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    'Im Not A Robot' is possibly my favourite Newcleus recording, in fact it is one of my favourite songs ever, any group, any genre. So this dicussion is good stuff, very interesting.

    I am not familiar with much Kraftwerk material though (imagine that on an electro forum!!), so I will have to check out those tracks to see if I can hear the similarities.

    Funny enough I always made that connection with the Warp 9 track, didn't really think about who was first they just reminded me of each other.

    I was always dissapointed that 'Im Not a Robot' didn't get released on a 12" single, I would have loved to have heard a dub version, in fact I reckon a great dub version could have been made it's a perfect track for it, a nice remix would have been good as well. It's never too late Cozmo!!

    I agree with the above, Old School Hip Hop is totally ignored by the media, well what I should say is the Old School Hip Hop we listen to is totally ignored.

    Unfortunately on the rare occasions that 80's Hip Hop does get some exposure it generally follows the same narrow minded formula, it's basically lazy research on the part of those involved, we always see Run DMC, maybe Grandmaster Flash, then the invention of gangsta rap and that's about it.

    It drives me mad when I see MTV Base have an Old School Hip Hop Top 100 video countdown, you will be lucky if you see 3 or 4 videos that we would even consider Old School Hip Hop, and they will always be the same culprits, a Run DMC vid, The Message, It Takes Two, Express Yourself. How can these channels not get hold of videos by the likes of Whodini, Juice Crew, Schoolly D, Jonzun Crew, UTFO, Fat Boys etc.

    As for Westwood, I don't think you will ever get him playing old stuff, he has always been about the future and what's gonna be hot next, that's his style. But surely there could be a regular Old School Hip Hop show on 1 Xtra put together by a DJ that knows the history, I would have thought their would be an audience for it. There must be people that are interested in the history of the culture and where it came from, the sounds of yesteryear.

    It's a funny one isn't it. Back in the day the release of a new Electro album was really exciting, as you were bound to hear new tracks you had never heard before. Even the Crucial Electro's included tracks that were not on previous eelctro albums so new sounds were on offer. But in this day and age, most of us will own most if not all the tracks already on the original vinyls, so no suprises.

    Is the album to be mixed? I suppose if a really good mix is put together it adds something interesting, but even then many of us are DJs who could just mix the tracks ourselves.

    I don't know, fair play for putting this music back out there, there maybe people who will hear these sounds for the first time and discover how great they are. Remember these are great records that shouldn't be forgotten, however for those of us that were there first time around in the 1980's, I'm not sure this will be anywhere near as mind blowing as the orginal Crucials.

    Personally I would have gone for classics that didn't feature on the orginals, there are plenty of them, 'King Kut', 'Boogie Down Bronx', 'Beatronic', 'Thee Untold Story', 'New York Breakdown', 'Ya Dont Quit' etc etc. A proper Crucial Electro of classics that were missed by the original series, maybe it would be diffcult to get the rights to include them?

    I don't know if this has been posted before but there is a decent Whodini documentary uploaded on Youtube. If your a fan of the group this is in an interesting doc, I really enjoyed it and it explains why they just vanished in 1988.

    There are 4 parts, here is a link to the first part, just look at the users videos for the other parts...


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    I have now added to Soundcloud...


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    Here is a download link to a new Electro Funk mix I have done, check it out...

    We Came To Rock - Tracklist:

    1. Intro
    2. Just Give The D.J. A Break - Dynamix II
    3. Nunk (Inst.) - Warp 9
    4. The Buck Stops Here - Fantasy Three
    5. The Smurf - Tyrone Brunson
    6. Clear - Cybotron
    7. We come To Rock - Imperial Brothers
    8. Running (Instrumental) - Information Society
    9. The Return Of Capt. Rock - Captain Rock
    10. Journey To Cybotron (Transform) - Nitro Deluxe
    11. Al-Naafiysh (The Soul) - Hashim
    12. Trow The D - 2 Live Crew
    13. The Roof Is On Fire - Rockmaster Scott & The Dynamic Three
    14. Capt. Rock To The Future Shock - Captain Rock
    15. Mr Mixx On The Mix!! - 2 Live Crew
    16. Rock At Your Own Risk - Planet Patrol
    17. Electric Kingdom - Twlight 22
    18. Computer Age (Push The Button) - Newcleus

    I really like this track as well, love the backing although the scratching is not the best.

    I can kind of understand the review though, Street Scene was all about being up front and you can imagine whoever did the reviews would like to think of themselves as 'in the know' with the latest sounds. When this track came out it was late 85/early 1986, it wasn't exactly ground breaking. The likes of LL Cool J & Mantronix had just dropped big albums and were coming with new ideas, and Marley Marl's heavy production was the thing of the time.

    Still a great record though.

    Good thread, and good to see them get some recognition.

    I really like their sound, I only discovered the 'Planetary Invasion' album a few years ago, and was really amazed at how good it was. It's a strange mix between Electro Funk and Soul but it really works, I love tracks like 'Body snatchers' and 'Planetary Invasion'. I kind of knew 'Freak-a-Zoid' already from years ago but invested in the 'No Parking on the Dance Floor' album which is also full of good tracks.

    I think you could easily drop some of their tracks in a West Coast electro mix, it would fit along side the likes of Egyptian Lover and World Class Wreckin Cru nicely. In fact if you look at the cover of 'Planetary Invasion' makes you wonder if the West Coast electro acts were influenced both musically and style wise by Midnight Star.

