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    Here's my review of this fantastic release!

    E.P.G - We Are Electro - Electro Empire EE-002
    Four months after the digital reissue of classic vinyl compilation “Theme Of Electro Empire” featuring reworks by Gab.Gato, Paul Blackford, Split DJ, Laite, DJ Wildthing, Polytron, and The Metric Brothers, E.P.G (for Electro Pulse Generators) adds his name to the list of talents published on Dominance Electricity’s sub-label. The British artist signs here his debut 12’’ and the 2nd installment of Electro Empire Records.
    Retro “We Are Electro”, available in both main and extended mixes, serves up an amazing tribute to the legacy of Electro pionneers Jonzun Cru, Egyptian Lover or Afrikaa Bambaataa just to name but a few.
    Turning into a proper old school electro funk affair, this timeless gem carries the original spirit of the “Back in the Dayz” sound mixing together cool scratches, vintage analog synth sequences, killer vocoder lyrics, heading melodies, classic samples and epic 808 beats reminding of Dynamik Bass System's seminal works. As the first dark notes drop, soulful "We Are Electro" will reveal all the potential of this instant classic Miami Bass jam. A real tour de force from the one and only E.P.G!
    Available through the Dominance Store "Save Our Sounds", and wherever you buy digital music, the 12", limited to 200 copies in metallic silver print comes within the great tradition of the 80’s and celebrates the essence of Electro Empire, not only a label but also the longest running portal for the international Electrofunk, Bass & Technobreaks music scene: to unite freaks worldwide around a musical passion since 1998! We Are Electro, We Are One!
    12’’ & Digital, electro

    And the French translation:

    E.P.G - We Are Electro - Electro Empire EE-002
    Quatre mois après la réédition digitale d'un classique vinyle du genre, la compilation "Theme Of Electro Empire" réunissant les remixes de
    Gab.Gato, Paul Blackford, Split DJ, Laite, DJ Wildthing, Polytron, et The Metric Brothers, E.P.G (pour Electro Pulse Generators) ajoute son nom à la liste déjà conséquente des talents publiés sur le sous-label de Dominance Electricity. L'artiste anglais signe ici son premier EP et la seconde sortie d'Electro Empire Records.
    Le rétro "We Are Electro", disponible en versions main et extended, rend un hommage appuyé à l'héritage laissé par les pionniers Jonzun Cru, Egyptian Lover ou Afrikaa Bambaataa pour n'en citer que quelques-uns.
    Mutant en une ode Electro funk old school, ce titre intemporel conserve l'esprit original du son de l'époque; il mélange avec habileté scratches frénétiques, séquences de synthés analogiques vintage, vocodeur imparable, mélodies entêtantes, samples de classiques pu encore beats issus de TR808 endiablée faisant échos aux travaux de Dynamik Bass System.
    Les premières notes révéleront tout le potentiel de "We Are Electro", un futur classique soûl aux tonalités Miami Bass. E.P.G réalise là un véritable tour de force.
    Disponible sur le store en ligne de Dominance "Save Our Sounds" et chez vos disquaires digitaux habituels, le maxi, limité dans sa version vinyle à 200 copies reconnaissables par leur macaron métallique, se situe dans la grande tradition electro des années 80 et souligne les fondements mêmes d'Electro Empire, non seulement un label mais également un portail international à la plus grande longévité dont la mission
    depuis 1998 est d'unir tous les freaks autour de la musique Electrofunk, Bass & Technobreaks !
    We Are Electro, We Are One!
    12’’ & Digital, electro

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    Old but still fresh review :)

    Umwelt - Planeta De Mujeres - New Flesh Records NF13

    Following his "Realité Virtuelle" digital release in September, New Flesh Records mastermind returns with a self-published 12" on his own imprint. Epic "Planeta De Mujeres EP" presents four gloomy electro mayhems in Umwelt's typical trademark. Unleashing the Bass like never before, the French electro artist serves up an uncompromising cocktail of evil industrial sororities energized by strong kicks and solid atmosphere, in the prolongation of his previous releases on labels such like Satamile, Drivecom and Kommando 6.

    Scary "Liaison Covalente" kicks the A side off with a heading theme over progressive melodies depicting some unhealthy outer space landscapes from where the menace came to Earth. Intricate arrangements melt with mind-blending arpeggio sequences turn the track into an enigmatic downtempo song full of synthetic majesty. This moody jam to make you feel uncomfortable is instantly followed by merciless "Magnitude Absolue". The genius combination of loopy FX, punishing drums, dancefloor rhythm and unforgettable SciFi synth laments will dive you into the darkness while astonishing hi-hats assault your mind. This is severe brain manipulation like aliens would act to control you. Ace!

    Cutting edge "Spiruline", on the flipside, keeps the pressure alive and offers some anthological moments: making their way through the track thanks to an intensely melodic programming, seductive synth strings injected with precision fuse together with warm and punchy bass tones to invite you in a circle. One of Umwelt's top five hits in my opinion since the beginning of his musical career started in 1997.

    Final cut "Objet Celeste" offers a magnificent conclusion and another adrenaline rush of Electrobotic Bass that progressively bring you into an apocalyptic world surrounded by infectious vibes and mind blowing modular distortions. Gloomy as hell with a deeper and despair approach than the previous tunes.

