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    How you called it? Funk, Boogie, Hip Hop or something else?

    We called a lot of our music Funk. Hip-Hop didn't exist as a music term yet. "Automan" was a New Wave track, but Jonathan Fearing took out all of the synth rock elements. Frankly, I never did care but so much for labels, and never really tried to fit our music into genres. We were making music that we liked that we figured would make people dance.

    However... "Jam On Revenge", "Jam On It", "Destination Earth", "I'm Not A Robot" were all mostly Funk inspired. "No More Runnin'" was more R&B inspired. "Automan" was atraight up New Wave, and "Computer Age" was probably the only track that could be called mostly Electro inspired, as I definitely borrowed plenty of ideas from "Numbers" for it.

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    yes, some tracks, but I don't heard all of it. You can made tracks in different style, like KW.

    Midnight Star - Engine No. 9 -- boogie/funk

    Newcleus-Destination Earth -- electro

    "Jam On Revenge" was as much a Funk jam as any Dam Funk track. "Destination Earth" too. :)

    That's Disco. 8)

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    Haha ... well Techno City doesn't have a funk beat but a 4/4 kick drum, so technically it wouldn't be electro.

    Hmmm... I guess it does, I remembered differently. Does have that triple kick on the 2nd bar, but yeah, basically a quarter note kick. I still say it's Electro as well though. :D

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    JA never call his music as electro by the way, and technoheads marked Cybotron as techno music. Also want to know what about "Techno city"? :)

    I never called my music Electro either. Never even heard of the term until 1997. People can mark my music as whatever they want. But as far as I'm concerned, "Techno City is as much Electro as my or Kraftwerk's music is. :cylon:

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    To lj: if electro exist as music style, it have defenition by default, like other music styles. It can't be something unknown like Cozmo D wrote: "Electronic dance music with a Funk beat rhythm with an emphasis on synthetic sounds." Electro haven't funk beat, it have electro beat! Dam-funk playing - "Electronic dance music with a Funk beat rhythm with an emphasis on synthetic sounds" - but it's not electro, it's just synthesizer funk with of course funk beat, because it's FUNK! Also i can hear any funk at music of Exzakt, Grow, Adapta etc. I can understand opinion of Cozmo D (why he think in this way), but don't yours. :-/

    Interesting point. Do you consider Newcleus Electro?

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    Disco also can be Electronic dance music with a Funk beat rhythm with an emphasis on synthetic sounds! ;) or you think that not?

    With a funk beat rhythm that is NOT based on a quarter note kick? No, that ain't Disco. :)

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    I was speaking about the "formula" though. If you define "Electro" by a few elements in such a narrow formula, then "Numbers" will be the earliest stop. Of course there will always be something that came before that...... and we all know it started in Afrika. :D

    Anyway, i think there will never be a consensus over all of this, its just too much of a mess. :ugly:

    But it's a fun mess though, and it has helped me to get through a rough period. :)

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    ;D It is about nothing, too general. And probably you don't hear about nu disco hype? :)

    Exactly! ALL 4/4 quarter kick beat Dance music made in the '70s was considered Disco! Every last bit of it! And yes, I know all about Nu Disco (you do know what I do for a living, right?), and the reason why they call it that is because they try to emulate the '70s feel. ;)

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    So house will be: Dance music based on a quarter beat kick drum rhythm, usually defined by the era in which it was created ('80s-90s-00s-10s)? :)

    House is basically Disco with a drum machine and a touch of Soul, though there are forms of House outside of that description. To define House is a little more complicated, but not Disco. If House, Trance, Electro House or Techno was released in the '70s it would have been considered Disco. ;)

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    When i say that isn't ???

    Matt said that it started with "Numbers". I still say that it started in the '60s. :)

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    Not one pattern, this is basis around which build all possible interpretation. What the different between funk rhythm puttern and electro, or they are the same for you?

