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    Here's my review of this top notch release!

    MicroControlUnit - Kosmo Tanssi EP - Zero One Music 08
    Multiplying scores over the last few months thanks to the quality of their outings and artists featured on the label, Zero One Music is on the point to become one of the leading electro imprints at the moment. Following the critically acclaimed "Hi Tech Biochemical EP" by Circuitry Man in May, which stayed on top of the digital sales at Juno store for several weeks, Will Web and David Noller are proud to bring you the "Kosmo Tanssi EP" from Electro gift talent MicroControlUnit.

    Hailing from Belgium, Steven Taelman started his musical career back in 2009 and since then, his versatility, skill and references ranging from Bass Junkie to AS1, passing through Dynamix II, have brought him to sign on infamous labels Fundamental Bass Intelligence, Ukonx Recordings, Intellegenix and Battery Park Studio. I've been offered the opportunity to design the cover of his FBI Recordings release a couple years ago and it is with a great joy that I review today his new four tracker on the US structure.

    Kicking the digital release off with "Dimension 1", MCU gives the tone of a heavy Electro-Bass EP made of rich strings, classic beats, and fascinating melodies. After a smooth introduction over intricate tones, this futuristic cut progressively reveals its emotive potential bassed upon impressive synth programming, great percussive rhythm and organic melodies to tears you apart.

    Prime electro hit "When They Call" coming next is another milestone of a jam: a juxtaposition of hard electro beats, Rotherish touches, dense melodies, ferocious bass-heavy beats and sinister grooves, half way between the Electro Funk of Detroit style and the coldness of the Miami Techno Bass sound sometimes.

    Full of emotion "Solar Wind" serves up a wonderful cut where deep yet funky sequences merge with eerie vocals, all produced with uncanny precision and details.

    Finally the title track and standout cut on the EP in my opinion, out off this world "Kosmo Tanssi", demonstrates MCU's complete fascination for synthesizers, offering some suspenseful synth lines over dark and spacey atmosphere. Top notch all the more than this desperate tune evolves without beat for nearly 80% of its time!

    As usual on Zero One Music, the EP is completed with a series of reworks, no less than six here, from a solid cast of producers.

    Surrounded by gloomy atmosphere, insane Inhuman Designed's Pure Evil Mix of "Dimension 1" manages to catch the listener's attention on the dancefloor thanks to heavy bassline, creepy synth lines and cinematic lyrics while the Artificial Humans vs Gigabots version, instantly following, introduces some feverish effects sounding like the control panel in overture of the Alien movie.

    Leaving the original theme almost intact, yet introducing brand new melodies and sough after arrangements, Will Web turns "When They Call" into a spacey cover sublimated by heading beats and forward thinking harmonies. His "Call Coming In From Saturn Mix" precedes another insane interpretation with a Drexciyan feel of the same track from Detroit wizard DJ Di'jital.

    Finally Sean Deason brings two warm reworks, full of dark electro-bass beats, subtle keyboard programming and funky sequences enhanced with delays.

    If you are looking for rich synthesizer music with majestic compositions ranging from old school Electro Funk, to Detroit Techno Bass, this EP is definitively for you. Essential!
    Digital, electro

    Here's my review of this solid album!

    Music Cosmic - The Gamma Funk Accelerator - Not On Label
    Pseudos often help artists embrace new musical directions. This is the case for Scape One (AC Records, Cultivated Electronics, SCSI-AV). After exploring electronica register as Tau Sagittarii or flirting into the much advanced side of electro as Dr. Futurist, the UK wizard goes back to the roots with his brand new "Music Cosmic" alias and a self published free album.

    Generous "The Gamma Funk Accelerator" features a collection of 12 megamixed retrofuturistic space funk and electro boogie jams.

    Well cadenced "Moonbase Boogie" opens the digital opus with a solid piece of synthetic Funk surrounded by mid 80's samples and flavors.

