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    [QUOTE=billy1971;38461]I know they didn't do a instrumental version of "Fade to Grey" but can not help thinking stripped of it's vocals it's Electro.

    It was remixed on 12''-only way i used 2 have Original 12'' Version(on b side)b4 i got the albums. The newer version was terrible,as original can't b bettered! No idea who done the newbie one & wont even look it up,as not credible.

    To me 'Detroit Techno' is 88/89 & that's where it should stay. Can't people call some music a genre & leave it in the past where it belongs! What next Sugarbabes release a pop song & call it R&B-oh they already have!
    Why can't people just like or not like music,instead of worrying whether it's in a genre that's 'cool' !

    The Forgemasters one that was a different version on 'Black Sheep EP'. Was it 'Track With No Name' or 'Shall We'-don't 4get i don't use Discogs or internet,just my collection or memory(as with all posts)!

    As my browser can't see most peoples posts,i'll try & pick some & hopefully they've not been done:-
    This Brutal House-NITRO DELUXE
    Bamboo-BAMBOO(especially dub)
    Warlock-TODD TERRY

    BHose-i can see why u picked 'Real Life'(especially the mix with more samples & machine gun editing-which i can't find as an mp3 anywhere)
    So the Mantronik style mix makes it Hip Hop,but my best mate who was mainly in2 House always played it with House/Rave(as with To The Beat-WIRED)

    He's got 2 b admired-he's been good 4 a long time.
    Maybe he's sold out but who hasn't-he mite have 4got his roots,but he's making money & that's what U.S. is all about!

    I don't know all of these(only 90 odd percent!)'London Bridge Is Falling Down'-wish it would've done,then we wouldn't have 2 listen 2 track deservedly in top ten worst ever!
    Also 'Change The Beat' & 'White Horse' wouldn't get in my top 100!

    Looks good by track listing,have downloaded 1st half & listening 2 in a minute.
    More of these sort of tracks everyone else please!

    Update-listened 2 NY side very good,i like the way some raps from some songs match the music from others so well.
    From Fast Life onwards,was even better.

    Alone It's Me-ABFAHRT
    To The Beat Of The Drum-WIRED
    Bamboo-BAMBOO(my 12'' says that)
    Emotions Electric-GUY CALLED GERALD
    Quadrastate/90/ExEL-808 STATE.
    Electric Dance-JUNGLE KREW
    Relax Your Body-?/What Time Is Love-KLF(every version i've had/heard)
    Both mixes of Play It Again-OUT OF THE ORDINARY.
    Salsa House(incl Freaky Rap)-RICHIE RICH
    The Chase-MODEL 500
    Nude Photo(both versions)
    House Sounds Megamixes 1&2-MIC MAC MEYERS
    Best Of House Megamixes 1-3/Acid Trax Megamixes-DOUBLE TROUBLE/BOVVER BOYS
    New Beat Megamix-PETER VRIENDS
    I'd go on,but i want 2 go 2 bed at some point!!!

    What's on 13,as pretty much gave up after 11! Tho liked 15!
    Was that the one with mix of 'Ichiban Scratch' & 'Jam On Revenge'!

    Luckily i haven't yet ripped my only 2 LP's i have,so i didn't have 2 get them out of a loft. So checked covers of Techno LP's-'Retro Techno/Emotions Electric' & the original 'House Sound Of Detroit' one. Apart from that only have Network clear vinyl with Strings Of Life,& a few Rythim Is Rythim & Inner City 12''s('Big Fun' megamix is good!).

    What's a wind breaker? I know of wind cheaters-breakers put Mr Sheen on them 2 spin on their back faster(obviously not sniffing Mr Sheen like some 'AEROSOL' !!!) !