    They CAN be the same, but I believe that even "Firecracker" (released here in the states as "Computer Games") is Electro and that has a half Disco beat. But like I have said all along, it's a European term, not an American one, so my say don't count for much.

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    OMG ;D I uderstood you. Please again, write here right/correct defenition of electro and disco!

    Electro: Electronic dance music with a Funk beat rhythm with an emphasis on synthetic sounds.

    Disco: Dance music based on a quarter beat kick drum rhythm, usually defined by the era in which it was created ('70s).

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    Why not ??? You understand that these tracks electro, so am i, enough to listening, so what's different between our point?

    I think that his point is that the beat on those jams is nothing like "Numbers".

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    Are TEE and Numbers so different?

    EXTREMELY!!! They are completely different! And as far as I am concerned they are both Electro (but what do I know?). That's why it is ridiculous to claim that Electro is built around the "Numbers" beat, or any other single beat for that matter. :)

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    TEE was it 77

    Oh, so TEE IS Electro now? You guys need to come to some kind of consensus! :D

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    "Numbers" is just for more characteristic example: "its syncopated rhythm is fundamentally built on the base model "kick-snare-kick-kick-snare-kick" whose typical example is the piece of Kraftwerk's "Numbers'''.

    Ridiculous! To say that an entire genre of music is based on one simple 1 bar drum pattern is utterly stupid (yes, I said it again). And what is more, THE DAMM THING EVEN HAS THE BEAT WRONG!. "Numbers" is a 2 bar pattern that goes "Kick-snare-kick-snare-kick-snare-kick-kick-snare. ;)

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    I'm understood, and I'm asked you to write not stupid characteristic of disco and electro.

    I didn't characterize Disco and Electro as stupid, I characterized the articles that you cut and pasted as stupid. And they ARE! Seriously, any dimwit can contribute to a wiki article, which is obviously what has happened in those 2 cases.

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    Why we would do this? Is this really hard to understand that musicians can produce different music styles in different periods? KW started with krautROCK, continued with experemental electronic known as Dusseldorf School of EM, turned to pop with synth pop & electro.

    Well, by the definition that you used Kraftwerk made very little Electro, and didn't make ANY until "Numbers". So we can't very well say that they are an Electro group, can we? BTW, I gather that you don't consider Yellow Magic Orchestra Electro either, because by your chronology they beat Kraftwerk by a good 3 years. Shit, I wrote "Computer Age" in 1981, maybe I invented Electro! :D

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    Please write not stupid.

    I didn't call YOU stupid, I called the definitions that you copied and pasted stupid. You didn't write them, did you? ???

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    Album - not, some tracks - yes.

    About disco from Wiki: "Musical influences include funk, Latin and soul music. The disco sound has soaring, often reverberated vocals over a steady "four-on-the-floor" beat, an eighth note (quaver) or 16th note (semi-quaver) hi-hat pattern with an open hi-hat on the off-beat, and a prominent, syncopated electric bass line sometimes consisting of octaves. The Fender Jazz Bass is often associated with disco bass lines, because the instrument itself has a very prominent "voice" in the musical mix. In most disco tracks, strings, horns, electric pianos, and electric guitars create a lush background sound. Orchestral instruments such as the flute are often used for solo melodies, and lead guitar is less frequently in disco than in rock. Many disco songs employ the use of electronic instruments such as synthesizers."

    So, we are even eliminating Kraftwerk from Electro now, unless they do the specific type of Electro that carries the EE seal of approval. OK. LOL!!!

    BTW... that Wiki description of Disco is almost as stupid as the description of Electro is! ;D

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    • Electro Funk= A style of Electro that is influenced by Hip-Hop, Funk and Soul.

    Throw Jazz in there as well and you have the best description of Newcleus that I have ever heard. :)

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    Absolutely :) Every style his own borders and specifics. For example: wheh Juan Atkins remove break from his music, it became techno, or KW don't use that specific rhythm pattern it's just synthy.

    So the Man Machine album is not Elactro then. So what is it, Disco? ???