    "Music Cosmic" coming next merges up alienating analog loops to a downtempo yet heading rhythm over old school lyrics.

    Abstract "Picture This" goes deeper into the resurrection of the past fusing nice retro tones with reverb to vintage synth flights while a classic sample of The Russell Brothers' make their way through this beautiful mash up.

    "At The Roxy" instantly following is another refine mayhem where juicy claps and powerful beats melt to bubbling distortions invite the listener into a circle.

    On short "Cloning Around", the Bognor based artist focuses almost exclusively on percussion with an esoteric approach and some Nice Kraftwerkian references in the background.

    While "Quad Tek" delivers an emotive tune mixing sought after synth flights to nostalgic samples (Unknown DJ's "808 Beats"), Warpean "Dr. Marvin's Pop-lock Experiment" serves up a funky easy listening EBM hit showcasing the artist incredible electro culture as he draws his inspiration from a variety of sources.

    Far more dancefloor friendly than the previous tracks on the album, "Let's Rock The.." rides a groove that combines the energy of German techno and the shuffle of Detroit electro.

    Never moving away from Scape One's singular signature, atmospheric "Pimp My Ufo" and the title track "The Gamma Funk Accelerator" combine eerie touches to mysterious synth lines.

    Finally deep "Moonbase Fusion" marks a break before "Cosmic Music" leads the album to a magisterial conclusion as a wall of bass slowly grinds to a climax.

    Super fresh "The Gamma Funk Accelerator" sounds like an unexpected yet brilliant collection of jams inspired from the 80's. We're far from the usual Sci-Fi imprint provided by the UK artist. With this self released album Kurt Baggaley uses the opportunity to mark a shift in his approach and manages to demonstrate another facet of his versatility. Highly recommended!
    Digital, electro

    Here's my review of The Exaltics album :)

    The Exaltics - Das Heise Experiment LP - Abstract Acid AACIDLP002
    Prolific The Exaltics (Last Known Trajectory, Bunker, Creme Organization) returns with his fourth album to date since the beginning of his musical career in 2006. Investing the London based Abstract Acid label, a subdivision of Abstract Forms where he committed last year an essential "Combined" split EP with Koova, the German producer shows once again he is always a guarantee for surprises.

    In the prolongation of his last "Freefall" opus on AS1's Transient Force imprint in 2010, "Das Heise Experiment" demonstrates the untouchable savoir-faire for drivin and subaquatic underground electro from the co-founder of established Solar One Music along with Nico Jagiella.

    The height tracker kicks off with stunning "Neun", a stripped down intro where trippy cosmic strings evolve above relentless heartbeats while a discrete yet efficient acidic loop coming from nowhere gives the tone of an album focused on TB 303 experiments and stellar remanences.

    This enigmatic song would perfectly suit to illustrate an encounter of a third kind! If "Zwoelf", coming next, offers atmospheric layers over a space shuffle, "Elf" signs an intricate jam made of anguish tones enhanced by a downtempo rhythm that will remind of some Johannes Heil tracks back in 1999 on Kanzleramt.

    "Dreizehn", following instantly, delivers a no mercy electro tune with relentless 4/4 touches, compressed sounds, dark melodic strings and almost all a schizoid 303 line. One of the album highlights, reminiscent of the mid 90's electro sound, to bring closer to Acid Junkies style on Djax Up Beats.

    Moody "Zehn" mutes into a deep EBM affair merging heading Warpean acid bubbles to a class synth: a great Drexcyian inspired tune with dreamy pads and pulsating chords!

    While "Acht" returns to the dancefloor with pounding 808 kicks and an old school 303 driven acid bass, nightmarish "Sieben" ventures into gloomy landscapes thanks to raw synth lines and lounge vibes.

    Final cut "Zweiundzwanzig" sounds like a beatless outro with its spacey lo-fi atmosphere and false ambient style that seems to presage something even darker and menacing.

    The CD version includes two wicked bonus, luminous "Siebenundzwanzig" and sinister "Vier".

