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    Catch the second installment of Voltage Controlled, hosted by Morphogenetic, from January 2016.

    Here he continues to unveil some of the songs and remixes off of the new Sbles3plex album, "Maquinas Deseantes", as well as some new material from Robert Cosmic and Maschine Brennt.

    As always, Morphogenetic brings out the old school Breaks classics, like Ellis Dee, Flip's "The Story", and some Friction and Spice, along with some of the best Techno Bass releases of the last 15 years...don't miss it!

    High Quality DL:

    Tracklisting available on Mixcloud page!

    Check out Ascension Électronique's very first recorded mixed set on Tracklistings! Using Timecode vinyls, and full of effects and wild manipulations, this heart-pounding selection will carry you through your day, while showing you what a true 21st century DJ sounds like.

    Features tracks by Kretz, The Outsider, The Brink, Dark Vektor, Morphology, and many more! Can you help guess the tracklisting?


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    I second what Prototype said....maximizers, and this overall trend of compressing everything, and making your final wav a brick, is not good producing. Sure everyone is doing it these days, and it will make your music "seem" as if it is not as well produced because everything else is so loud as compared, but music is meant to be dynamic....that is to say, there should be the natural lows and highs that are the purpose of mixing and the final "Mixdown" it a final compression in which everything is crushed to the ceiling is completely nonsensical....otherwise, why not just bypass mixing, and leave every channel at peak? We wouldnt do that though.

    Compression is for what needs attenuation, or needs a boost, like a kick or snare, maybe something else lacking in power...but thats it. On the final bus, be gentle, you want your wave to be as close to peak as possible, but dont squash the whole thing so there are no highs and lows....makes people not wanna listen to your music again. Its part of an on going trend that is destroying music, called "The Loudness Wars".

    Im sure there is much to still uncover with Hip Hop as there is with Electro music, but generally speaking this is the widely accepted understanding that it started in NYC around the mid to late 70's and as for the name,coined by Kool Herc....but hey, im no Hip Hop expert. Im no expert at all, just a student of life as the rest of us. Not sure why you would think it makes no sense though, unless you claim to be the keeper of Hip Hop's hidden knowledge, and mainstream belief nonsensical.

    And yes Matthias, while it is important to understand how the term came about , as mentioned in the article, it is quite a tragedy how our type of Electro has been nameless and without any recognition within the music if someone started calling something else classical and left classical in the dust with no name, and no way of reminding everyone it was still a part of everything. A real shame, which i hope gets restored sooner than later.

    Considering that Hip Hop in the 70's was more on a local level in NYC, "In many ways" pays respect to the idea that Hip Hop was already alive and well, however, it really wasnt until Rappers Delight that it began to gain momentum, followed by Planet Rock and the trend that followed which began what is widely regarded as the early phase of Hip Hop which brought it to the worldwide masses. Street Sounds was responsible for bringing it to Europe, but also arguably responsible for the confusion as to what is Electro, since much of it would have been considered straight up Hip Hop.

    Had the writer claimed this was "the beginning" as many try to, it would have overlooked everything that went on in NYC, again, on a local level, but with players such as Bambaata, Kool Herc (who coined the term Hip Hop), and Grandmaster Flash already local legends who were clearly building a strong foundation for the culture.

    Roland returns once again, as it becomes increasingly clear the company is on a quest to re-assert itself as the hardware revolution continues, and rightfully so; it was one of the originators, and while it seemed to take a step back during the "Digital Revolution", here they are again innovating and setting the bar even higher than before. Introducing the AIRA modular System 1m synthesizer, a continuation of their AIRA plug out series, this time stepping into the Modular rack systems domain as the interest in that type of instruments continues to grow.

    The best part about this-as if a modular synth coming from Roland, and at a nice price wasn't enough-is the fact that as in the rest of the series, plug in versions can be uploaded straight into the machine without the need for computers, so you always have more than meets the eye. Never before have we had a synthesizer that not only gave you everything on the panel, as well as multiple versions of other old school legendary machines that could be controlled without any programming or mapping. This isn't even making mention of the fact that...Continue Reading!

    (Please note these are not reviews, but compiled information from manufacturers, as well as our own research helping to bring you as much info in one sitting as possible!)

    James Wolfe is one of those guys that really needs no introduction, but just in case you haven't kept up with the last nearly 20 years of Electro Bass history, we will give you the scoop on this fascinating Florida artist with years upon years of experience as a DJ, Producer, and Label Owner. As one of Florida's most renowned DJ's, "Kid Wonder" as some would call him, started out as a young and highly dedicated professional, DJ'ing at some of the most notorious festivals and events not just in the region, but all across the nation. Having spent many years as an employee of the legendary "DJ Store" in West Palm Beach, later going on to work at the equally legendary Dancetarium record store, he not only learned about the vast music catalog available; primarily coming out of Europe, but also essentially single-handedly helped to expose a generation to music that otherwise would have never made it over to the state.