    Published in limited clear white transparent, this collectible 12'' (already sold out but still available digital format) illustrated by your truly in vintage B-movie style, is an unhealthy outing made of forward-thinking edits and ethereal arrangements around intriguing arps reminding of the sophisticated aesthetics of Umwelt's classic "Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation LP" on Satamile. Vital!

    12" & Digital, electro

    Here's my review, guys:

    Fleck E.S.C - Voodoo Modem EP - Anti Gravity Device AGD003
    Unless you spent the last twenty years of your life off the shoulder of Orion, without any connection to Earth, you might have already heard about another French activist going by the name of Franck Collin aka Fleck E.S.C. This prolific artist originally from France now living in Tokyo, Japan, has been seriously influenced by contemporary music, from New Wave to Techno passing through Ambient genre. His passion for Sci-Fi and B-movies naturally droves him to AE35's Anti Gravity Device imprint.

    With the "Voodoo Modem E.P.", Fleck E.S.C demonstrates his skill to provide horrific and futuristic electro through this crisp and refined three tracker. Bringing precise electro beats fused into discrete acid loops and intricate arpeggios with Japanese influences over a slow down rhythm, well cadenced "Voodoo Modem" introduces the digital release with a surprisingly synthetic yet dense sound.

    Classic and premium "Life Force", coming next, sounds like a trippy and introspective journey into the depths of your brain. Alienating synth layers leaded by textured modulations combine to dark and pounding beats while a groovy baseline broadcasts cerebral vibes. Ace!

    Fresh "Plate Fun" concludes the E.P. with cheap retro sounds, laser blasters and dark melodies to clean up your brain. A raw and typically groovy production, infected with warmth and emotion: the result of many years spent in the studio to refine Fleck E.S.C's musical style.

    Author of a vertiginous discography, having released so far six albums and more than a dozen of EP's on esteemed imprints such like Shameless Toady, Ukonx Recordings, Electrix Records, Binalog>>>Productions, Electro Avenue Records, Devine Disorder Records or Mars Frequency just to name but a few, Fleck E.S.C never stops and will appear within the next few days on Adam Grow's CHP Recordings! Meanwhile, rush on this release on AGD, you won't regret it!
    Digital, electro

    Here's my review guys:

    Blastromen - Reality Opens - Dominance Electricity
    Their cybernetic swimsuits and glasses a la X-Men probably help but the success of Blastromen definitively come from their music! We all still have in mind their first "Robot Aggression EP" in 2004 on Finnish label X0X Records, in a time they were quite unknown and invisible. Since then, Blastromen have gained a solid and deserved reputation worldwide and their notoriousness is not ready to disappear with the release of their second proper studio album on untouchable Dominance Electricity imprint.

    Direct follow up to the classic "Human Beyond LP" in 2010, their much anticipated long player "Reality Opens" confirms the outer-space duo supremacy to mix with genius retro music and advanced imagery, to fuse mighty sound and design aesthetics. The compositions featured there continue where their debut album left off, redefining Electro music, propelling the genre to the next level, and inscribing their influence to posterity.

    Collection of height relentless and synthetic songs, all rendered with a luxurious level of details, the new opus kicks off with the title track, an instrumental electro jewel characterized by 80's synthesizers, C64 tonalities, and impressive melodies giving the tone of the whole LP to come. No warm up. No soliloquy. Let's go straight into synths!

    The song’s opening rush obviously brings to mind "Human Beyond" track from their previous release, but then comes percussive "Vision Control". Alternating between melodic moments of pure anthology and cuts action, the jam signs a deeply emotive synths flight enhanced by punishing beats, boomin' Techno beats, enigmatic Kraftwerkish vocals, inspired arrangements, and suspenseful arpeggios over a fierce rhythm. These two first songs basically find Blastromen attempting with success to enroll in continuity of "Human Beyond LP" and return to their 80's roots.

    "Infiltrator Unit" instantly following offers a memorable mission behind the enemy lines to collect information through the most advanced communication system in order to prepare the final battle. SciFi effects, over-boosted rhythm, robotic vocals, complex orchestral programming and mind-bending sequencing come together to create a dense yet intricate future classic, to bring closer to "Battlenet".

    As we continue the discovery of the album, ethereal "Sidtroen" slows down the tempo to offer seven minuts of an authentic Carpenter tune made of rich synth layers, chiptune machines noises, propulsive pads and gentle arpeggios. While cinematic soundscapes rise up, the huge vocoder scanding "Sidtroen" penetrates insidiously your mind.

    From there, we’re suddenly slap bang in the middle of an epic space opera in an ultimate showdown between gigantic cruisers. The constructions of the songs are masterful, moving from lazy beats to orchestral crashes. The album becomes more intricate, gets edgy and darker, delivering a succession of unmistakable hits with sophisticated yet breathtaking arrangements, audacious synth waves and atmospheres, forward-thinking edits, haunting electro beats and cutting edge vocoderized lyrics depicting a visionary future through thematics such like technology and space: in short Blastromen's trademark.

    Modern and elegant "Sense Of Ears", the record’s literal centerpiece, packs in a six minuts deep-space journey grandiose organ chords constructions and massive electrifying drums, all in service of an emotionally powerful slaughter. It encapsulates what makes Blastromen being in such an advanced position: vintage synth pads played with uncanny precision while lyrics drop on point.

