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    Hello everyone. All Microm Podcast are here !!!

    Hours of Electro from Spain by djs and producers very interesting, play and enjoy!!!


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    Hello friends of Microm & welcome to the new followers !!!


    ONLY 3 DAYS in "Name your Price"
    4th Feb official price 8€

    Second part of the Ørbita Secundariā project.

    Welcome to the new Sci-Fi adventure of Negocius Man in which it focuses on the mind and its behavior in the situations that are presented to all human beings, where the reality of one person can be very different from that of another in various everyday concepts and the different pathways that the brain deals with at different times in life



    Segunda parte del proyecto Ørbita Secundariā.

    Bienvenidos a la nueva aventura Sci-Fi de Negocius Man en la cual se centra en la mente y su comportamiento ante las situaciones que se le presenta a todos los seres humanos, donde la realidad de una persona puede ser muy diferente a la de otra en varios conceptos cotidianos y los diferentes caminos con los que el cerebro se enfrenta en diferentes momentos de la vida

    Written & Produced by Negocius Man
    Master by Tito Rodriguez at TRS Mastering
    Artwork by Natalia Del Amo

    released February 1, 2024


    all rights reserved

    All the best
    Nego & Natiux


    Hello friends of Microm ! Pre-order ready !

    Negocius Man Launches "ILLEGAL LOCKDOWN"

    Negocius Man, the electronic music producer, is ready to release his long-awaited "ILLEGAL LOCKDOWN", on October 5 (Today), 2023 in Pre-Order.

    This project is the continuation of their album "DREAMSCAPE", and promises to take listeners on a unique sound journey through strength, rebellion.

    During the illegal lockdown that occurred in March 2020, Negocius Man decided to power up his Ensoniq EPS16+ and other machines, along with some pieces of software, with the goal of creating a new sonic future. The result is an authentic Detroit sound from the 90s updated but with the tools and certain technical limitations that marked that era.

    "ILLEGAL LOCKDOWN" is characterized by its dirty and fast sounds, designed to reach directly to the nervous system of the listeners.

    Negocius Man's music evokes the tension and energy of graffiti nights and dark times. This album is a reminder that, regardless of the means of production or place of origin, music is a force that transcends borders and cultures, uniting people from around the world.

    The official launch date will be November 30.

    Get your copy.

    Enjoy! :headspin:

    OUT NOW!!!


    Ørbitā Secundariā is a new project by Negocius Man and at the same time an attitude.

    A project devised in 2021 where he freely develops tracks from electronic fields from past times with current techniques, applying different synthesis methods and using both software and hardware to take you on an authentic journey within an endless spatial labyrinth not suitable for all audiences.


    Ørbitā Secundariā es un nuevo proyecto de Negocius Man y al mismo tiempo una actitud.

    Un proyecto ideado en 2021 donde desarrolla con total libertad tracks de terrenos electrónicos de épocas pasadas con técnicas actuales, aplicando diferentes métodos de síntesis y utilizando tanto software como hardware para llevarte a un autentico viaje dentro de un laberinto espacial interminable no apto para todos los públicos.

    Written & Produced by Negocius Man

    Master by Tito Rodriguez at TRS Mastering

    Artwork by Natalia Del Amo

    released September 7, 2023


    all rights reserved :headspin:

    Hello everyone!

    Very happy to announce the next artist on Microm:

    Avidya aka Avenue 313 with Personal Speech, authentic personal sound from Madrid, Detroit spirit inside 7 tracks with special strings, pure atmosphere and mental pads to fly.

    Only enjoy the music



    Written & Produced by Avenue 313

    Master by Tito Rodriguez at TRS Mastering

    Photo by Alberto Adan

    Artwork by Natalia Del Amo

    released May 3, 2023

    MR029 :headspin:

    all rights reserved

    Hello everyone new release OUT NOW!!!


    Happy to announce the release of Poladroïd on Microm Records.