    Later being taken under the wing of iconic producer David Noller of Dynamix II, James Wolfe would learn the craft of producing classic Electro Bass, shortly after releasing his debut "Techtonic Plates E.P." on his new imprint Frajile Recordings. Since then, the label and artist have had a very prolific run, bringing us many classic 12" hits by artists like his own Resident Alien, Exzakt, Scratch-D, not to mention a wide selection of titles by himself, including his new pseudonym "F8".

    This month, James Wolfe records his first-ever feature, bringing us many released and unreleased songs carefully selected, and in some cases exclusively made available to him specifically for this carefully produced set. Don't sleep on this one, as this is a rare appearance, and one that will go down in the books and one of our best yet!



    • Anthony Nuzzo - Evil Directed You Here | Frajile Recordings
    • JimiTheGenius - Our Style | Kuad Recordings
    • F8 - Space Station | Frajile Recordings
    • Korrupted Brothers - You Know The Business | Frajile Recordings
    • Brice Kelly - Return From Darkness | Frajile Recordings
    • Korrupted Brothers - Alien Seeds | Frajile Recordings
    • James Wolfe - Electric Charge | Frajile Recordings
    • Ashrock - Miami | Kuad Recordings
    • UBM - Mystical Valley - (F8 Elektro Remix) | Unknown
    • Carl Finlow - Sub Unit | Outside Recordings
    • Amper Clap - Sands Of Time | Amper Clap Productions
    • Debbie D – Supertweak - (James Wolfe’s 809 Re-Tweak) | Genuine Debbie D Records
    • Dimes (JimiTheGenius Bass Edit) | Kuad Recordings
    • Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence - (Wolfe’s Elektro Bass Rework) | Frajile Recordings
    • BreaksJunky and Alekay - Get Em | Theoryon Records
    • Anthony Nuzzo – Eraser | Frajile Recordings
    • Evanescence - Bring Me To Life - (James Wolfe’s Elektro Bass Rework) | Frajile Recordings
    • Cloak & Dagger - Darkfall | Frajile Recordings

    Find out more about James Wolfe: online Electro magazine with a free with on the cover! :)

    Electro. We have all heard the word at some point in our lives whether we were warned against being electrocuted as children, or received an Electrocardiogram at a hospital; but perhaps not as much until we began to listen to a style of music for a long time referred to as “Electro”. More properly defined as Electro Funk, "Electro", as it began to be called for short, was not just one of the first actual sub-genres of Electronic Music to come about in 1982, but also in many ways the beginning of Hip Hop; where bands like Newcleus, along with producers like Unknown DJ and Pretty Tony would lay the foundation throughout the first half of the '80s for what later became Rap, influencing even the direction Pop music such as Madonna and Michael Jackson would take for some time; not to mention Miami Bass and the plethora of musical styles born out of the drum machine and synthesizer, which still prevail and actually continue to grow in popularity today.

    The curious part about all this, is that just a year before in 1981, the actual oldest sub-genre of Electronic Music was born, as Cybotron's "Alleys Of Your Mind" was released on Deep Space Records, 2 years later further building upon this new genre with the album "Enter" on Fantasy Records, and more specifically via a song that die-hard Electro Funk enthusiasts would claim was another building block for their beloved style: Cybotron’s “Clear”. Something writer and producer Juan Atkins, one of the 3 pioneers of American Techno, would refer to exactly as that: Techno Music. Having been greatly influenced not just by bands like Parliament, but also the iconic German pioneering group Kraftwerk; who in their approach and overall image presented themselves as a band of pure Technology, Juan Atkins and his fellow band of brothers known as the “Belleville Three”, would themselves...Continue Reading!

    Not sure....this was limited to 50. CDs sell very little nowadays too, and you cannot get glass mastered CDs under 300 copies; most places you have to do 500. It's a sad state, it would have been great to do this on vinyl, but that isn't selling much either.

    CDs are at least a low cost-low risk way of doing something physically, and not loosing any real money while having a professionally finished product.

    Did you get your stuff ok?

    Quote from binalog;64938

    That is not true. Electro DID come from the word 'Electrofunk'. We cannot change history... ;)

    Evan, the word was used a lot in the did not come from Electro Funk. To people that follow Streetsounds and 80s Electro Funk maybe, but the word existed before that.

    I have always felt that it came from the fact that Electronic music was introduced as Electro-Acoustic, and even the Moog was first considered an Electro Acoustic instrument.

    Read back through the thread, and you will even find an extensive discussion on this subject, and even an article that Matt posted from the 70s that talks about this.