    If you enjoyed The Exaltics "1000 Lights In The Sky" series on Bunker in 2010, this much anticipating piece of electronic is definitively for you, keeping alive the aesthetic of energetic noises from beyond which characterize Robert Witschakowski signature.

    More than one year in the making, the release presents another top-class musical design with a diverse spectrum of revolving electro sound worlds. Half way between a movie soundtrack and a fearsome dancefloor friendly opus with the most advanced sound: a kind of noir Sci-Fi film episode of The Exaltics domination on Earth. A quality album on a quality label!
    2x12" & CD, acid electro

    Circuitry Man - Hi Tech Biochemical EP - Zero One Music Zero1007
    Hot on the heels of Morphogenetic's essential "Techno Bass Is Back" outing, Zero One Music returns with another milestone of an EP from sizzling signature Alessandro Geo aka "Circuitry Man". Author of a solid discography under various disguises (including "The Shadow Of A Doubt", "Nova Express" and "Oscillator") on his own indie labels Geotronrecords, Camo Recordings and Great Casino, the cyber-electronic-mastermind has developed since the early 90's a very personal sound made of ethereal yet attractive melodies with just the right amount of energy to fire a dance floor.

    Here, on Will Web and David Noller's imprint, the Italian artist brilliantly draws some nice influential and inspiring electronic sound-scapes, venturing from artificial landscapes to an alien system of Morphs. Like an episode from the Twilight Zone, his "Hi Tech Biochemical EP" takes you on a mind-blowing odyssey into the future.

    Crisp "First Aid" introduces the digital pack with a Sci-Fi anthem based upon paranoid tones, bubbling programming, trancey flights and robotic voices. Ace! "Deep Down" coming next offers some nice retro synths sequences a la Vangelis over a notable Kraftwerkian melody. Getting harder and stronger as your prospective journey progresses, the EP serves up with conscious "The World" a deep tune where Speak'n'spell lyrics combine with gloomy layers. Top notch! In the end, electrifying "We Are Some Bizzare" is to bring closer to Illektrolab's style thanks to a classic architecture enhanced by movies samples. Epic!

    Unlike the previous EP from Morphogenetic, "Hi Tech Biochemical EP" is completed by a bunch of incredible reworks of "First Aid", featuring DJ Di'jital (Direct Beat, Underground Resistance, Metroplex), Dominik van Reich (alias amGod: Alfa Matrix), Peter Green (Rephlex) and Will Web (Direct Beat, Astralwerks, Zero One Music). Grad A in particular to the Peter Green's second "Thirst Ayd Remix" that turns into an impressive orchestral cover with violins!

    Luckily, "Hi Tech Biochemical EP" is one of the most enjoyable releases this year to play on any sound system, leaving an impress of pure satisfaction during your teleportation. Must have!

    Digital, electro



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    Here's the review I wrote:

    Noise&Noise - Supernova LP - Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings TEBR-005

    It seems like TEBR is getting into its stride with an outings rhythm of one release per month. Following Yoshihiro Hayashi's EP in april, Chinese wizard Noise&Noise signs his inaugural album on the Japanese electro imprint. This prolific artist hailing from Beijing is not a newcomer on the electro scene, having already published numerous albums between the years 2011-2012 including “Technology and Civilization” on US Transient Force, or "Civilization" & "Square Kilometre Array" on french label Antizero.

    Dancefloor friendly yet experimental, the eight tracks of his brand new "Supernova" opus venture into apocalyptic lands, combining industrial synthesizers, evil sonorities and wild beats. Influences of Zhang Hue Feng come from the Detroit area (from Dopplereffekt to Arpanet, passing through Drexciya), but his dark style, made of cold melodies and clinic distortions, remains personal, pushing the boundaries of an often too rigid genre.

