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    you use php and mysql (obviously a coder can choose whatever, but I think php/mysql would be the easiest). you create a web app that allows users to add releases by cat number. When you add a cat number the app first checks to see if it is already in the database, if so it gives a warning if not it checks discogs for the product and gets the rest of the info from discogs (artist name, label etc etc). If there is no listing on discog it allows the user to fill in the details.

    So that deals with creating your database of releases.

    Then each forum user has 3 votes per week (1 vote per release) they can use, and can use them on any release from any time period (ie it dosnt have to be a new release). - or whatever rules you want to apply... but i think it should be kept simple. KISS - KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID

    your chart can show the results of this voting continuously along with the discogs wants and gots data... keep it lighthearted and not too serious.

    Im not offering to do this, but I could actually write this app, so I know it can be done. Ive written something similar for another project Im doing, about couple months work, on and off.... for a hardcore coder working 9-5 on it, would prob take a week or so to do this backend php stuff, doing the charts and displaying the data so it looked nice might take longer, im a noob at jquery so i wouldnt know how easy that would be, it might be easy to use amcharts, but doing something bespoke would yield better results.

    this is ignoring sales data... which could be included but you would need the cooperation of online record shops, which i dont think is going to happen.

    The example contact below was used for an artist on a label's roster where the label was acting as the agent for the artist. So [company name] would be the name of the record label or agent, or if the artist is acting for themselves they would insert the artist details. The gig was in a foreign country and so it is important that the artist is looked after while in the foreign country.

    On occasion I have adapted this basic contract to reflect different issues that may have been a concern with a particular gig (for instance Ive made sure that the promoter making the booking understands that they are liable for making sure the artist makes it to their flight home and stuff like that). So anyway it gives you an idea and is a good starting point to adapt and make your own contract. But remember to always use correct grammar and english (or whatever language the contract is written in... legalese?) when creating a contract.

    Use common sense when using this contract, adapt it to your needs, some things may be specific for this particular case - other clauses might make you think about what you are doing. This is what this info is for, to help you think.


    [ header stuff, logo whatever, use your company letter head basically]

    [Your contact details]
    Tel: xxxxxx
    Mobile: xxxxxx
    Fax: xxxxxx
    Email: xxxxxxx


    THIS AGREEMENT is made___(day) of______(month)________(year )

    Between: [Artist Name] (hereinafter referred to as the “Artiste”)
    of [Artist address]
    And: [Promoters name, Their company name] (hereinafter referred to as the “Promoter”)
    of [Promoters address]

    Whereby the Promoter engages the Artiste(s) and the Artiste(s) accepts the engagement upon the terms set out below

    Date: [Date of event ]
    Event: [Name of event]
    Venue: [Name of venue]
    City: [Name of City]
    Start Time: [insert start time] End Time: [insert end time]
    Fee: £xxx.xx
    [INDENT]x1 return flight from Gatwick, London plus all internal travel and transport
    x1 hotel room for the duration between arrival and departure.[/INDENT]

    To confirm this date the contract must be signed and returned completed with the booking
    fee within 10 days

    Booking Fee: £xx.xx Failure to do so will result in this date being offered to another party.

    Advance: £xx.xx At least 28 days before the performance. Payable to [your campany name], either by International money order or via PayPal.
    The outstanding balance to be paid in cash on the night of the performance to the Artiste.

    Additional Clauses:
    1. The Artiste agrees not to accept bookings from other Parties from the [city of event] and [County/state of event] area in [country of event], up to 30 days prior to the date of the Promoters Event .
    2. It is understood that during the Artiste stay, the Promoter will act as booking agent with regard to any other arrangements that may occur with other Parties.
    3. The Booking fee is in addition to the Artiste fee and is applicable only to the specified date and venue and is none-refundable.
    4. The Promoter shall not announce, advertise or promote the date set out herein until the booking fee has been paid.
    5. The Deposit shall only be returned in the case of sickness, injury or other incapacity of the Artiste, which prevents the Artiste from performances hereunder.
    6. The Artiste reserves the right to cancel the engagement without prejudice to full payment if the Deposit is not received.
    7. It is a condition of this contract that should it not be exchanged within 14 days of issue, and no written objection having been made, the terms verbally agreed shall constitute a binding agreement.
    8. This agreement does not otherwise provide for cancellation by either party unless determined by mutual consent. Not less than 28 days prior notice of any such intention must be given in writing by recorded delivery to the address at the top of this contract .
    9. The Promoter agrees to provide at no extra cost to the Artiste a quality sound and light system to include:
    [INDENT]a) High power undistorted monitor loud speakers, powered by an amplifier with an adjustable level control and within easy reach of the turntables
    b) Technics SL1200-SL1210 (or Vestax PDX2000) turntables fitted with Stanton 880 or similar high spec cartridge and stylus .
    c) A high quality mixer with crossfader and individual channel EQ and gain. All mixers must have adjustable EQ controls!
    d) A Voltage converter for any additional Equipment the Artiste may bring with them.
    Compatible with UK Voltage standards.[/INDENT]

    10. The Promoter agrees to provide a secure and restricted area for the Artiste and their personal possessions before, during and after their performances.
    11. The Promoter agrees to provide adequate refreshments as reasonably required by the Artiste during the event .
    12. The Ariste/[company name] assumes no tax liability in any country other than their own and comply with the tax laws of their own country .
    13. Further given any unforeseen circumstance preventing the execution of this contract, [company name] bears no direct responsibility or liability, although every safeguard is assured.

