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    I did two 12"s on Mighty Robot called The Opium Den in parts 1-8. I saw some of them pop up on several file sharing sites, but all in rips and bad quality mp3's so I decided to hit you up with the uncut dope from the source... As an added bonus there's 2 versions of part X, if and when I locate the rest of the parts, i'll throw them online as well. for now, grab em:


    With the recon of one of my old hard discs, I found a folder titled ‘lost jams’. These turned out to be RA-X tracks, some transferred from tape, some gathering digital dust. I released a bunch of records as RA-X since the early 90’s, most of them heavy and distorted electro on several labels. Insert obligatory discogs list here. In the period 1993-2003, I recorded loads of material, some of it its lost forever when I accidently threw out a box of cassette tapes that turned out to be master recordings. These are salvaged now and digitalized to start a new life on the digital plain. I have sequenced them for you and added a sleeve. The metadata for these tracks is impossible to find, the only way to determine the date for these jams some of the info I have written on the tape. From the vaults again. Feel free to share at will.
    -vince / RA-X 2011

    Grey Skies and Silver Linings
    lost jamz 2000-2011
    01. The Cross
    02. Back In Trouble Again
    03. Your Dream Is Lost
    04. The Claim
    05. Stellar Communication
    06. Vector 11
    07. Circle
    08. The Time Is Now
    09. Fallen
    10. My Brother’s Keeper
    11. Sublam in Bedlam…