    Filled with retrofuturism, the album merges horrorific tones to unhealthy atmosphere comprise of paranoiac and psychotic components to bring closer to Bulgarian Petar Tassev aka Manasyt's style (Touchin'Bass, Roulette Rekordz, Bunker) if you know what I mean. Although the energetic cuts might sound freestyle, "Supernova" appears as an intricate star with very structured architecture.

    If luminous yet powerful "Supernova 1" to "Supernova 4" are focused on the dance-floor, the other tunes reveal a successful experi-mental approach feed with deeper electronica flavors, shuffling a driving shock wave after a stellar Supernova explosion in space.

    Causing a burst of radiation that will no doubt outshines the entire electro galaxy thanks to sparse electro funky touchs over metallic hammering and harsh beats, this serious and inspiring album will guaranty circles on the dancefloor. Another surprising and essential release from the TEBR camp!

    Digital, experimental electro

    Exclusive review for Network Technobass

    The 15 Dead Minutes – Scheming Things EP - Trensmat Records TR035

    The long awaited "Scheming Things EP", on Irish label Trensmat, celebrates the inaugural production of Paul "Dr. Skunkenstein" Mayhem (Electro Avenue Records), David "Heuristic Audio" Froud (Satamile, Cultivated Electronics), and David "Delinquent Dialect" Campbell (Templedog). Together, these famous UK producers, who already committed various solo EPs and LPs on their own side over the last ten years, have teamed up to bring you the special, "The 15 Dead Minutes" project.

    Focused on acid and industrial Electro, T15DM introduces today their first official four tracker vinyl. Matchless "The Runaway" opens this heavy 12" with a rough, yet drivin' bassline, enhanced with Chicagoan drums, untouchable 303 loops, and a dark spacey atmosphere. The acidic signature of Delinquent Dialect is particularly strong and obvious on this experimental mayhem...Off the chain! "Children of the 303" completes the A side with a compressed kick, reinforced with bubbling distortions, sharp snares, and sarcastic child laughs bringing you back to the early 90's during the glorious days of Rave music!!

    On the reverse, complex "Fibril" appears as a timeless cut, based upon vicious TB disturbances over sinister melodies, reminding of I-F's works as Beverly Hills 808303 on the Drop Bass Network label. This deep and gloomy jam wears the characterized musical trademark of Heuristic Audio. Ace! Finally, apocalyptic "Internal Dialogue", keeping on the same line, closes up the record with a merciless acid theme, mixed up with tripped-out sound waves, evil arpeggios, and tense syncopated rhythms in the background.

    The digital release features two bonus tracks given out as MP3s to those who pre-ordered the record: the highly anticipated "MacReadys Tape"; a brutal combination of Hardcore and SciFi tonalities, and conscious "Mass", another sublime piece of Electro, where eerie touches fuse with intricate layers. Dancefloor friendly and definitely not for the faint of heart. The very limited "Scheming Things EP" is a must have!

    12'', electro

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    Out today!!! You can vote for your favorite track to appear on a forthcoming wax here

    Exclusive review for Network Technobass

    Debonaire - The Six Dollar Man - Debonaire Records, Inc
    The long awaited follow up to "Execute: Self Extraction"! Three years after his mighty opus, the U.S. producer has returned into the trenches to deliver a fresh and imaginative album for 2013. As a label owner who celebrates 26 years of his recognized and respected Debonaire Records, Inc., Claudio Barrella knows exactly the formula, and how to rock the crowds at clubs.

    Inspired by his collectable toys arsenal, the new "The Six Dollar Man" release, by the infamous Miami based artist applies his unique savoir-faire into 12 untouchable tracks, putting together all the music components to fire the dancefloor, and invite you on a no-return trip through uncompromising music. Surrounded by old school flavored Electro Funk, this collection of next-level material brings massive beats under the strobe light throughout, injecting some serious 70's-80's era bits and pieces, impeccable samples, untouchable 808 programming, and intense cyber vocals. In overture of the digital pack, the title track "The Six Dollar Man" serves up an impressive piece of funk, giving a funny wink to Steve Austin thanks to excerpts taken from the cult "The Six Million Dollar Man" 70's TV series. For connoisseurs only!

