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    I would probably get this if I had the money... it sounds like a versatile, badass instrument, plus I would use it for all drum duties in my live set, which would be really fun.

    And nice demos SynSynth! That dubstep one was wicked--I'm used to hearing dubstep I don't like but that was a cool take on the standard rhythm. Reminded me of Jimmy Edgar a little bit :)

    I have to put in a good word for the Novation 25SL. I have the mk2 but the original is very similar and sells for real cheap now. On the mk2 there are LED rings around the 8 encoders, and they map to the macro controls of whatever device you select in Ableton (just like the APC's device control knobs). The thing I love about the Novation though is that it has a screen above the knobs that shows you the name of the parameter and its actual value, so with delay times you see "1/8" instead of some midi value.

    It's great for controlling hardware too, I set up a couple knobs and faders to control stuff on my Alpha Juno even though it uses sysex.

    I used Max a little bit to do some midi remappings with my Electribe so I could do dj sets with it, but that was a long time ago. My student license has expired now so if I want the full product I have to pay $200 or something like that. I use Ableton to produce and I've wanted Max for Live for a while, but IMO they're still charging a bit too much for it, cause there's no way I can afford it. I think there's definitely a place for experimental sound stuff like that to mix with electrofunk though. I'm trying to get into playing with Reaktor more but I never seem to have enough ideas for projects.

    Nice. I just watched a tutorial yesterday that uses the vocoder interestingly. Not quite as far-out, cause this is still music, but...

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    Has anyone used the Electro-Harmonix V256? It's guitar pedal-style but it has external inputs and an internal sawtooth oscillator you can trigger via midi. I'm thinking about getting a hardware one cause I run Live at too high a latency to use software. I will say though that Live's vocoder sounds pretty good even when I feed it bad recordings :) I'm pretty new to vocoders so I'm still getting the hang of how to control it.

    If you're having sound quality problems with Ableton it's most definitely the options you chose, and also if the song was warped (any of the warp modes besides repitch will absolutely change the sound of the track, which is why you have to be careful about what you warp when you're producing). This article shows pretty clearly that Live's summing bus itself has nothing wrong with it:…ive-summing-bus

    PS I use Live, I used to mess around in FL Studio and now I'm thinking about getting it again just because it has so many sound-destruction tools and some cool stuff Live doesn't have (you can route midi-triggered envelopes to pretty much anything, as far as I know). I wouldn't use it as my full DAW, just as a VST in Live probably.