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    Thank you for taking the time to write a response. It appears that we are not actually in disagreement, perhaps our differences are more about shading and emphasis. My only concern with not recognising the value of sub labels is that the use of a generic all inclusive term potentially obscures the contribution made to the music scene by individuals and communities who have previously had their musical achievements subsumed by a larger all encompassing narrative.

    155 :)

    Exactly! I guess its two fold: in a way, its all electro, which should be taken into mind when some people want to be elitist towards others who make a different type of it. But, in the larger scheme of things, i really find the use of sub labels very important to do as you say, describe the specific styles that people do.

    Some people argue against that, saying its "all music", thats it. And i get that, but nonetheless, people's hard work at making unique styles are lost and never recognized if we just use that all encompassing term.

    I think we are starting to get somewhere with this. :)

    155, I appreciate your response, and I know that my reply to wex may suggest I was a bit confused as to the theme of the thread, but I would like to point out that the bigger question is not the use or origin of the term "electro-funk", but more the origin of the word electro, and how it is used or maybe even misused. My argument has always been that it is not being misused as long as it relates to electronic music. People in the 70s referred to electronic music as electro, and it is only till Streetsounds came around that there seems to be confusion, and one single genre ( us ) trying to claim electro as only one thing.

    Electro funk in my eyes always has been, and always will be ok, as are terms like electro bass or electro pop. It has always been my belief that as long as we don't classify our type of electro as something like electro bass, it will always be lost in the mess of things, as people have nothing to direct them to what style we do specifically. That wouldnt be the case if other genres of electronic music did not call their music electro-----, but they do, and it has only helped to keep us back, as so many are very stubborn to continue calling our style electro only, and are very elitist towards anyone else calling their stuff electro. It is specially a problem when new members sign up here, and get turned away by nasty attitudes. We could grow, but a lack of understanding, like a ship without a compass if you will, keeps us from moving forward.

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    Yep, history is interesting, but irrelivant in this case. Probaly term rise when a lot of electro production come to world and people realized was electro is: created by Kraftwerk, pushed by AB, Cybotron/Atkins etc

    I'm talking about official kraftwerk, not pre-Kraftwerk Kraftwerk. There are no krautROCK in official discography!

    Wex, you really need to do your homework on Electronic music history man! How can you say that Kraftwerk 1 is not Krautrock? and more importantly, how can you say history is irrelevant? If the word Electro was used before the 80s, then obviously that means something...the history of our music is the most important thing for us to figure out, otherwise, we are like a sailing ship without a compass! ;)

    Why is it so hard to see that 80s "Electro" is Electro-Funk, and is a sub-genre of Electro-nic music?

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    ...which was categorised as Krautrock in the 70's, not electro as that term was not used in the 70's. 'Electro' is a shortened form for ELECTRO FUNK.

    Kraftwerk in HINDSIGHT is/was 'Electro' as the term is used today, outside of electro-FUNK (HIP HOP).

    That is not true. There were styles such as "Electro Wave" back in the 70s, and many others that referred to Electronic music as Electro. More than likely the word actually came from "Electro-Acoustic", which is how the synthesizer was introduced, and the way Electronic compositions were termed before it could be conceived that Electro-nic music could be its own genre altogether.

    This idea that Electro is short for Electro Funk is something people got from Streetsounds, but is a huge source of confusion as to what Electro really is, and what the word really means.

    daro: i like you man, you know whats up! ;) ( Sorry i rehashed what you said, had not seen your post )

    @Matt: Thanks for that, i wish more people would see it. The confusion holds things back a lot.

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    Madonna, Rihanna, Britney, even about Timbaland or Neptunes, it's so strange because they are also electro music! ;)

    Hhmm, i dont know...i might have to draw the line there! Thats garbage Pop Music...maybe it can be called Electro-Crap! ;D

    Not sure they called it electro, that seems to have come about in the 70s. But, my point is more that the word began to be used as a short word for electronic, as you even stated with the " electro wave" thing. Again, I understand that to our scene electro means something, but we need to look at why suddenly the same issue that was around in the 70s, is here again. There is obviously a drive in people that do this, to identify with the word electro. My only solution is for people that identify with it, to add a suffix like bass or pop, so it can be seen as a more specific sub genre.

    I don't think it's going to change otherwise. Our kind of electro didn't come about until the 80s, way after people were already used to the word electro being used as a short, almost prefix like word for what type of electronic music they were doing. If that is the case, and people are doing it again, how can we change it without seeming elitist and somewhat misguided? My only answer is what I stated before, don't be mean because someone refers to what they do as electro, instead, refer to your electro as something more specific like electro funk, or electro bass.

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    I agree to that, but you also just can't ignore the fact that for decades there have been specific music style genres using the "Electro" tag. The term started a life of its own.