    While "My Interpreter" presents a retro, yet powerful tune augmented with Chiptune C64/Commodore sounds, relentless vocoder and samples from the Kraftwerk repertory, the mechanical offensive of "My Mind Is Going" provides a pure instant classic; a combination of powerful basslines, impossible to forget melodies, and HAL 9000. This co-production with Italy's Iceone is one of the catchiest and infectious tunes on the album, and probably my favorite; although the choice was difficult. Top notch!

    "The Six Dollar Man" opus could have been called "Debonaire & Friends" as it features collaborative works from seven close renowned Electro Funk talents, including German Funkmaster Ozone (Da Source Records). On the West Coast style breakdance Electro Funk "Bounce Rock", Claudio and the City Beat Records signature walk into the boogie steps of Parliament & Funkadelic, when the P-Funk surfaced forty years ago! This ace tune is swiftly followed by a mega-remix of "Digital Stalker" by Spanish wizard Dark Vektor (Dona-Li, FBI Recordings, Drivecom, Fdb Recordings). On subtle "Counterfeit Stacks", CeeOnic along with co-pilot Debonaire, introduces a groove based upon sexy vintage synth strings, and clever Hip-Hop lingo, echoing the "Back 2 Bassix EP" published a few years ago on the same imprint.

    Coming next is "OCD", a psycho-mental exercise from Debonaire, where the Beat Technician unleashes the bass like never before, while interlocking styles from California to Detroit in a thunderous way. The vocoding is extreme on "Boom Room", a merciless platter featuring iconic Maggotron (Jamarc Records, Debonaire Records, Atlantic, Pandisc) characterized by feverish 808 action, Electro Bass beats, and old schoolish samples as well as signature "Maggotronic" voices. With both artists, you cannot compete, this timeless tune is definitively here to demonstrate who's boss! Croatia's N-ter (Crobot Muzik, Twilight 76 Records) remix of "Bitch Get Off My Myspace" delivers another milestone of dark synth machinery, enhanced with tense sequences, awesome breaks, and naughty arpeggios.

    Debonaire's street cred "Down By Law" turns into an instant mayhem crafted from freestylish drums, spicy congas, heading guitar riffs, classic Hip-Hop references, and impressive scratch parts. Aiming at you like a Desert Eagle .50, brilliant "Parabellum To Your Cranium", written with DJ Sonic (Subsonic Device), injects a serious dose of aggressive energy. Another winner. And lastly one of numerous highlights from the album is an instrumental reprise "Six Dollar Bonus Beats".

    To conclude, "The Six Dollar Man" is a cutting-edge manifestation of Electro Funk and Bass from one of the Miami Bass pioneers. Iron clad crystal clear sound, vocoder robot lyrics, Sci-Fi tones with nostalgic reminiscences, and of course those sub-sonic 808 rhythms, make this a certifiable masterpiece that must be experienced and more than merely listened to. 10 original cuts plus 2 remixes generated by a melting pot of 808, 909 and MPC that compliment each other brilliantly. Remarkable graphic artwork was done by freaks Dave TMS and Brian Newsome. Guaranteed greatness and full tilt satisfaction for Electro Breaks and Miami Bass enthusiasts. Vital!
    Digital & 12'', electro

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    Exclusive review for Network Technobass:

    Morphogenetic - Techno Bass Is Back EP - Zero One Music vs Zero1006

    Techno Bass is revamped! Zero One Music, in association with, returns with a wide array of Techno Bass mixes on this powerful digital release. Paying tribute to the origins of Techno Bass from Miami to Detroit, long awaited "Techno Bass Is Back" introduces an unreleased track by Morphogenetic, completed with five untouchable Electro Bass reworks from the like of Dynamix II, Maggotron, DJ Q-Bert, Will Web, Sbles3plex, DJ XED and DJ Di’jital.