    He shows us his vision of the Drexciya universe, with the aquatic and atmospheric sounds that Drexciyan lovers like so much, just enjoy

    8 tracks about sinking submarines, bomb-carrying dolphins and man-made radioactive tsunamis. Largely inspired by Drexciya and Ultradyne's universes... but with a twist


    Felices de anunciar el lanzamiento de Poladroïd en Microm Records.

    Nos muestra su visión del universo Drexciya, con los sonidos acuaticos y atmosféricos que tanto gustan a los amantes Drexciyanos, simplemente disfruta

    8 temas sobre submarinos que se hunden, delfines portadores de bombas y tsunamis radiactivos. En gran parte inspirado en los universos de Drexciya y Ultradyne... pero con un giro

    Written & Produced by Poladroïd

    Master by Tito Rodriguez at TRS mastering

    Photography by Tracy Olive

    Artwork by Natalia Del Amo

    released March 27, 2023

    MR028 :headspin:

    All rights reserved

    ACCESS LINK HERE:…-the-wavejumper

    Microm Records present: Forest Echo One. In full effect, forcefulness, experimentation, dark atmospheres, interesting metallic sounds between Electro and Techno, Are you ready???

    1NT34MØL3CULA4 FØ4C3 consists of 6 electro/idm infused tracks presented for your consideration. Electronic, engagement, enjoy…

    We Are F.E.O.

    Written & Produced by Forest Echo One

    Mastering by Forest Echo One

    Artwork by Natalia Del Amo

    ACCESS LINK:…ecular-f-rce-ep

    released March 2, 2023


    all rights reserved :headspin:


    Hello everyone, New release!!! Yes friends of Microm the next vinyl is here!!!


    Microm Records presents the mysterious Mecanizados Colomer project, authentic and personal electro sound between the abstract and industrial robotic made with hardware and modular systems enter in the production factory and see what they are up to, you may never find out who is behind the protective helmets but they will make you vibrate.

    Who are Mecanizados Colomer? Just enjoy.


    Microm Records presenta el misterioso proyecto MecanazIdos Colomer sonido autentico y personal electro entre lo robótico abstracto e industrial hecho con hardware y sistemas modulares, entre en la fabrica de producción y comprueba lo que traman, quizá nunca descubras quien esta detrás de los cascos de protección pero te harán vibrar.

    ¿Quienes son Mecanizados Colomer? Solo disfruta.

    Written & Produced by Mecanizados Colomer

    Mastering by Rubén Montesco at Studio40 Soundclip (Madrid)

    Artwork by Natalia Del Amo




    All the best.

    Nego & Natiux :headspin:

    Hello everyone!!! Here we go agin!!! Out Now!!!




    Very proud to present this work of six special tracks recorded between 2019-2022, a project full of experimentation in different fields rescuing a remix of Malfu_ction (N.E.G.O.) 2018.

    Enjoy and listen to it several times, we continue fighting and growing.


    Muy orgulloso de presentar este trabajo de seis tracks especiales grabados entre 2019-2022 un proyecto cargado de experimentación en diferentes terrenos rescatando un remix de Malfu_ction (N.E.G.O.) 2018.

    Disfruta y escúchalo varias veces, seguimos luchando y creciendo.

    Written & Produced by Negocius Man

    Mastering by Tito Rodriguez at TRS Mastering

    Artwork by Natalia Del Amo

    released October 6, 2022


    all rights reserved :headspin:

    Hello everyone!!!


    10" Black Lathe Cut Vinyl to 45 rpm + Kraft Sleeve & Anti-Static White Inner with stickers + Photography.

    軌道 Kidō (Trayectoria)

    Only 20 copies.

    Dawless Jammin at Microm Studio with only hardware machines.