    Combination of elements mostly from EDM and early synthesizer music delivered in the kind of generous electro that Blastromen have perfected, nasty "Glacier Planet" and "Transportation Nonstop", my favorite, make a huge impression but are best understood as part of a broader whole. Both tracks function perfectly together, running fast to the album’s astonishing final “Lost Dissents”. Powered by a warm analogue pulse, distorted oscillations and inspired clubby bassline combine while a funky atmosphere settles down with a crescendo to quickly lead to a vocoder-ed vocal finish. Here's a frantic fusion of retro electro Funk sounds with Sci-Fi themes that sums up by itself Blastromen musical universe.

    Up to the quality of the previous album, conceptual "Reality Opens" appears as a real tour-de-force: in many ways, it increases the melancholic dystopian visions of their authors. It also demonstrates their technical superiority and untouchable skill behind the machines.

    Packaged in a beautifully and surrealistic cover designed by The Zonders (illustrators of their previous album "Human Beyond"), the album is available on all formats including double 12" black and Ltd. colored vinyl, digital as well as Digipak CD. A series of dancefloor slaughters to take the listener on an ultimate space trip, the record will remain a timeless take on electronic retrofuturism, something that built bridges between past present and future. 8 songs of pure synthetic majesty from the Finnish Electro lords that could have been easily use as the perfect movie soundtrack of Tron: legacy II. Massive!
    2x12", CD, Digital

    For those who missed the review, here it is:

    Supreme.ja - Basstronic - Supremeja Music [SM001]
    With "Basstronic", Gotthard "Bubi" Ortner (Subsonic Device, Devine Disorder Records, Cool F/X Records) puts a end to a musical silence of three years. Back to production in full effects, he returns today on his own label with a new single, completed with seven remixes from a plethora of renowned artists worldwide. The result is a heavy collection of height premium cuts with notable appearances from all around the planet to inaugurate Supremeja Music very first release!

    In overture of the digital pack, the title track serves up an adrenaline rush of Electro Bass tones with old schoolish flavors. To give you an idea, infectious vibes, subsonic bass, robotic lyrics and floating melodies will propel you in an disintegrated world inhabited by renegades fighting to survive against T2 machines.

    Rising talents Artificial Humans (Of The Mind Recordings, Zero One Music) reuse the main theme but add some synthetic twist to their rework, turning the track into a severe Techno Bass affair.

    Darxid's Breaksblast mix, coming next, picks up the pace of the original but moves it forward into sexy landscapes reminding of some of the tracks he dropped on his own Subsonic Device imprint. Pulsating bass line plus funky 80's electro touches combine to mute the jam into a successful retro piece full of hypnotic arpeggios. For Electro connoisseurs only!

    Though escaping from the musical carcan of the original, DJ Natural Nate's remix, instantly following, draws some components and structure from Supremeja's track to create a powerful cut ba(s)sed upon an over-compressed kick! Ace.

    Up on remix duty, Dynamik Bass System (Robotmachine, Dominance Electricity) signs here one of the best reworks, built upon high frequencies, hard beats, sharp drums and untouchable vocoder. Warm melodies from vintage synth strings gravitate around sub-sonic 808 rhythms, injecting a serious dose of testosterone on DBS version to cause severe damages on the dancefloor.

    After a genius intro, F8 hailing from Florida (Frajile Recordings USA) delivers with uncompromizing "Machine Kontrol RMX", a rich mixture of synths flights and energized drums, showing his skills to manipulate melodic effects with this mind bender remix!

    Faithful to the robotic aesthetic of the original while moving forward in a new direction, his compatriot Solartron (Genuine DJ Debbie D Records, Subcircuit Records) unleashes the Bass to revisit the song in a heavy electro style fueled with pounding beats, distorted lyrics, massive 808 programming alongside 4/4 elements.

    The final installment from Mike Devious (I.D.) serves up a broken down alternative version where industrial layers sorrows swirled in staggered drums and bulging bass, serving up another milestone of a remix.

    Each contributor on board this huge project has treated the main theme with a personal approach and catchy enough details to ensure you circles on the dance floor! Ranging from Miami Bass to Electrofunk and beyond, "Basstronic" serves up a great offering of perfectly balanced hits sure to please a wide audience. Must have!
    Digital, electro

    Tracklistings Mixtape #097 (2014.04.30) : Chris Nexus 6


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    Featuring Umwelt, Audraulic, Boris Divider, Bass Junkie, Code Rising, Franck Kartell, x2Proton, Prototype, Aux 88, Dynamik Bass System, Supreme Ja and many more.

