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    i wouldn't have recognized it.
    you didn't bite it as blatantly as man parrish. :D

    I'm better than he is. :D

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    electroFUNK, i might add... if you think of the bassline & beat as the dominating elements. but whatever...

    what are the stone cold electro tracks you are referring to?

    "Release Yourself" by Aleem is what I thought I had bitten for the beat, but lately I have begun to doubt this. I have a clear recollection of realizing how dope "Release Yourself" was for the first time during the Fresh Fest, which of course was after "Jam On It", so the record I bit it for must have been on the Space Is The Place Album. I did bite "Release Yourself" for something though. Anyway, I now claim the "Jam On It" beat as totally mine! ;D And BTW, "Release Yourself" may have been Electro but we played it as a break beat.

    As for the bass line, I bit the bejeebers out of "Situation" by Yazoo. :D

    I had never even heard of Electro or Electrofunk until 1997 so I'll leave it up to you Brits to make the definitions. As far as I'm concerned my music has always been Hip-Hop.