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    E2REC005 is out on Elektrodos Recordings, exclusively on Junodownload - Cybereign presents: Mutation Translation!

    The fifth release on Elektrodos Recordings is the brainchild of Cybereign: a collaborative full-length, 10 track album release that sees him working with Alavux, Dark Vektor, Fleck ESC, Nessbeth, Paracas Topara, Pl_anet, Robertiano Filigrano and TECHcontrol, as well as two brilliant remixes from Amper Clap and Nexus 23. Bringing creative minds together is what it's all about, and we at E2REC are proud to have this unique blend of styles on our label.

    Cat. No.: E2REC-005
    Label: Elektrodos Recordings
    Artists: Cybereign / Various
    Format: Digital
    Release date: 27 October 2017 (Juno)

    TODAY ON Elektrodos Recordings Bandcamp…ts-robyrt-hecht

    The fourth EP release on Elektrodos Recordings is the first in our Diode Bridge project (DBP). DBP is a collaborative project between 2 artists, who each contribute one of their tracks, and a remix of the other artist's track, giving us a 4 track EP that is the presentation of the styles and sounds of both artists, as well as a Gestalt construct of both, through the remixes, in a unique sound which is the product of their musical collaboration.

    Out now on Elektrodos Recordings!
    [E2REC-003] Carlos Sicrock - Estructuras
    Cat. No.: E2REC-003
    Label: Elektrodos Recordings
    Artist: Carlos Sicrock
    Format: Digital
    Release date: 12 April 2017 (Bandcamp: "name your price")

    The third release on Elektrodos Recordings come from veteran producer Carlos Sicrock. Hailing from Barcelona´s breaks and electrofunk scene from the 80s, these influential styles are still very much present in his own sound, and he knows just how to keep the sounds that made him the artist he is today, fresh and up to date.

    Hailing from the Spanish bass capital, Basscelona, he makes us tremble with this 4-track EP, exploring the here and now of electrofunk and deep electrobass. He brings us into his musical construct with "Estructuras", shows us what he's made off with "Chromoxome", drowns us in bass with "Bassic" and the closing track, showing his pedigree in breaks and electro, is "Ficción". A tremendous and very complete EP by the great Carlos Sicrock, and we want to thank him for becoming part of the Elektrodos Recordings family!

    New release from Elektrodos Recordings: Sigma Algebra - Funaphy

    Cat. No.: E2REC-002
    Label: Elektrodos Recordings
    Artist: Sigma Algebra
    Format: Digital
    Release date: 28 Feb. 2017 (Bandcamp)

    The second EP release on Elektrodos Recordings come from Spanish DJ and producer Eduard Jiménez, aka Sigma Algebra. Veteran DJ with many years on the wheels of steel as DJDG!, he has also started to produce his own music now. From the start, he has developed his own dark, techno and IDM influenced brand of electro with tracks such as "Pi", on the ELEKTRODOS The Compilation Vol. 2 release, as well as many other mathematically themed masterpieces.

    This musical mathematician delivers a 4 track EP titled "Funaphy", a work true to the goals of his Sigma Algebra project, that encompasses electro, with a taste of techno and a definite flavor of IDM. Title track "Funaphy" is a dark and moody electro track. The remixed "Lamed" is energetic IDM-infused electro, leading up to the fully loaded dark atmospheres of "Mem" before the EP closes with techno-themed dark electro banger "Tet".

    This EP is available on our Bandcamp page, as a "name your price" download.

    OUT NOW!!!

    Dark Vektor presents: Terrassa - The Remixes, on Elektrodos Recordings

    Cat. No.: E2REC-001
    Label: Elektrodos Recordings
    Artist: Dark Vektor
    Format: Digital
    Release date: 22nd Dec. 2016 (Bandcamp)

    Elektrodos Recordings is proud to announce its first release as aa full-fledged electro label, and honored to have Dark Vektor present a 12 track album of remixes of his track "Terrassa (Ciutat Industrial)", off the ELEKTRODOS: The Compilation 2 release. Spain's own electro godfather Dark Vektor has been producing electro since the 90s, uncompromising and never giving in, and released on epic labels like Djax-Up-Beats.

    For this release, he asked 11 electro producers to rework his energetic track, which resulted in this homage of top quality remixes, each track an interesting blend of Dark Vektor's unmistakable sinister style and the remixer's own influence. It embodies the vision we have for Elektrodos Recordings as well as for the ELEKTRODOS radio show: a project that brings together personal takes on electro to create something unique and collaborative.

    The album is available on our Bandcamp page, as a "name your price" download. All proceedings go to supporting the Elektrodos project.