    01. x2Proton - Neusis
    02. Audraulic - Interloper
    03. Franck Kartell - Atomic Shelter
    04. UMWELT - Liaison Covalente
    05. Adan & Ilse - Love Let M Know (Franck Kartell Remix)
    06. Boris Divider - Mikrowelt
    07. Lectromagnetique - No Body
    08. Jauzas the Shining - Cold Sweat (Erkman Remix)
    09. Tesla 286 - Radius
    10. Umwelt - Vent Solaire
    11. Ten Days (Sync 24 Remix)
    12. ueNN - Touch My Soul (Boris Divider Remix)
    13. ESS - Recall
    14. sync24 & Deixis - Ah Ah Ah (Marco Bernardi Remix)
    15. Dj Di'jital - I Dream Of Beats (Will Web Remix)
    16. Model Citizens - Drive
    17. Hydraulix - Black Rooms
    18. Evo & Exzakt - Darkside VIP
    19. F8 - Fuck The Neighbors
    20. Code Rising - Fall Out
    21. Code Rising - Destroy It
    22. Supreme Ja - Basstronic (Dynamik Bass System RMX)
    23. Prototype - Stimme Der Energie
    24. DynArec - Bonus Track 2 - Re-Automated (1.14)
    25. Aux 88 - If Am Was Fm
    26. Brice Kelly - Machine On Rails
    27. Boris Divider - Atractor

    Here's the review guys! :)

    Scape One - Planetoid - Brokntoys BT02
    Following Pip Williams' 12" titled "Mode#7" in October, Kurt Baggaley under his fame Scape One pseudo signs the second reference of the brand new and mysterious label Brokntoys. "Planetoid" offers an experience through the depth of the galaxy. The man with fifty releases since 2001 on labels such like Cultivated Electronics, AC Records, SCSI-AV or Drivecom, just to name but a few, keeps on entertaining us thanks to fresh ideas and audacious musical experiments: this is particularly obvious on this EP.

    It all starts with the title track, a 7' min ethereal affair leading the listener across an ocean of futuristic funk. Deep and dark at the same, this electro beauty delivers some nice melodies by the middle of the track over discrete yet percussive rhythm, attractive Sci-Fi tones and movie lyrics. The feverish minor 90's synth appears right away as Kurt's unmistakable trademark. You'll feel like traveling through a synthetic Milky Way. Perfect to play at 4am to relax the bodies on the dance floor after an evil set!

    "Europa's Secret" gem coming next serves up an instantly irresistible mayhem based upon tridimensional layers, nice programming, endless hooks mixed with melancholic pads and cosmic melodies. Great atmosphere, vibes and feelings emanate from this profound tune. The journey through space continues on the flip-side with minimalistic "Distinct Century", a careful kick drum driven piece characterized by classic funk strings over metallic drums and rich 808s that highlights the EP.

    The 12" closes up in the best way possible with final cut "Right Ascension", a teardrop tune made of discreet rolling pads and delicate yet sublime synth flights, with some analogue tones in the background. Limited to 200 copies, "Planetoid" comes out with screenprinted artwork, handstamped labels, and will not leave your flight case for a while.

    12", electro

    Here's the review of Franck Kartell's incredible album on Bass Agenda.

    Franck Kartell - Afterlife - Bass Agenda Recordings 06

    Returning to Bass Agenda Recordings after a remarkable contribution to the inaugural release "Bass Agenda Vol.1: The Fight Against The Mundan" in 2013, Franck Kartell proudly presents his debut album on 4th Genome's almighty imprint.

    Through his releases and appearances over the last few years on some of the best labels across the globe including Transient Force, New Flesh, Ukonx Recordings, or Romance Moderne, the French electro producer has forged his own musical identity and a solid reputation.

    This impressive album 100% reflects who is today Franck Kartell, both a sensitive machine and a fatalistic human being curious about life after death (a recurrent theme in most of his works since the beginning of his musical career back in 2005).

    Awesome "Afterlife" expands his concept more than never before with a depth of electronic collages to make his most cohesive outing to date, going straight to the roots of electro. Laying down into multiple electro sub genres (from German electro to Warpean Ambient, EBM, etc.), this mind-blowing opus offers an amazingly epic journey through synth explorations, bringing organic funkyness to the artist production.

    Exquisite "State Of Inconsciousness" introduces the CD with cosmic strings, crystal clear synths melodies, and soulful sequences over a beatless rhythm giving the note of a home-listening release that will apply more to your mind than your body. Timeless!

    Nuclear "Floating Through The Tunnel" coming next serves up a fascinating tribute to Kraftwerk, one of Franck's main influences. Combination of dark layers and attractive melodies, this downtempo tune is to bring closer to the Düsseldorf quatuor success "The Hall Of Mirrors" taken from their "Trans Europe Express" album published in 1977. Off the chain.

    "Near Death Experience" invites you to explore colorful and sublime landscapes visited till there only by a handful of humans. Here again, Kraftwerk sororities echo in an obvious way: this milestone of a progressive track featuring an array of electric tones evolves in the steps of "Radioactivity LP" with its orchestral synth laments. Top notch!

    If ambient "Brain Dead" instantly following offers a nightmarish interlude based upon an intricate and gloomy atmosphere, the title track "Afterlife" signs an electro instant classic built around noir yet moody strings. Untouchable!

    While winner "Palingenesis" turns into an ethereal affair thanks to genius programming, deep "Renaissance" delivers a dreamy analog piece full of emotion, sounding like a rising sun.

    Final track "Metempsychosis" masterly concludes the album with magnificent and relaxing pads, resurrecting the association of electro and ambient styles.

    Imperative collection of height standout tracks, some of them written two years ago, massive "Afterlife", less dancefloor than Franck's previous releases, is definitively here to stay for a while thanks to its high quality. Warning: must have!

    Ltd CD, electro

    Here's the review happy freaks!

    Ohverclock - Land Of The Fee, Home Of The Slave - CHP Recordings
    CHP inaugurates the genuinely refreshing debut album of Ohverclock! Six months after their first highly acclaimed (and free!) "Follow Know One" E.P., the duo comprised of infamous Adam "GROW" Wilson and half of Code Rising Ryan "Kounterakt" Phillips, has teamed up again to bring you this amazing brand new UFO!