    Check the video of Elliptical:

    RD8 + JP8080 + TR8 + Circuit + Bass Station 2 + Minilogue + JV1080 + Electribe2 + MC505
    #negociusman #elliptical #unreleased #dj #music #new #madrid #2020 #2021#lifestyle #electro #producer #technoscifi #techno #beautiful #art #love #underground...

    Professional Vinyl Mastering & Cut by Tim Oldfield

    Written & Produced by Negocius Man

    Artwork & Photography by Natalia Del Amo


    Includes unlimited streaming of Negocius Man - Kidō 軌道 via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.


    Nego / Natiux :blaster:

    Hello everyone!!!
    New release on Microm.
    Play & enjoy!!!

    Closing Circle, is a work that marks the end of a cycle, artistic and personal, another way of working my music where the elements that compose it are specially designed to reach the result you hear, a dark and heavy sound, loaded with vocoders.

    Closing Circle, es un trabajo que marca el fin de un ciclo, artístico y personal, otro modo de trabajar mi música donde los elementos que la componen están especialmente pensados para llegar al resultado que escuchas, sonido oscuro y pesado, cargado de vocoders.

    Ear it 04:41
    Sector/Clear 05:48
    R.O.B.O.T. 05:30
    Madrid Grey City 05:08
    The Launcher 03:34
    Neuro Noise 05:08
    Oxygen 07:58
    Revelations 06:06

    Written & Produced by Negocius Man
    Mastered by Tito Rodriguez at TRS Mastering
    Artwork by Natalia Del Amo

    released March 31, 2022 :headspin:

    Hello friends of Electro Empire!!!

    An authentic pleasure for Microm Records presents our next artist, Barce. Owner of Binary Soulcode Records.

    Electro Mind, is a great work by this producer from Barcelona influenced by the sound of Detroit and Chicago.

    Four tracks with frenetic rhythms charged with energy, specially worked voices, infectious sounds and atmospheres to set fire to any DJ set. If this weren't enough, the track that closes this work is pure Technofunk !!!

    Un autentico placer para Microm Records presentar a nuestro siguiente artista, Barce. Dueño de Binary Deep Soulcode Records.

    Electro Mind, es un gran trabajo de este productor de Barcelona influenciado por el sonido de Detroit y Chicago.

    Cuartro tracks con ritmos freneticos cargados de energia, voces especialmente trabajadas, sonidos infecciosos y atmosferas para incendiar cualquier dj.set. Si esto no fuera poco el track que cierra este trabajo es puro Technofunk!!!

    250 copies.

    12" Black Vinyl 140gr Lacquer + Full Colors Labels+ White Sleeve 2 Holes + Stickers Microm + Coasters + Transparent Galga400 included.

    Written & Produced by Barce.
    Mastered by Rubén Montesco at Soundclip Studio40 (Madrid)
    Artwork by Natalia Del Amo.


    Thanks 4da support!!!

    Hello electro family!!!! Out now, play & enjoy, happy weekend!


    Este trabajo está dedicado a la oscuridad del espacio y profundidad del fondo marino con la elegancia que caracteriza al color negro, rescatando tracks que se quedaron en el olvidados en un disco duro tambien de color negro.

    This work is dedicated to the darkness of space and depth of the seabed with the elegance that characterizes the color black, rescuing tracks that were forgotten on a hard drive also black.

    """ Pure hardware tracks """

    Korg ER-1 (Drums)
    Roland TR-8 (Sounds 909 + Fx)
    Behringer RD-8 (808 Beats)

    Novation Bass Station 2 (Bass + Sub Bass)
    Toraiz AS-1 (Bass)
    Roland Alpha Juno (Bass + Pads)

    Roland MC505 (Percs + Pads & Pianos)
    Roland MC303 (Percs)
    Korg Electribe 2 (Percs + Extra sounds)
    Korg Minilogue (Pads + Leads)
    Korg Microkorg (Leads)

    Yamaha Rm1x (Extra Sounds)
    Roland JP8080 (Extra Sounds)
    Roland JV1080 (Extra Sounds)
    Novation Circuit (Extra Sounds)