    Does anyone else feel like this is trying to teach pigs how to sing?

    Not calling any of you pigs...just sayin' :-/

    Wex, i am gonna break my commitment to not talk about this with you anymore, and say it one last time. This is not about what style is what, and why they sound the way they do, it is about the term ( word ) Electro, and how it relates to the issue we have in the Electro Bass and Electro Funk scene with people not liking other genres like Electro House, and Electro Disco calling it that, or Electro for short.

    People in our scene are hell bent on claiming the term Electro as their own, and it is not gonna work for one simple reason: The term has been used for ages to define Electronic music as a whole in other circles, meaning that anything Electronic can be called Electro. Am i saying call Trance, DnB, or Techno Electro Trance or Electro DnB? No! But when someone says they make Electro, and it is not Electro Funk or Bass, dont say it isnt Electro because essentially, historically speaking, it is.

    The word Electro did not come from the word Electro Funk, it was there before...Electronic music did not start with Kraftwerk, it was there way before. People need to understand this.

    If our music is to survive and grow, then its members and contributors need to emphasize the style of Electro we do, so that it stands out from the rest. This forum is mainly about Electro Funk and Electro Bass...that is what we need to call it. Calling it just Electro is like saying we simply do is anyone supposed to know that it is any different than anything else if you dont define what it is by style?

    Quote from Cozmo D;64902

    Throw Jazz in there as well and you have the best description of Newcleus that I have ever heard. :)

    Crap, you are right...Actually, Computer Age has strong Jazz and Funk influences i would say! :) you really not see the different decade sections of the forum? edm i would say is just another name for electronic music, not some other form. it just happened to be called that at a specific time in history, which would probably give the notion it is some other style.

    Anyway, i am done with you man, you are making me beat dust at this point... ;D

    Can we please just for once and for all get this straight? This discussion is getting old, as it has been going on for some years now, and doesnt seem to get resolved in some people's heads.

    • Electro= All Electronic Music...period!
    • Electro Funk= A style of Electro that is influenced by Hip-Hop, Funk and Soul.
    • Electro Bass= A style of Electro music that is influenced by Electro Funk, Techno, and Miami Bass, even some Trance. Often called Techno Bass.
    • Electro Pop= The name is self explanatory...Electro music that is Pop influenced.

    ...and so on, and so forth. In the end, its all Electro. So when someone says they make "Electro Disco", or "Electro House", dont start with that "that isnt Electro" bullshit, because it is just that...bullshit. Typically those folks that act elitist in that way make either Electro Funk, or Electro Bass. Define what you do, please, or just call it Electro, but let others call it that also, as it is Electro.

    Now can we please go back to life? This horse has been beaten so many times, its turned to dust by now! ;D

    wex, if you still dont get it, then you probably wont. But if you dont, i would suggest catching up on Electronic music history, not just 80s Electro Funk or Kraftwerk. :)

    Ok, now i am dizzy. How many times can someone say Electro in one sentence without getting nauseous? ;D

    The first thing I'd like to say, is that I know from talking to Keith tucker, that hip hop, and specifically newcleus, played a key role in influencing what would become Detroit techno. It may not sound like it, but that was their take on mixing the influence from kraftwerk with that of hip hop.

    And Matt, what I meant in that line you quoted me on, is that the electro funk and electro bass scene is the only one that I find trying to claim the term electro as its own. Obviously I have been very clear that electro, especially the term, predates electro funk.

    It seems to a lot of people that were influenced by street sounds and 80s hip hop electro, that electro as a term, came from that era, which is wrong. Even that Spanish video that kapi posted claims that the word electro came from electro funk, and that the sound was the reason you had all the other styles of electronic music come out. I think just in kraftwerk's music, you see the blueprint for what became those styles, not because of electro funk.

    Its clear that many followers of the electro funk and bass sound, are not always very keen to look before the 80s to see just how developed many of the styles were becoming by pioneers like tangerine dream, kraftwerk, jarre, eno, and such.

    I know what you mean Matt, but my point is that people that do our type of Electro, the people that are very purist about Electro Funk and Electro Bass, want to think that this type of Electro is the only one that should be called Electro. I am sure you have seen plenty of that, and we have discussed in the past the damage it does when someone from lets say, Electro House, comes here trying to show their music, and many members drive them away with insults, always saying the same thing: that is not Electro, only what we do here is Electro. That is very erroneous thinking.

    Plus, look at the hundreds of "This Is Electro" groups on Facebook, fighting for something that they are so misguided about. :-/ I think raising the flag on our little ship would be easy if people stop being stubborn, and call their music "Electro - Something"...then each style has its own identity.

    I for one make Electro Bass, and even a little Electro Downtempo...maybe one day i'll do a little Electro Pop, or even Electro Funk! :)