    Known for their respective post-electro, nu-tech-industrial sound aesthetic, both artists have been involved with well-respected and baddest Electro labels such as CHP, Devine Disorder, Crobot Muzik or Monotone USA since their inception: today they prove once more that they have no rival when it comes to leading you into unsecured zones, and unhealthy territories! Nearly 60 minutes of pure Electro Bass noir cyborgy in the straight prolongation of Jackal & Hyde or Ghosts In The Machine's musical works, devastating "Land Of The Fee, Home Of The Slave" reveals an epic odyssey through industrial and syncopated genres, cooking all these ingredients together to serve up something very spicy.

    A collection of eleven majestic tunes sticked to the "Man + Machine" vision of Electro, the breathtaking CD kicks things off with insidious "Suggestions". A mash up of relentless drums, gloomy layers and scary vocals, reinforced by an intriguing production, this milestone of a track sets the tone of an opus showcasing Ohverclock's ambition to fill dancefloors in their own unique way. Such an impressive overture! The propulsive, spaced out tech-tronic blast of "Subdermal Surveillance", with additional production from Lethal Agent (Bass Frequency Productions, Dona-Li), signs a futuristic cut where Volsocish vocals merge with naughty distorted sounds over a heavily slick bassline. Play it loud!

    Things start to warm up on the twisted "H.O.T.S (Home Of The Slave)", a downtempo yet irresistible song made of industrial synths, devil lyrics a la NIN dealing with aliens and hypnotic layers. Bass is seeping over the track like a lava in fusion along the sides of a gigantic and awake volcano. Dark as hell! "Thrive" coming next turns into an Electrocore masterpiece in its own and typical signature. Combination of untouchable lyrics, powerful beats and insane programming, this jewel progressively takes control of your mind to invite you in a circle. Funky Electro Bass "All The Way Down" gathers all the components you would expect from a massive Miami anthem: female lyrics, frantic scratches parts, driving 808 and sporadic cut-up samples of old school classics ("Electric Kingdom" from Twilight 22 for instance). Ace! Slowing down the rhythm but increasing the temperature, deep "Colonization", instantly following, brings the musical purpose back into horrific references, taking the album to another direction and level.

    Based upon low frequencies and amazing Sci-Fi sequences, raw "We The Rockstarz", originally produced by GROW & BFX (Made From Concentrate, Crush), appears in a completely revisited version, sounding like a much anticipating affair where a massive vocoder makes its way through spooky synth flights. Propelled by a solid orchestration, surrounded by darkness, fueled with subversive tones, and lit up by some serious hydraulic Electro-Techno, this is no doubt one of the album's best tracks! While short "Novabrain" maintains the pressure with a sinister melody, nightmarish "Suffercate" delivers an oppressive hit made of delays and movie extracts: venomous, haunted and obscure. Another inescapable mayhem taken from the album! The duo flirts with a glitchy sound on percussive "Follow Know One 2.0", an unreleased edit where they manage to reinvent the original tune with dystopian and mechanical bass drops. Finally downtempo "Society Control" closes the long player with a menacing Sci-Fi jam full of cutting edge arpeggios, cinematic samples and mind-warping sound manipulations.

    If you are into Analog To Future and Kronos Device material, you really should hear this! Overall, evil "Land Of The Fee Home Of The Slave" appears as a perfectly orchestrated chaos, where Ohverclock brilliantly succeeds to inject soulful and warm tones into the coldness of their machines. A real tour de force in what will remain as a must have, and proper underground Electro album!…m_term=20130915

    For more exclusive reviews, please check Technobass website

    Here's the review guys. Btw happy new year all ;)

    Dynarec - Exomove EP (Elektronische Werke Part 1) - Solar One Music SOM026
    "Elektronische Werke" to succeed to "The Exaltics Meets..."? Introducing SOM's brand new series of EPs which will feature among others Q-Chip, Das Muster, Komarken Electronics and a lot of more, the Jena label returns with a full four tracker from the like of Chris Kalera aka Dynarec.

    Hailing from Strasburg, France, the founder of Vaporwave has been in the electro business for many years now. Author since 2003 of a solid discography including about ten EPs and as much contributions on labels such like Electrix Records, KONDI, Southern Outpost, Puzzlebox, and Delsin just to name but a few, the prolific Electro/Techno producer delivers here his debut 12" on Rob Witschakowski and Nico Jagiella's imprint.

    "All Automatic" opens the A side with Detroitish flavors. Similar to DeFeKT's productions, the track combines romantic voices to classy and melodic synth flights over discrete yet efficient modulations.

    Alienating song "Double Postpone", following instantly, signs a no mercy electro slaughter characterized by a schizophrenic baseline on speed, compressed distorsions, pounding 808 kicks with energetic 4/4 touches, and dark industrial strings. Luminous, dance floor and sinister at the same!

    On the flipside, back for more Detroit vibes with enigmatic title track "Exomove", a great Drexcyian inspired song merging pulsating chords to a bubbling theme. The track turns into an efficient electro jam built around, sharp programming, stripped down melodies and a funky minimal rhythm. Ace!