    Get it HERE:

    :cylon: Happy Xmas and an ELECTRO new year to all!!! :cylon:…medium=facebook

    Elektrodos show of the 22nd August 2016, dedicated to new electro songs from producers such as Identity Unknown, M3tan01a and Order of the Muffin, Sematic4, Cybereign, Komarken Electronics, Mike Ash and Nessbeth.
    With DJ Set from Nessbeth

    01. M3tan01a & Order of The Muffin - Different Realm
    02. Identity Unknown - Formalhaut
    03. Identity Unknown - Arae
    04. Sematic4 - LED
    05. Cybereign - Into The Future
    06. Cybereign - Robot Mind (Nexus 23 Twisted Mind Remix)
    07. Komarken Electronics - Motivation
    08. Mike Ash - Binary Input Sequence
    09. Nessbeth - Game Set And Match
    10. Nessbeth DJ Set
    Nessbeth DJ Set Tracklist:
    01. Nessbeth - Intro
    02. Illektrolab - Overdrive
    03. Anthony Rother - Red Light District
    04. Maelstrom - Pool Chicks
    05. GusGus - Crossfade (Maceo Plex Remix)
    06. Jensen Interceptor- Mactavis
    07. The Advent - Eurodynamic(feat. Zein Ferreira)
    08. The Egyptian Lover - Into The Future
    09. Borgie - Crobotizator
    10. Phil Kieran - Ghetto Face Place Space
    11. Nessbeth - Game, Set & Match
    12. RAN D - Bass Attack
    13. Otto Von Schirach - Bass Low
    14. Dynamik Bass System - We Are In Control
    15. RAN D - Hotchic (Guetto Mashup Mix)
    16. Dynamik Bass System - Freak My Beat
    17. The Human League - All I Ever Wanted (Alter Ego Remix)
    18. Crackboy - Apes (feat. Claude Violante)
    19. SebastiAn - C.T.F.O. (DMX Krew Remix)
    20. Man Parrish - Hip Hop Be Bop
    21. Dynamik Bass System - Arabian Dreams (Final Mix)
    22. Nessbeth - Nessbeth Boogie Down Edit
    23. Aaron Carl - E-lektr0p1a
    24. Paula Temple - Cloned
    25. N-Ter - No Regrets
    26. Wolfe & Cloak - Synthetik Molecule
    27. Nessbeth - Goin On (Nessbeth Electromix)
    28. Gesaffelstein - Viol
    29. Busy P - Still Busy
    30. Detroits Filthiest (DJ Nasty) - Bullet To The Head
    31. Seek 2012 - A3- 2012 (D2N2 Popping Bonus Beats)
    32. Seek 2012 - Thumper
    33. Maelstrom - Ussr
    34. Dark Vektor - Los Amigos De Lo Ajeno
    35. DJ Assault - Numerals
    36. The Egyptian Lover - Got to Get It
    37. Cybotron - Alleys of Your Mind
    38. Disco D - You Need Another Drink
    39. DJ Assault - Thong Song (Remix)
    40. CD - Let´s Dance…al-touched-bass

    Elektrodos of the 30th May 2016, special show dedicated to the the compilation Touched Bass, with songs such as Convextion aka E.R.P., Dexterous Numerics, AE35, cygnus, Amper Clap, commuter, Lectromagnetique, Kronos Device and Roman Zawodny
    With interview and DJ Set from Andy Bass Agenda

    01. E.R.P. - Valley View
    02. Cygnus - Aluminium Flakes
    03. Dexterous Numerics - Remember To Forget
    04. Amper Clap - Humanoided
    05. Commuter - Singularity
    06. Lectromagnetique - Cylon
    07. Kronos Device - Kill Switch
    08. Roman Zawodny - Burner Ones
    09. AE35 - Vertigo
    10. Andy Bass Agenda DJ Set
    Andy Bass Agenda DJ Set Tracklist
    Darkmode - Freak Like Me
    Datrus - electronic.synthetic
    T//error - Down Deep
    Das Muster - Electro Groupies
    ESCmode - Kernel 5_2
    Shinra - BadBlood
    Anodyne - Corrupt
    PL_anet - Let The Rythmn...
    Scott Robinson - Splinter Sisters
    Dark Vektor - Entumecido
    Wavefunction - Complete Breakthrough
    Warsaw Hoolz - Sehrwichtig
    Demia E Clash - Mono Module
    Slaves of Sinus - ATLIMA (As They Lay in My Arms)
    w1b0 - Track For My Father

    The 10th September is the fixed day to celebrate the 8th anniversary of Madrid My Beat parties, which have been taken place in the Specka Club, in Madrid.

    It has been 8 years since the birth of the electro collective Beat Against The System Madrid (B.A.S. Madrid). The purpose was to invite electro maniacs from other galaxies to perform with their vocoders, machines, vinyls, MPCs, synthesizers and all the hardware they could fit in the spaceships.

