: Silence. Conveniently communication went dormant but alas i did get a "thank you" for delivering the "anchor track for volume 1". Classic example. I got burned yet again for believing. It's a good thing i don't depend on the money.

    I'm that fool...