    Absolute climax of the EP, final cut "Water Meadow" ventures into deeper landscapes thanks to a raw synth line over stellar drums while subaquatic sounds progressively immerse the listener into a spacey lo-fi atmosphere.

    Limited to 250 copies, this much anticipating piece of electronic follows the musical steps of Dopplereffekt, Model 500, Dj Stingray and UR, definitively keeping alive the aesthetics of the Motor City. Deep techno/electro at its best. As the title implies, "Elektronische Werke" will focuse on musical experiments and if you're familiar with SOM, no need to tell you what to expect on the forthcoming releases! About Dynarec, he is expected soon on Bass Argenda Recordings.
    12" & digital, electro

    Here's the review, happy freaks :)

    AE35 - Underdrain EP - Tokyo Electro Beats Records TEBR-008
    Since his last "Electric Sunrise EP" on French seminal label Fdb Recordings back in 2007, AE35 was quite discrete on the electro scene, distilating rare and sparse tunes on Crobot Muzik or TEBR. Today the Japanese wizard returns on the label he manages with long time partners Ichiro Ijuin aka Baxim and Yoshihiro Hayashi to serve up the long awaited brand new release "Undertrain", containing two variations of a same track plus 12 bonus samples taken from the songs!

    Kicking of the digital pack with "Underdrain (Black)", the Tokyo based artist showcases his Detroit electro influences thanks to a frantic booty rhythm. Sounding like an energyzing affair, an immersive trip into Yosuke Ikeda's funky ghetto bass roots, the tune offers spicy drums over heading claps and loopy vocals while a severe rhythm takes hold of your body. Ace!

    "Underdrain (Red)" madness, immediately following, recycles the main theme of the previous track but this time, the tempo is fully electro with sharp yet distorted 808 style programming and bubbling sequences. Underpinned by a loud yet powerful bassline over aggressive drums and sexy female whispers, the robotic jam, reminding some of SEM or Sbassship works respectively on Electron Industries and Dominance Electricity, turns into an instant classic when a deep and synthetic electro melody appears in the middle of the track. Fantastic!

    The E.P. comes completed with a hot collection of 12 useful samples, from beats to strings passing through voices to be reused into remixes or to be played as loops in a mix. These are tracks and extracts that just can't be ignored. Massive!

    Digital, electro

    Enjoy! :)

    Record review | Sync 24 - Life Scenes EP - Electrix Records ELECTRIX003
    After Carl Finlow’s electro journey in May on the "Boot Loop EP" (ELECTRIX002), Billy Nasty's resurrected label welcomes another great artist from the UK scene, namely Phil Bolland.

    No need to introduce again this awesome producer, author in less than ten years of an essential discography on labels such like Touchin' Bass, Solar One Music, and Toytronic, without forgetting his own well-respected imprint Cultivated Electronics.

    Better known under his various Cultek, Signal Type and Sync 24 disguises, the Scand parties mastermind offers here a heavy four tracker delivery, building the pressure into heady 4/4 reminiscences. "Life Scenes" sees the London based artist embodying the dark and moody electro funk genre with forward motion.

    The EP hits hard with shards of metallic sounds, and intricate lazer stabs in particular on "This Life". Rough 808 drums and deep voices leaded by big synth layers over massive arpeggiator sequences introduce the A side to propel the listener into the depths of space, reminding a bit of Aux 88 style. Top notch!

    Retro "Night Scenes" instantly following keeps the pressure alive thanks to a solid melody and old schoolish tones turning the jam into an hypnotic mayhem.

    On the reverse, Jena based artist The Exaltics (Solar One Music, Abstract Acid, Creme Org, Bunker, TRUST) compliments "This Life" with a heavy yet complex techno bass remix. Based upon a raw bass-line and enhanced by undergroung touches, the cut adds more Detroit vibes and tension while focusing on the overall original theme. Off the chain!

    Legendary Carl Finlow (Warp, Trope, Soma, SCSI, Satamile) closes the B side with a groovy rework of "Night Scenes" where bubbling synth lines fuse with pure Sci-Fi touches. Ace!

    The digital release comes with an exclusive and evil bonus version of "This Life" by Fleck E.S.C (Ukonx, Transient Force). The French producer revisits the track injecting some gloomy and cheap sounds drawn from many of his influences including horror, science fiction and B-movies.

    Dwelling on the darker side of music, Sync 24 and his friends remain faithful nevertheless to the funky side of electro to get freaks to command the dance floor. Highly recommended!

    12” Vinyl & Digital, electro

    Vital release. Checkout the review hereunder:

    Das Muster - Durchleuchtung - Solar One Music ‎– SOM026

    After revisiting the Chicagoan roots of Acid House on Andreas Gehm's full length "Black Pukee" in August, Solar One Music returns with a vibrant ode to the sound of Detroit thanks to Das Muster.

    Mysterious Marcus Mumm is not a newcomer on the electro scene, having committed since 2011 two albums on AS1's Transient Force imprint as well as six self-published digital releases plus numerous collaborations on labels such like Solar One Music, Robotmachine Records, Bass Agenda Recordings and Black Leather Records.

    On generous "Durchleuchtung" containing no less than 12 instrumental tunes, the German artist serves up a sensitive music made of frozen synth lines over minimalistic rhythms. The title track in overture signs an unhealthy slaughter based upon an hypnotic theme. Tight MFB-522 drum work, intricate layers and Sci-Fi tonalities come together in this brilliant gem lead by attractive yet uncomfortable synth sequences. Ace!