    I don't think today's kids call their techno and house music "Electro" because they are aware of Stockhausen and the Theremin. They just use the word, cause its the hip word everyone they know uses. They are uneducated, teached by uneducated. Of course there are always exceptions. But as always the big mass of people are just living their happy uneductaed lifes in the present. And it doesn't matter for them as the term "Electro" fits to whatever is electronic sounding.

    Among the british Hiphop fans for sure.
    Its also interesting that in some places the 70s Electropop ~ Electronica like Yellow Magic Orchestra was labeled "Electro-Wave".

    I guess the wider the context the more different uses there always where for the term "Electro".

    But dont you think there is a hypocrisy in acknowledging that Electro is a word that defines Electronic music in its roots, but that others cant call it that?

    My point is not so much that we should call everything Electro, even if it is Techno, it is that in this day in age when many refer to their Electronic subgenres by the word Electro ( as they did in the 70 like you pointed out ), it is elitist to say they cant call it that...especially when normally they call it Electro-House, or clash or something.

    Our form of "Electro" is as much a subgenre of Electro-nic music, as anyone else's. So! yes, amongst those of us that know what Electro has been for many decades, it is ok to call it that. My points are:

    *If you see someone come on here talking about them doing Electro, but its not what you define as not be mean to them. They never come back, they would probably like our music eventually, AND!!!! in the end, they were in fact doing Electro to begin with.

    *Remember when you talk to the uneducated, that the roots of that word make it far more broad than you want to think, so! Be mindful, call your stuff Electro Funk, Bass, something that defines what type of Electro you do. Keep that word for the peeps in the know.

    *Stop the elitism, it is killing our genre! Many people that come here being friendly, and are willing to listen to what we do, run away because of the insulting elitism that takes place here and on is killing our chances of ever reaching more people.

    We are very underground, so most people that are new to our "Electro", come from some other background, where they may listen to something else. If they call it Electro...well, so did everyone else since the beginning of this type of music. This same in-fighting has always been there.

    ...and last but not least: PLEASE!!!

    *( Disclaimer: I will never talk about this again! ;D )

    I think its understandable that people get confused, when you say that Electro is a genre on one hand, but is a word to describe the Electronic Music genre itself on the other.

    Most of the people that are very stuck on the word Electro, are those that grew up with Streetsounds, who should have called those albums Electro Funk, or Hip Hop. The ironic thing is that most of the legends that created that subgenre, never called it anything but Hip Hop, Rap, or Soul.

    Electro Bass, Funk, Pop, etc, are all sub-genres of Electronic music, and quite frankly, i think that things would go much further if people would call it like that. When you say "Electro", most people think you just do Electronic music, and might even think you do the bad kind, and wont even be interested.

    My personal experience, if you call it Electro Bass, Techno Bass, Electro Funk, whatever...people respond a little more because it suggests an individual style of Electro music.

    As long as people in this subgenre keep trying to be elitist, and call it simply "Electro", they will simply be hiding behind a name that is so broad, no one will ever find them.

    A good analogy is: would you want to be considered just a person, or who you are...preferably by name? I mean, we are all people, so we can just be "that person", or we can be who we really are, and be seen as that. Seen for our individuality, which makes us unique. I think that is the next step for this music. To accept who we really are, and stop trying to hijack a name that is meant for the whole Electronic music genre.

    ...and so these artists are not Electro music because they are some other sub-genre, even if they are electronic themselves? ;D

    Also, both Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk were born out of the Krautrock scene.

    Electro is not a style, it is an approach to making music.

    Please look at the history of Electronic music, and look at the root of the word Electro, which came from the origins of these instruments being called "Electro-Acoustic" in the beginning.

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    I've made this a new thread, as the "un electro 4" release topic is already off topic enough in itself. :ugly:

    wax groover
    It always comes down to the confusion about the very general term "Electro".
    Its so general that everyone can have his own electronic sounding genre under that tag.
    But no one on here claims Techno or House to be "Electro" (as if it was short for "Electronic Music").
    Thats only the uneducated new generation out there.

    Matt, given the origin of the word Electro, which really came about in the 60s with the term "Electro-Acoustic", i am not sure that saying Techno or House is Electro is necessarily wrong. I am not suggesting people should go calling it that, but Electro is a word that defines Electronic music period; and that is not for the "uneducated" to believe...quite the contrary.

    I think this is the basis of all problems, especially in the Electro Bass and Electro Funk sub-genres, that people tend to think that is the only thing that is "Electro".

    Electro is not a style, it is an approach of making music electronically. :)

    BTW, you can blame Streetsounds for the confusion, as they were the ones that created a whole generation of folks who believe that Electro is only that which sounds like 80's Electro Funk. Wendy Carlos, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Brian Eno...etc, etc...all people who took the "Electro" approach to making music.