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    Just to let you guys know, were in talks with a promoter who is :) interested in getting Capt Rock to Perform. Ive spoken to Ron Green...hes up for it. Like I say its still in the planning stage and is not yet confirmed. I dont want to get anyones hopes up too high but so far so good!

    Lektroid....I have nothing to do with the contracts...I have never wanted a contract...As I dont need one.
    Im not sticking up for Khan, ive not seen the contract, but some of the facts you stated are just a fact.
    Im sorry you feel that way. Simon Cowell is far more ruthless than Khan could ever be....Ive seen one of his contracts...Indeed ive got one here a management contract for 12 months (signed in 2003)......221 pages long!
    Ive not bitched about the Cowells ive just told you a fact..I learnt my lession and got burnt.
    Life is a bitch sometime and I hope you can still see me in good light. I was trying to advise you on how the industry works, not once did i back Morgans corner, im neutral when it comes to Morgan.

    Lektroid, its Rob Evans here, been on this forum for over 12 years.
    Im sorry your upset but there is no need so nasty, Im not defending Morgan, Im just stating facts.
    It took me 6 years to persuade Ron Green to come out of retirement, all I got off some people on here was "Im talking shite" "Your a bullshitting wanker"....well fuck them not bothered. i believed in myself and did what i had to do...I never recieved a single DIME for what i did to get Ron green I never asked for a penny! I did it because i love old school and do not make this my full time job.
    I could have DJ'd for Ron Green waaaay before Mirage but i did not want to do it, I left that for someone else.
    You stated Morgan would not give a refund for just people wanting to perform for you..Im sorry but no promoter would ever just give a refund because 1 artist out of many pulled out.
    its a hard game your in and getting screwed over is part of the par....shit....Tony & Simon Cowell screwed me outta £9000!!
    Im sorry your angey and it never worked out, but slagging people off that are trying to help is not the best way to go about this

    As Cozmo states this industry is a business. Everybody is out to get what they want for themselves. This is not a BAD thing its just business. Contracts can be changed or ammended. Morgan has been screwed over many times you just have to take these on the head and learn from the past.
    What you have here are old school artists and ppl like Morgan who have been in this industry for many many years, they know how it works and how to get the best deal. Both have been screwed out of money, they learn from these errors and get tougher. Its just like any other business at the end of the day...a way to earn money and keep a roof over your head.
    As for me promoting a concert....not on your life!!! haha I have no problem arranging acts, but to put up that amount of $$ after just buying a house...sorry. I dont have the balls to do that.
    As for t-shirts capt Rock will have some official shirts before long.

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    minimum / maximum 8)

    can tell a lot of thought went into your layout, ;)
    and probably money too.

    Samson resolv 05 monitors...i use them...cracking little things!

    Well i hope all that attended UKFRESH had a great time, Just to let you know that Capt Rocks new single will be "BOOM". Just finishing off some minor details, if you like the big syth sounds that you heard on The Return, Cosmic Blast and Future should like this.

    Also the Aleems have managed to find "The Adventures of Capt Rock" This will be released....when Im not sure but will prob need remastering.

    Sorry his set was so short, DJ Mirage had pulled out due to ill health So we had to improvise.
    Big respect to Geoff Allen for stepping in and doing a great job.
    Next time promises a far bigger set