    Roland D-110 (Special Sounds)
    Korg Volca FM (FMs)

    Alesis Quadraverb (Fx)
    Zoom Q3N (Multi-Fx)
    Zoom MS70 CDR (Multi-Fx)
    Alesis 3630 (Compressor)
    Mackie Onyx 1620i (Principal Mixer)
    Tapco Mixer 220 FX (Mixer Fx)
    Zoom Q2N (Mix Recorder)
    Philips CDR 750 (Cd Recorder)

    Written and Produced by Negocius Man
    Tito Rodriguez at TRS Mastering
    Artwork by Raidy HD & Roberto Rey
    released June 18, 2021

    all rights reserved :headspin:


    It´s a pleasure for Microm Records to welcome Lagware again, welcome to the new universe of bleeps, forcefulness, Techno Sci-fi, electro and dark environments where this time artificial intelligence takes on an extra sense since part of the work is created with the help of software Magenta with which he has taken advantage of a masterful way to create certain sounds difficult to create with another tool, it will surely delight several people, so enjoy this new release, Lagware in full effect.

    Un placer para Microm Records recibir de nuevo a Lagware, bienvenidos al nuevo universo de bleeps, contundencia, Techno Sci-fi, electro y entornos oscuros donde esta vez la inteligencia artificial cobra un sentido extra ya que parte del trabajo esta creado con ayuda del software Magenta con el cual ha sacado partido de una manera magistral para crear ciertos sonidos difíciles de crear con otra herramienta, seguro que hace las delicias de varias personas, así pues disfruta de este nuevo lanzamiento, Lagware en pleno efecto.

    All tracks Written, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Lagware
    Artwork by Lagware


    released June 1, 2021



    Microm Records presents: The second part of Alphanumeric two years after its release, same complexity and atmosphere caotic.

    Only 25 copies / Very limited.

    Vinyl 10" 3 tracks to 45RPM + Jacket hard kraft 1,5mm with sticker 8cm & Sealed, Hand Numered + Anti-static White Inner Sealed + coasters.

    5 Tracks in format digital

    NOTE: No shops, No distribution, Only Bandcamp, Messenger or e-mail for buy. :headspin:

    Written & Produced by Negocius Man
    Digital mastering at TRS Mastering
    Mastering + Professional Vinyl Cut by T.Oldfield
    Photography by Natalia del Amo
    Artwork by Roberto Rey

    Life, is a work to celebrate 20 years of the Negocius Man project, it is a limited special edition of 500 copies, where great care has been taken, the sound, photography, design and even the finishes of the album, weight, the touch ... just like a very special dedication on the back cover.

    The tracks are produced and recorded between 2010 and 2020.

    The pre-order of the vinyl is already available from the Microm Records bandcamp and is also available in digital format.


    Official release date is June 22.

    Distributed by Envelope Structure. :headspin:


    Here we go again!!!

    During 2019 I already warned that this boy was going to make war, I personally know him for a few years and I have no doubt that he knows how to do different types of electronic music but it is not until recently when he entered the techno where he is very nice with a technique clearly forged in digital tools and FM synthesis with a personal touch that I personally like very much, for this occasion it is presented in electro key mostly and of high potential for Microm Records.Thanks so much for u time!!!


    “ In a totally digitalized and emotionless world, people live totally connected, controlled and drowned in their own ego.

    Unfounded thoughts and situations generated directly in their minds by those who control technology, two things that are used to appease the anxiety generated by excessive and imposed consumerism. This is how the population enjoys in 2045. ” - By José A. Fernández

    José A. Fernández aka Lagware , es el siguiente artista que publica su trabajo en Microm Records.