    Refine mixture of duelling melodies over delays, "Observation" reveals an immoderate love for electro-acoustic manipulations and bleepy disturbances while "Schnittstelle" coming next delivers an introspective jam surrounded by raw industrial atmosphere. These sonic tunes never fail to spread emotion and make you wish to move like a robot on the dancefloor.

    Ethereal "Resistenz", "Die Erkenntnis", and "Testobjekt" instantly following offer a succession of analogue arpeggios and creepy sororities borrowing from Aux 88, Dopplereffekt, and Drexciya repertories.

    If epic "Ablenkung" shows no-mercy with its dry beats and spaced out rhythm, alienating "Verhaltensmuster", one of my favorites, distillates brainwashing synth lines & elementary melodies before "Auswirkungen" unlashes the tempo to darken the musical purpose.

    Robotic "Drahtzieher" and "Irritation" bring back noisy arrangements over class yet clinical strings.

    Finally deep "Das Höchste Gut" concludes the album on a smooth and superb mayhem where retro distortions combine with an uncompromising granular sound.

    Sometimes gloomy, often cold and enjoyable, this album from an inspired Das Muster is another essential addition to the SOM catalog! Available in extremely limited edition (only 99 CD's in 3 different cover versions only!) in a beautiful metal box.
    Ltd CD & Digital, electro

    Here's the review guys :)

    InHuman Designed - Ancient Evil E.P. - Access Tonal Communications ATC 015

    Six months after his highly recommended "Conversion EP" on Dynamix II Music / Fragile Recordings, Cory Hernandez aka DJ Proliferation, returns to Cardiff based label Access Tonal Communications to sign under his InHuman Designed artistic moniker another feverish release of his trademark.

    In the perfect prolongation of his latest outings on CHP Recordings, Divine Disorder Records or Mars Frequency Records, fresh "Ancient Evil" hits hard, offering the right amount of Bass testosterone and uncompromising Industrial Electro sound you would expect from the US artist. The digital pack opens with the title track, a damn loud Electrocore candy in Code Rising vein combining sharp programming, intelligent construction, merciless rhythm, hopeless Sci-Fi synth strings and cinematic lyrics ("The Artifact Must Be Destroyed").

    ID's sound is impressively textured with rich electric tones over tense atmospheres. Cory has always highlighted the black, shadowy side of the dancefloor, and this top notch cut is no different. The tune comes with four insane remixes: Franco D. and Richard Williamson of Freak Force Crew (Debonaire Records, Kaleidoscope Music Digital) turn the original into a dark, yet moody Miami Bass affair thanks to a punchy bassline that melts with deep melodies and heading lyrics. Ace! Ghostlight coming next goes on with a harder version in Cryotron devil style. Dealing with aliens, this mighty remix combines nasty 808 drums to dark industrial layers while insidious lyrics complete to frighten the listener. One of the EP climax!

    Hailing from Salt Lake City, US, Electro / Techno producer SIAK (Black Montanas, Black Leather Records) follows instantly to offer a groovy break. His brilliant downtempo rework merges up bubbling sounds and contemporary influences, introducing an exception to the harsh Electro rule of the pack. Finally, going back to the dancefloor, ACT mastermind The Hidden Persuader (Bass4Bots, Shameless Toady) concludes the EP with a futuristic reconstruction made of naughty sequences, and a haunting Miami Electro Bass rhythm in the background. Huge!

    Combination of styles from gloomy brooding beats to more compelling tempos, vital "Ancient Evil E.P." is part of 4 exciting outputs coming out from Access Tonal Communications soon. We already can't wait for the next releases! Get this September 13th, on Digital, wherever you buy music.

    Digital, electro

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    Crystal clear music, Sci-Fi sounds, digital bleeps, clinical yet catchy melodies, roaring silence and breaks, cutting edge beats... For those that appreciate electro with dastardly dark styles, the "Nemesis EP" from Plaster will not disappoint you, quite the contrary.

    Starting his musical career back in 2008, the Italian duo comprised of Gianclaudio Hashem Moniri and Giuseppe Carlini, has since released a good number of solid records on infamous and prestigious labels such as Stroboscopic Artefacts, Unoiki, and Kvitnu.

    Their brand new four tracker on Andreas Parker's Touchin' Bass imprint kicks off with "Walking On Deodron", an amazing piece of electro glitch. The track leaves no escape for the listeners because of its creepy pressure cleverly built on metallic tones over a groovy synth line that suits perfectly to Touchin' Bass artistic direction.

    Going deeper into the realm, electronica "Alight To The Earth" coming next sounds like another unforgettable moody track made of eerie tones and hypnotic sequences. There’s in some parts a subtly menacing edge to the futuristic soundscapes depicted in Plaster's music, this threat is particularly obvious on that track!

    On the flipside, "Signals From A Gold Sky" hypnotizes with its linear, deep and urban atmosphere that presages something even stronger.

    Finally, haunting "Reflex In The Gloom" concludes the 12" with crispy tones coupled with sparse futurist melodies over powerful 4/4 rhythm reminiscences. One of the EP's climax.

