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    Well not literally, but I popped into the Record Exchange in Notting Hill this afternoon and they had a copy of the Majestic Crew's 'Thee Untold Story' in for £55. Not cheap but this is a rare one which you don't see very often certainly not when digging in shops.

    In fact I saw two records in there this afternoon that I spent half my life searching for, the Majestic Crew and High Power 'OK Im Loosin Up', I have never seen either in a shop when digging ever, then I see both in one afternoon!! I got both now on vinyl anyway so it's a bit late, I would have done anything to have seen these two years back.

    They got a damn good selection of vinyl in there at the moment, loads of classics at decent prices too, I picked myself up a copy of 'They call us the all' by RSO Crew for £17, which is cheap for that one.

    Yeah I think most Chels I have spoke to love him but most have also recognised that the risks he takes that make him so exciting to watch are also what will cost him and us in a game sooner or later. Still a great prospect though.


    I suppose you are still getting over the result at Stamford Bridge? lol

    After the awful season we have had it was a sweet victory Tuesday night, I was at the game, great atmosphere and a great game to watch, about time a dodgy ref decision went against your lot!!

    I am under no illusion that we can win the league though, top 4 will do me this season.

    Luiz is class...

    Hey Stacey,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Glad you also enjoyed 'Chief Rockers' and thanks for the kind words, I still like listening to that one it had a lot of my favourite tracks in it.

    If you go to the NY v LA Beats thread I have put up new links to the mixes.

    I have done a remix of the Stetsasonic track 'On Fire', all I have done really is put the music from Doug E Fresh's 'Play this only at night' under it but I think it gives the track a cool dark twist.

    If you have heard my NY v LA Beats mix then you will recognise the mix, but this is the whole Stet track remixed as an individual track and the ending is different this time.

    I made a video to go with it and uploaded to youtube...


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    You might be thinking of Ice T's 'Body Rock' which came out in 1985.

    The backing sounds quite similar to 'Hobo Scratch', I'm sure you will find it on youtube if you want to take a listen.

    The album wouldn't be the same without those two now though.

    'Star Raid' is ok but I rarely listen to it now but have to admit I really liked it back then when it was new.

    'Together Forever' is classic to me, one of Run DMC's best tracks and only second to Transformer on that side of the album.

    This was the album that also had 'I cant live without my radio' and 'Alice' on some tracklists on streetsounds marketing. Think it was established that it was just a typo and they were never intended to be on there.

    Mike Allen would regularly use the dub mix to talk over during his show, this was mainly during his 1985 shows, although I recall him using it into 1986.

    If your unaware Mike Allen's show was broadcast on Captital Radio which was a London station, between the years 1984 and 1987. He played mainly Hip Hop in 86 and 87 but back in 85 he would also play some soul, dance, funk etc.

    I was a regular listener of his shows back then and it's strange how there are a number of records he used like this which when I hear them now I immediately associate with the show, I know that part of the record so well but have never even heard the rest of it or the vocal version.

    Ha ha, every Man Urinal fan I know goes on about the Drogba offside goal but forgets the Macheda hand ball. Must admit the Drogba goal was blatant, I was amazed we got away with that at OT but I aint complaining.

    I would rather any team other than the scousers win the Prem, can you imagine if they won it you would never hear the end of it.

    Alright spats, yeah we met once at one of the gigs at Gloucester a few years back plus I used to come on here and OSHH.

    Joey Cole has gone, not sure where yet though, seems Spurs or the Arsenal are favourites to pick him up, I would be happy for him to go back to the Hammers.

    We will keep hold of Lamps though, cheers!!

    Quote from kaos;39672

    Didn`t realise you were Simmo from OSHH,welcome back pal,you`re a Chelsea fan IIRC?

    Like everyone else says Chief Rockers & Monster Beats is absolutely DOPE,you sent me a CD of it at the time and it still gets played regularly ...... one of the best mixes of Hip Hop i`ve heard.

    Will D/L these other mixes tomorrow if they`re still `live`.

    Alright Kaos, hows things with you? Long time no talk.

    Thanks for the comments about the 'Chief Rockers' mix, I'm well chuffed to hear people are still listening to it and rate it so highly, especially people like yourself who know their sh1t and have been into the rap game for a lifetime.

    Yeah I'm a massive Chels fan, went to most home games last season and a few away, one of the best seasons I can remember although it was a bit tighter at the end than I would have liked. The pubs around the ground were absolutely mental on the last day when we beat Wigan 8-0 and inside the ground is the best I have ever seen it, what great day!! I'm sure you won't agree being a Manure fan ha ha.

    I will put up fresh links for the 'NY v LA Beats' mixes.

    Quote from STRATEGY;38781

    I like this part to, haven't played them all the way thru yet, but solid mixes so far, and great overall tracklistings.

    What's the Piano instr. over the Stet, is that the Doug E? It sounds very familiar.


    Yeah it's 'Play this only at Night' by Doug E Fresh, but he took the music from the movie soundtrack to Phantasm so that's where you may have heard it.

    I downloaded to play in the car as I figured my Mrs would enjoy it, she loved it.

    Not normally the sort of stuff I would listen to but I really enjoyed it, some stuff there I have not heard in years.