    [add extra notes here].

    Read, agreed & accepted:


    Contact number on Day of the event _________________________

    Well elektroakust says hes gonna impliment a music business area of the forum when he does his next spring clean. Which will be for the veterans to advise the noobs all things business related.

    There will be things like sample contracts for various types of deals and FAQs on what to expect in different situations etc... and where more experienced guys like yourselves can answers questions posed. It dosnt have to give actual numbers £££ $$$ €€€ if they dont want to, but just discuss the mechanics of how to operate. It would function like a production forum but geared to the nitty gritty.

    I think its a great idea.

    You misunderstand me. I was saying that the simplest way to give consideration in a contract (any contract, not music per sé) is with a flat fee... In music contracts thats normally done as an advance.

    I havnt seen Morphs contract with SS, so I dont know what the deal was.. and all he said was he got paid 24 euros or whatever... no mention of it being an advance. Hence why I said it looks like a flat fee (more of a question). Im just reading the words on the forum and taking them at face value.

    Quote from Cozmo D;46090

    These are licenses, not recording agreements. I expect that nobody got paid a flat rate. I know that in my contract there was a packaging deduction. Usually I would turn it down but I know the extra mile that goes into Street Sounds packaging so I agreed. Advances are recoupable in every contract of every kind that I have ever seen, it's an advance, not a bonus. Therefore it IS recoverable, though it is NOT returnable. That means that your advance comes out of your royalties first before you see any money, but if you don't make enough royalties for them to recoup you do not owe them a dime.

    I meant they cant ask for the advance back from you (normally the case, but in other industries this differs) - I worded it wrongly


    "Also advances are not recoverable"

    no i didnt lol, I wrote it exactly as it meant to be. the label cant recover the advance from you. OK I didnt make it clear. I should of said 'none returnable'

    24 euro or whatever the amount was - sound like a flat fee to me (when I say flat fee, I mean a single one off payment, just incase theres a lost in translation issue going on ;) )... what else would you call it? certainly not a fat fee. lol joking aside - i dont know, i havnt seen the contract or was party to the deal.

    A license is an agreement where by one party grants the other party certain rights regarding the property of one party for some kind of consideration... that consideration could be anything. But normally in a contract the simplest form is that of a flat monetary fee. This is why advances exist in a contract. Because without that exchange - there is no consideration, and thus no contract. Contracts are negotiable - but consideration must be in the contract, otherwise its not a contract.

    Furthermore that consideration dosnt have to be of a substantial value. it could be any nominal value - jsut so long as it can be shown that there has been due consideration.

    I AM FUCKING SHOCKED THAT A LABEL OF SUCH CALIBRE OPERATES LIKE THIS <-- yes Im shouting. I really cant believe these artist were left in the dark about what exactly was the deal they we're entering into.

    Youve also only got yourselves to blame if you didnt sign a contract first! Before rushing off to get a release... On the mighty Street Sounds no doubt.

    I vote that theres a business section to the forum created were there are example contracts for various types of deals, licensing EP's, Compilation... Live Bookings etc and were people with more experiance can answer questions... like the production section but for the nitty gritty... that would be more useful than any plan for a fucking CHART for christ sake. (leaving out actual numbers ($$ ££ €€)... just talk about the mechanics of a deal)

    Generally speaking manufacturing costs are the labels liability. If youre being paid a flat rate you should not expect a deduction for manufacturing (thats unethical). If youre being paid a royalty then the label will recover costs before paying out any artist royalty. Also advances are not recoverable from the label unless under special circumstances (unlikely when its a licensing deal (youve made the recording, so you've already upheld your end of the agreement, all you need to do is stick a DAT in the post and phone to make sure they received it)),

    any deviation from the norm should be picked up when reading the contract - if you want, PM me the contract and I'll take a look at it

    well the great thing with it now is MAX4LIVE - which is a dope way to get into it, think of the reaktor library and thats how M4L will be eventually.

    Supercollider is dope as well, but its more of a headfuck then Max. But better in some respects because its text coding, which lends itself to crazy experimenting more easily than Max, you want a thousand osc in that synth, just type it. in Max you'd have to draw each one, hook it up and then try and make it look tidy.