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    Hi all. i have a question to a release (link below)
    i bought this 12" record recently and am disappointed with the quality. the condition of the record is good, but the basses are sometimes so overdriven that they roll over. it sounds broken and i think it's just very badly mastered. is this so bad with all copies of this release or did i get a mispressing? I have testet with other speakers and headphone...same issue :( I really love this song and this overdriven Bassdrums reduce the audiopleasure not just a bit.…release/1115917

    Edit: Now i have justify the needle a little bit more heavy and now it's all good. Soory for the alert!

    Hi, anyone know whats the name of the song at min. 4:00 ? I never heard this stuff before.

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    Quote from Nanomorph;61946

    I having trouble understanding is he thinking about electro house crap or modern electro we all listen here...?

    i actually mean music stores there are sell under name of electro to much productions
    i do not definate with electro.This productions are miles away to be electromusic
    i think.I said that i hate new school electro but i did not mean the evolution of
    electro style.I mean this times many people use the defination in wrong meaning.Don`t get me wrong this forum i be shure everybody knows what the word electro means.
    O.k. i must say again that i would be happy if more newcommers would be more get
    in the directory of old style electro but i respect everybody who accept the "rules"
    altought i actually don`t like rules.There can be a genre of experrymental electro and
    thats okay if you don`t use a "boom-tschk-Boom-tschk-boom-tschk" beat or any kind
    of house or techno sounds.
    By the way i do not mean sounds of detroid techno.Detroid techno is electro for me
    i don`t now why they called it techno but that sound is just excellent.
    I think it is impotant for a clear searching for new tracks that all is clear definied
    but like i said in online record stores it is to mixed for me.I really stand for keep clear
    the electro genre by tracks who have nothing to search in it.

    O.k. sorry for my bad language :ugly:
    i really like some new stuff of "newschoolelectro" fast ,slow
    hard or soft.
    But why are there so many people make Techno or house
    and named it Electro?
    Even mysterious Band make "electro" this days.

    By the way it is wrong to say if you like Electro then buy all records
    of 84 and you never need more.
    This can only say anybody who was still not living in this time or maybe was born
    that time.I know almost all electro classics and have got my favs almost all cause
    even in 84 not every track was an evergreen.ANYWAY i need more new stuff.
    And please don`t compare the beatles with roots of Electro.
    I would be happy if more newcommers would to be geared on roots of electro and
    not drift to far in wrong direction.

    I hate new school electro all !!
    I wish there would be more for present the past classic electro genre of 80ies electro
    in individual styles.
    Fuck all you !!
    Electro fans don`t need a new electro genre,
    we want this old electro music but new songs.

    It`s really a great production,i love it!!!
    I just hope there will follow next numbers
    on City beat soon.
    I would like to collect City beat Electro samplers
    like Street sounds Electro in the 80ies.
    It`s really old-school Electro orientated and
    you can hear they used old hard vocoders
    and no software.
    Thanks for that stuff to all the producers of tracks
    and the producers of record it`s a real pleasure
    for an old oldschool,Vinyl freak like me and i be shure many
    others too.