    For the first time, 8 years ago, 2 great artists landed in planet BAS Madrid: Dynamik Bass System and DJ Xed.

    To celebrate this 8thAnniversary we have collaborate to the Spanish electro radio show ELEKTRODOS to organise together this electro gathering where we will have the visit of friends, mates that have supported us since the beginning of this project ready to make Madrid shake.

    From B.A.S. Madrid and ELEKTRODOS we want to thank all the support and we define it with one word: ELECTRO

    8º Anniversary of Madrid My Beat with ELEKTRODOS Radio - Specka

    N-Ter: Live: Crobot Crew: UK / Croacia

    The Zenobit3: Seti Recording: Drivecom: Madrid Special live 8º Anviersario Madrid My Beat

    Errorbeauty: Crobot Muzik: UK / Bulgaria: Dj Set

    Spy Dj: Electroclub: Barcelona: Dj Set

    BasMadrid Dj´s: Madrid My Beat: Dj Set

    Avd. General Perón 32 / Orense 26: Madrid
    2 drink x 12€ 23:00 – 01:00 : 10€+drink 02:00 - 06:00
    + info : and

    Next monday at 21 UTM +2 on Contacto Sinteico Radio. Interview to BLASTROMEN.

    ELEKTRODOS special BLASTROMEN in Aibar party, celebrated on 6th june 2015 in Navarra (iruña, Spain),where Blastromen and Korrupted Brothers did a LIVE and several DJs performed (Miss Elektra, Nitro, Jokinskywalker, Abuelo, Jordas, and Pandortek. With visuals from Satan flower.

    In the show we will have DJ Sets from Miss Elektra, Jordas, Abuelo, and Pandortek. With songs from Korrupted Brothers and BLASTROMEN.


    Check out our website, you will find all the info about our shows, times, dates, and links of soundcloud, hearthis, mixcloud, bandcamp or iTunes.

    We play on mondays 21 to 23h (GMT+1) on Contacto Sintetico (, on Intergalactic FM ( on wednesdays from 22 to 0h (GMT+1) and thursdays from 05 to 07h (GMT+1) and from 12 to 14 (GMT+1). Rest on the Net.

    New show of ELEKTRODOS, special show dedicated to Elektrodos the Compilation, celebrating our 100th show!!!


    1. Amper Clap – Message From Hell
    2. Ascension Électronique – Coming Into Being
    3. Binary Systems – Hydrochloride
    4. Cody Mat Commando – X-Ray Delta One
    5. Dark Vektor – Tensual
    6. Derfyl – My Evil Ways
    7. Franck Kartell – Hawaiian Airlines
    8. Gravedad Cinética – Virus
    9. Juan Del Rio – Synthetic Crossing
    10. LektroiD – Communication
    11. MIDI K84 – Tu Programa De Electro
    12. NEGOCIUS MAN – Bad Influencies
    13. Orko - The Mission Bass
    14. Robertiano Filigrano (OFFICIAL) – Electro Philosophy
    15. Silicon Scally – System Addict
    16. Tainted Cell – Data 300
    17. The Outsider – Hitcher
    18. The Zenobit3 aka Sumerian Slave – Hellseeker
    19. Diodes Vema-Roid – My Game
    20. Yoshihiro Hayashi – Sailing Stars

    ELEKTRODOS: The Compilation is a project born from the online radio show ELEKTRODOS, in which veterans electro artists are featured, as well as new up and coming producers. The show is a presentation platform for national and international electro artists and producers.

    With ELEKTRODOS: The Compilation, we want to go a step further. Celebrating our 100th show at the release date of this album, we want to expand our platform. The concept: a 20 track album of the best new and veteran electro produces. The result: this great selection of different individual styles of electro from these great and sometimes unknown artists, who selflessly contribute their work to produce this release which shows the breadth and wealth of electro and its underground community.

    ELEKTRODOS: The Compilation contains the following artists and tracks:

    1. Amper Clap – Message From Hell
    2. Ascensión Èlectronique – Coming Into Being
    3. Binary Systems – Hydrochloride
    4. Cody Commando – X-Ray Delta One
    5. Dark Vektor – Tensual
    6. Derfyl – My Evil Ways
    7. Franck Kartell – Hawaiian Airlines
    8. Gravedad Cinética – Virus
    9. Juan Del Rio – Synthetic Crossing
    10. Lektroid – Communication
    11. MIDI K84 – Tu Programa De Electro
    12. Negocius Man – Bad Influencies
    13. Orko - The Mission Bass
    14. Robertiano Filigrano – Electro Philosophy
    15. Silicon Scally – System Addict
    16. Tainted Cell – Data 300
    17. The Outsider – Hitcher
    18. The Zenobit3 – Hellseeker
    19. Vema & Diodes – My Game
    20. Yoshihiro Hayashi – Sailing Stars

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