    This is great news, can't wait to hear this new single.

    Is it produced by the Aleems and will it be on NIA?

    Funny you mention the 'Adventures' track, I was thinking of contacting you to ask for an update on it. I am correct in thinking this is the 'Space' track that was mentioned back in 1987 yeah? Can't wait to hear this!!

    'Return of Capt Rock' was the highlight of the night for me, just brilliant. I watched a video of it again online yesterday and reminded me of how great it was, the whole crowd singing every word, it really was a great moment.

    Quote from beagle;54927

    Nice one Beatronic (how are you BTW?). I was on holiday so had to miss this unfortunately, but I would definitely have gone if I could. And I reckon I'd have enjoyed myself. Like you, I'd be up for seeing any old-school artist in the UK as it's such a rare treat. Fuck, I'd have paid £30 just to see Captain Rock (who put on a fantastic performance judging by the videos I've seen - all things considered).

    From what I've heard from people I know who went, it sounded like a good laugh / get together, and I'm gutted I missed it.

    Yeah i'm good thanks, I did wonder if I would bump into you at the Scala, shame you couldn't make it.

    You would have enjoyed it, as the recent comments above say, it was just a good get together with like minded people and an evening of OUR music. How often do you get to go to a club and hear the likes of 'B Boys Breakdance' or 'Boogie Down Bronx' blasting out the speakers. And yes, seeing Captain Rock do his thing was worth every penny!!

    Seems most the negativity is coming from those that have had bad dealings with Morgan Khan which is a seperate issue altogether. I know nothing about his business dealings so won't comment, I can only judge the night as a paying customer and it was well organised and a great night.

    In response to a couple of people on the thread that are interested in an opinion from somebody who was actually there...

    Let me start by saying I am not into new electro and I'm very much into the Hip Hop side of things. So to be honest I wasn't interested in the first act, can't remember the guy's name, not knocking him just not my thing. Personally I don't think new electro was the way to go at this event, it was a celebration/reunion of the original event so from what I could tell the majority of the crowd were of an old school nature like myself and thats what we wanted to hear.

    I thought the event was well organised, didn't wait too long to get in, the venue was a good size and layout, and ideal for this type of event. The beer prices were high but it's London so what do you expect. I think the acts were running a little late but nothing major, although the acts did appear to be complaining about the volume levels and feedback noise etc, but again nothing too serious as far as I could tell. We were all given a free UK Fresh mix CD and sticker on entry as well, a nice touch.

    I'm not sure what the actual attendance numbers were but it seemed reasonably full to me and there was a good vibe in there.

    I enjoyed all the old school acts that appeared. One thing I would say is that Arthur Baker was a strange choice for a live act, he is a legend no doubt, but he is a DJ/producer so is not a performer. I really enjoyed the music he played, his set was really good, but as a performance it was not entertaining, he was just stood there pressing buttons for an hour, would you stand and watch a DJ in a club for an hour, no!! I must say that this is not his fault, this is down to the promoter, Baker would have been better off DJing in another room, not being plonked on the main stage. As far as I'm concerned the main stage should be for performers.

    I'm an old school head so I will always go and see any old school artists whenever they visit the UK, how often do you get a chance to see the likes of the B Boys, Captain Rock and Newcleus. I'm not sure some people appreciate what was being offered here, a chance to see Captain Rock, that was a dream come true for me, I never thought I would get the chance to see him perform, and I enjoyed every minute of it. The only thing I would say is that his set could have been a bit longer, maybe a full version of 'Future Shock' and he could also have dropped 'Bongo Beats' and 'You Stink'. I have seen Newcleus and the B Boys perform before but was very happy to see them again. Chuck Chill Out did seem to be struggling on stage though, he was obviously using sofware instead of straight up turntables, why? Why not throw the 20 or so records you are going to use in a bag and bring them with you, then show us your skills on the turntables old school style?

    The highlight of the night for me was 'The return of Capt Rock', this was just quality with the whole crowd singing along, brilliant. 'Jam on it' was also a highlight and a great way to end the night with the whole crowd rocking to what is an all time classic. 'Stick up kid' was also a fave especially with the extra chrous the Donald D added.

    This was never going to match up to UK Fresh 86, to think that it would is just crazy. I do think there could have been a couple more acts, the obvious one being Egyptian Lover, Whodini would have also been a good bet and I would have loved to have seen MC Chill. I suppose you have to be realistic though, this type of event is only ever going to attract a limited crowd, so there is a balancing act between ticket prices and the number of acts that
    need to be paid to come over from the US.

    So no complaints from me as I had a good night from a punters point of view. I'm sorry to hear about the issues with the contracts etc, does not sound good. Also with Hec and the Global Funk boys, sounds like they were let down with those passes.

    Would I go again, yes I would.

    Did you know there are 3 versions of the 3D Tommy Boy mix?

    They were only available on the cassette version of the 1985 album, but no version is anywhere near 25 minutes long?

    Unless you have only skipped through your tape and it is in fact all three mixes one after the other?

    Ah should of made that post clearer, I have already got the Majestic Crew record so didn't buy it. I was just letting people know in case anybody was in the London area and interested in picking up a copy, as it's very rare you see a copy of it.

    And yeah it is a great record, I first heard it in early 86 on the radio and didn't find a copy of it until a couple of years ago, it always managed to avoid me. Hence the irony of then seeing it yesterday.