    Combining various styles, from downtempo beats to more compelling rhythms, dark "Nemesis" serves up an eclectic EP half way between electro and techno registers, playing on different emotions, tempos and registers. Ace! Watch out for the next Touchin' Bass, release (TB043: Present Tense), a promising double vinyl compilation of original tracks from worldwide regular signatures and new friends of the label.

    12" & Digital, electro /


    Andreas Gehm aka Elec Pt.1 - Black Pukee - Solar One Music SOM024 CD
    To be Acid or not to be. If your are one of those TB 303 addicts, prolific Andreas Gehm aka Elec Pt.1 (Abstract Acid, Creme Org., Mathematics) has cooked for you a refine and copious album full of those loops you enjoyed back in the early 90's. As a dignified heir of the Acid House pioneers Farley Jackmaster Funk, Frankie Knucles, Robert Owens, Tyree, Fast Eddie, Adonis or Jack Frost, the German producer has made his first musical steps in 2006 distilling his obsessive yet unique vintage style on labels such like Bunker, Snuff Trax and Panzerkreuz.

    Height months after the "The Exaltics Meets Elec Pt.1" release, the man from Cologne returns on SOM this time with a full length LP, half way between electro and techno, featuring twelve Acid House influenced tracks to be played on illegal parties. After a short overture scanning "Gehm Technique", "Black Pukee" propels the listener twenty years back, introducing with rollin "1000 Miles" a magnificent Hardfloor like track where twirls of TB combine to uncompromising underground 4/4 rhythm.

    "Shake your Acid" coming next serves up a wonderful Chicagoan cut straight from the late 80's enhanced with housey lyrics, old school touches and raw acid bass lines. Sexy Rave style "Xpress URself" sounds like another winner thanks to hot orgasms, heading claps and percussive sequences for the dancefloor. Instantly following is "The Fyrst Time ", a pure warehouse anthem made of a well cadenced bassline over looping vocals, reminding of Armando or Maurice. Wicked!

    Absolute killer "It Feels So" (released also on the highly recommended "SOM Compilation 5") revisits haunting Twin Peaks TV series theme to inject infamous sexy female vocals saying "It feels so good". Top notch! Emotional "I Don't Dare" and "The Road Not Taken" offer retro acid house tonalities from Chicago, merging TB 303 loops to TR 808 drums while lyrics invite you to jack your body on a circle. Sublime!

    If "Acid House Music" is to bring closer to Mike Dunn style thanks to its acidic yet untouchable melodies, electroisch "In My Dreams" and its orchestral atmosphere focuse on deeper sounds. Hypnotizing "Cologne Dayz" delivers a relentless hit full of percussive drums and groove. Finally, playing with words, funny "Gehm Over" (for Game Over), offers another demonstration of the German artist humour and mismatching.

    Andreas is not too serious except when it comes for music. Never parodying nor imitating his famous predecessors, he pursuits the musical work they created back in the days and makes it evolve like it should be, showing an unlimited respect and a vibrating tribute to Acid House music. An awesome opus from A to Z reminding of some Classic choons from 1988 to 1994! Hands in the air, we're definitively back in the 90's and not ready to leave this glorious era... old school moments that sign one of SOM best releases!

    2x12, Ltd CD, & Digital, electro

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    Here's my review guys :)

    CRZKNY - Nuclear / Atomic - Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings TEBR-006
    Tokyo Electro Beats Records returns with his 2nd full-length album, this time from the like of infamous CRZKNY (Dubliminal Bounce), exploring the darker side of human nature as he delivers his mind blowing Juke/footwork electro style in eleven anti-nuclear tunes.

    Succeeding to Noise&Noise, the Japan artist serves up a nasty opus where UK breakbeat and Detroit techno influences sweat through the keyboards of his instruments. In overture of "Nuclear / Atomic", post-apocalyptic "World" instantly immerses the listener into a bubbling chaos, a kind of Armageddon giving the tone of an album definitively not for the fainted hearts.

    Based upon a relentless robotic tempo, heading "Digital Nation Sound" merges emotive yet insane synth melodies to eerie frequencies.

    "Cold X" coming next delivers a metaphysical jam on a frantic experimental rhythm while "Hunter", with its ethereal Detroitish reminiscences, focuses on deeper tonalities.

    Back for more body action on the dancefloor with untouchable "Swagger", a crazy musical turbulence a la Aphex Twin that could easily be used as a movie soundtrack.

    Keeping the pressure alive, gloomy "System" combines industrial lines to killer and epileptic rhythm, some disturbing distortions appearing by the middle of the track. Ace!

    Brainwashing "Bio Combat" maintains the paranoia with hypnotic beats underpinning a series of spaced out melodies that gather intensity as the tune progresses.

    Well cadenced "Never End" contains intricate lyrics over loud subwoofers. Pieces like groovy "Electric Weapon" and distorted "Resistance" are set into emotion.

    Short final track "Enemy of me" mixes agonizing synth works to a refine electro - downtempo rhythm, depicting a disillusioned vision of the future. With "Nuclear / Atomic", CRZKNY escapes from the current trends in electro music thanks to an assemblage of abstract waves and synthetic collages comprised of intricate samples or despair beats.

    Collection of unusual and immersive tracks, this album represents a truly unique electronica offering a reference amongst the oceans of artists following this similar genre. The overall album is darkly beautiful, efficient and dancefloor at the same. Must have!

    Digital, experimental electro