    Durante 2019 ya avise que este chico iba a dar guerra, personalmente le conozco desde hace unos años y no me cabe duda que sabe hacer distintos tipos de música electrónica pero no es hasta hace poco tiempo cuando se adentró en el techno donde se encuentra muy a gusto con una técnica claramente forjada en herramientas digitales y en la síntesis FM con un toque personal que personalmente me gusta mucho para esta ocasión se presenta en clave electro de alto potencial.

    “ En un mundo totalmente digitalizado y carente de emoción, la gente vive totalmente conectada, controlada y ahogada en su propio ego.
    Pensamientos infundados y situaciones generadas directamente en sus mentes por los que controlan la tecnología, dos cosas utilizadas con el único fin de calmar la ansiedad generada por el consumismo desmedido e impuesto. Así disfruta la población en 2045. ” - By José A. Fernández (Lagware)

    Follow in






    Hi Robots!!!! This is the new release by Negocius Man on Microm Records. Dreamscape, vinyl and digital, play and enjoy!!! Thanks 4u time

    … is a protest album, a sonic scream, a re-evolution with a certain flavor to the first years of music made in Detroit in the 90s ...

    A2U Gotta Bounce6:26
    B1No More Killers6:01
    B2Fuck Politics6:14


    Dreamscape Written & Produced by Negocius Man
    Limited Edition 300 Copies, Madrid 2019
    Mastered by Mauro Nakimi at Aural Mastering Services
    Artwork by Distira
    Photography by Natalia Del Amo. Shooting in Cue (Asturias)
    Distribution: Envelope Structure
    Press MPO via Melting Pot Records

    In this world and in these times that everything is going so fast you have to find moments to be able to stop and meditate, this is the determination of this track, calmer than the rest but with my signal to be able to reach that moment through warmth, specific harmonies and frequencies and all the consequences of a meditation.

    It is a direct thought and message that both DJs and producers have in mind "You have to bounce" and bounce and the music has to move and hit your chest, feel it in the body but unfortunately it is also a direction towards the rooms that do not It has or may not have a good sound system in conditions to choose how electronic music should be and also are not few for legal reasons or location.

    It is a shout towards any type of murderer, whether people or animals, batterer, rapist, bullfighter any murderer, acting with rage, forcefulness, relentless and devastating, all at the stake, dancing on top of them with all your desire.

    A serious issue, Neither politicians, Nor policies of any kind in all mechanisms, The shit of this planet, Sell smoke and some puppets of the state and The monarchy, Do not lose a second thought on them at all, They are entrepreneurs and not They will think of you, only their power and their money.


    DREAMSCAPE es un disco reivindicativo, un grito sónico, una re-evolución con cierto sabor a los primeros años de la música hecha en Detroit en los 90

    En este mundo y en estos tiempos que va todo tan deprisa hay que encontrar momentos para poder, parar y meditar, esta es la finalidad de este track, mas calmado que el resto pero con mi seña para poder llegar a ese momento mediante la calidez, armonías y ciertas frecuencias y todas las consecuencias que conlleva una meditación.

    Es un pensamiento y mensaje directo que tanto djs y productores tienen en mente "Tu tienes que botar" y rebotar y la música te tiene que mover y golpear el pecho, sentirla en el cuerpo pero por desgracia también es una reivindicación hacia las salas que no tiene o no pueden tener un buen soundsystem en condiciones para apreciar como se debe la música electrónica y que ademas no son pocas por unas razones legales o de ubicación.

    Es un grito hacia cualquier tipo de asesino, ya sean personas o animales, maltratador, violador, matador de toros cualquier asesino, actuando con rabia, contundencia, implacable y demoledor , todos a la hoguera, bailando encima de ellos con todas tus ganas.

    Un tema serio, Ni políticos, Ni políticas de ningún tipo en todos los ámbitos, la mierda de este planeta, vende humos y algunos marionetas del estado y la monarquía, no pierdas ni un segundo pensando en ellos para nada, ellos son empresarios y no van a pensar en ti, solo en su poder y su dinero.

    MR015 :headspin: