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    Mmmm was it 2003 or 2004? as you havn't been that clear on the year etc.. i've also searched the BBCs Watchdog archives and emailed them directly and they have no records of Morgan ever being investigated by them.

    Please post evidence of this in order to back up the Watchdog claim as it's the first i've ever heard about it,and i'm very interested in what you have said regarding the matter.



    Thanks for response

    Trust me, I sat in Morgan's office and we discussed the requirements, I worked out the film crew, Greg W was arranging to DJ the after party, I had people standing by to travel with artists from US, I had full film crew waiting. The artists never got contracts, people paid for tickets in advance and Mr K pulled the plug. We never received any payment or contact after that.

    A few months later he WAS on Watchdog being asked about refunds.

    I got no beef with Morgan - trust me on this. I'm just saying approach with caution.

    I hope it all happens and is a success...

    lets just say - I warned you.

    Peace and love

    Hi Guys n gals,

    Just had to respond here. I seem to remember Morgan running a similar event in 2003/4. Me and Greg Wilson were both asked by Morgan to help set up a big reunion event. I spent a lot of time, money etc pulling together my team - a full film crew including USA based team for the filming. Both Greg and i worked with Morgan to promote - Mr K then pulled the plug - owing a lotta cash to people that pre-ordered tickets.
    In fact MK ended up on BBC Watchdog because of this.

    Now I am not saying that this will not go ahead, but I question the validity of the event.

    I hope its a success. Enjoy.

    And Morgan - drop me a line. Time to answer my calls brother!

    Love n peace

    Marc C

    BTW - Eclectic Electric 2000AD launches this year - keep you eyes open.