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    Found this via Synthtopia:


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    I ended up getting a 2000xl a while back and it sounds great. I still would like to try Maschine and the new MPC just to hear how they sound by comparison.

    Quote from voice stealer;61034

    i am tired of hearing people moaning about the cost of music. These tracks took years to write collectively. The price i chose of $1.50 per track is in line with current costs for LOSSLESS formats. i'm sick of seeing one person buy a copy of my music on vinyl, only to then put it up on youtube and for 1500 people to then listen to it for free. Youtube currently pays about $0.0001 per play, then the royalty people like prs/mcps take their cut of that hansome sum. How the hell is an artist supposed to earn a living with this model? i am offering you directly my music for 1.50 via bandcamp, with nearly all proceeds going directly to the artist for the first time. if you think 1.50 for a piece of mucic is wrong then i don't know what more to say. if you like an artist, try to support them so they can afford to give you more great music back. i am almost at the point of quitting this buisiness, it's a joke.

    I'm not sure where to even start. You seemed so chill in that video interview ;D

    First, you're talking to some of the most dedicated electro fans, producers, djs, label owners, etc in the world on this board. I think I own every electro release you've had (up to this point), as do many people on this board I'm sure. I've bought a few of your releases twice: once on vinyl and again digitally. Other producers and djs have offered discounts because I've bought their entire backlog all at once. We're not the bad guys here.

    Second, several people on this board are feeling the same financial frustrations as you, and therefore cannot justify spending $35 on a digital album (regardless of the quality). How many $30+ digital albums have you personally purchased?

    Lastly, it's simple economics. You can sell a couple at $35 or many more at a lower price. I think in the end you'd make much MORE money by dropping your price a little. You can't use a premium pricing strategy on digital music because of the obvious other ways people can listen to or obtain your goods when you price them out of the purchase.

    Frustrated artists that feel they deserve a career doing what they love. It's the same old conversation over and over when you mix money and art. :-/

    Quote from elektroakust.;59526

    Not sure if anyone here wants it to be more mainstream.
    But it would for sure be good to have things back on a little more 'healthy' underground level.

    Thanks for the reply, but I guess I'm still not sure why. Is the motivation: music sales, dj bookings, historic preservation, exposing people to something unknown, or are we talking about just being able to go out and have the option of hearing some electro at a club?

    I guess what I'm trying to get at is that if you want to have some type of change I think you need to know what the goals and motivations are otherwise everyone will be uninterested or pushing a different agendas.

    Quote from ChristianRock;50954

    I have an MPC1000, fully upgraded (max ram + 80gb hd) running JJOS v2.

    You are right, there's not much difference between the 2500 and the 1000. I'd go for the 1000, especially if you already have a computer (so you wont need the cd burner).

    I'd really recommend getting rid of the Akai OS immediately and installing (even the free version) of JJOS. It really makes the MPC a much more powerful beast.

    If you're in the UK and are looking for a 1000, I'm selling mine (once I upgrade the pads to the new ones - next week). Its in pretty much mint condition. PM me if interested.

    Out of curiosity, why are you getting rid of yours?

    For you guys that have one, which one do you have and why? I've owned akai samplers, but never an MPC. I was considering getting one, but not sure which one is the best bang for the buck. Would the 1000 do the trick?

    Quote from AITCH-SKI;50816

    At long last, thanks Tech ;D
    Still not overly keen on the thing though. I'm not convinced by the sounds that I heard. Ping pongy & metallic. Yes I would have to listen to it live but in saying that if I listen to an 808 or a DMX on my laptop BOTH wipe the floor (for me) over that Tempest.

    Good luck to Rog n Dave though. Maybe they could do some plug ins for it for old skool drum boxes ;)

    Based on the initial clips, I agree it does seem to lack the low end balls. I'm hoping better samples show more. I like a the 'ping pong' blips and what not though personally.

    Quote from AITCH-SKI;50769

    I read, I watched, Dave & Roger seem genuinely very happy with the product ::) No mention at all about any tweaking of the Tempest ??? Who's told you this? If it's on the net can you please cut & paste coz I am just really interested to find out more about these changes - thanks pal.
    I was waiting for one of them to make reference to the product being, as you say," a prototype" and some of the sounds were being looked at to hopefully improve upon but no - nothing.

    The person that seems to be doing the majority of the programming is Chris, and goes by Pym on some boards. I think he's the guy in a couple of the NAMM vids with the long hair.

    He's replied to some questions here:
    and here:…ts-tempest.html

    Long threads, but the one comment he made about still working on things was in reply to someone requesting audio here:…tempest-14.html


    I'm not posting audio demos because we're still tweaking the hardware. We're looking into extending the filter response and improving the distortion/compression before I start posting demos. Be patient, they're on the way soon!

    Quote from AITCH-SKI;50760

    Shop around for 808's.....still the dogs bollox…=item3cb5296894

    Tech, you didn't answer my question with regards it being a demo model mate ::)
    I stand by what I say - as you explained in an earlier reply if this company are still not happy with their own product then why are they selling it for 2k? I just think it's wrong?
    It's the equivalent of a salesman selling you a lovely looking new car with all the gadgets, flashing lights n all that but its got wooden wheels. Sure, it drives but something just doesn't feel right. Maybe the wheels need to be taken back to the garage & tweaked? Or maybe the garage shouldn't have sold the car in the first place ;)

    A drum machine just be what it says on the tin mate imho :-/ I like to see the Mini Moog & Seqential Circuits next to the 808 & DMX's.......keep it old skool!!! No Nu Skool without Old Skool ;D

    It's a prototype. Its not for sale yet. Street date is estimated to be June. They are still making changes before it goes into production. This is pretty much how building hardware works...not sure what the problem is? They don't want to make recordings and distribute them if the sound might change for the production model.

    I think everyone's hatin on it cause they can't afford it really ;D . Seriously though, if you don't like the sound or look, then ok, I get that. But if you price out a comparable analog drum machine with sequencer or a 6-voice analog synth (which you get both in this), the price isn't much higher than what you'd expect.

    Jomox 999 - $1800
    Top MachineDrum (not analog, but more versatile) - $1700
    808 - $2300
    Acidlab Miami - $1400

    ...and you can't use any of these as a 6 voice analog synth.

    Quote from AITCH-SKI;50686


    :uglywonder: .........."still tweaking"?..... 2K?......Nah, sorry man, for that money there should be no tweaking at all ::)

    Not sure I'm following you. You don't think they should take their time building the product until the are happy with the results?