    Author of numerous remixes for heavyweight producers including Grow, Supreme-Ja., Umwelt, Mandroid, & Darxid just to name a few, here comes Santino Fernandez's turn to be revisited by some of the Electro scene's biggest signatures. A deserved consecration for the founder of Fundamental Bass Intelligence label back in 2004, and a fair reward after hours spent in the studio since 2003, working as Morphogenetic on labels such like Dona-Li Records, Subsonic Device, Twilight 76, Battery Park Studio, Crobot Muzik, Binalog Productions, and New Flesh Records, or as Ascension Électronique, his other moniker, on his highly recommended "Harmonic Defiance" album published early this year.

    A natural born raver and versatile DJ, Morphogenetic, co-founder along with his wife Starrie Williamson aka Selekta Stjarna, of, a community website to promote the style of Techno Bass created by Dynamix II and Aux 88, recorded "Techno Bass Is Back" a couple of years ago as a free gift to members who signed up to the site. Naturally, the title track "Techno Bass Is Back" opens the digital pack with Morphogenetic's original atmosphere made of emotive layers, merged with dark synth flights, 80's rhythms, powerful kick, and heading the lyrics "Techno Bass...Techno Bass Is Back!".

    This ace tune, one of many Morphogenetic classics, is swiftly followed by a heavy version from the like of legendary Dynamix II (Dynamix II, Rephlex, Joey Boy). Featuring Miami Bass pioneer Maggotron (Jamarc Records, Debonaire Records, Atlantic, Pandisc), and legendary DJ Q-Bert (Spinternal Organs, Elektro Aktive Music), Scratch D's remix is taking over the channel, going deeper into the realm thanks to mind blowing samples borrowed from DII's cult-classic "Techno Bass" hit, overwhelming beats, nasty Maggotron lyrics, and evil scratch sequences. This instant classic jam rocks hard as hell, and is an incredible payback to Morphogenetic's dedication to the music!

    Coming next is Will Web's relentless Zero One Interpretation. The Techno Bass veteran, associated with the Detroit scene (Direct Beat, Astralwerks), has been busy producing a 100% pure Electro Bass slaughter, bringing you a completely catchy remix where bubbling tones fuse with trancey strings. Another winner! Up next, Croatian DJ Xed's (Crobot Muzik, Twilight 76 Records) version combines elements mostly from Electro Funk, EDM, Techno, and early synthesizer music. The song theme is futuristic with dystopian views and spacey tones...Brilliant!

    Freshly resurrected from the past, Sbles3plex (Djax-Up-Beats, FBI Recordings), the other side project of Spanish Electro wizard Dark Vektor, continues the same line adding to the track, a meticulously complex structure with thematic vocoded vocals, deep melodies and beautiful moody synth strings. Wicked! Finally, the release closes up with DJ Di'jital's re-visitation. Influences of Detroit sounds, particularly obvious on this top notch track, characterized by the use of minimalistic tones in Aux 88 style over driving 808, hypnotic drums and old school flavored hi hats.

    Some records get a lukewarm welcome when they're out. Thanks God, this is not the case for the "Techno Bass Is Back EP", as it appeared as number 1 on Juno's ( bestseller list the first day of its release. Now you know what to do if you don't own it yet. A must have!

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    InHuman Designed - The Conversion EP - Dynamix II Music / Fragile Recordings
    After notable excursions on underground electro imprints such as Access Tonal Communication, Divine Disorder Records, CHP Recordings and Mars Frequency Records, rare yet talented InHuman Designed resurfaces this time on another milestone of a label, namely Frajile Recordings, to deliver a stealthy blow of a digital pack.

    With "The Conversion", following the "Ashes To Stardust" tune on highly recommended "Into The Stars - A Tribute To Dialect" compilation, Cory Hernandez also known as Dj Proliferation keeps on exploring Industrial Electrobass sound, his predilection style. His track is one of those that leave no escape for the listener because of its tense atmosphere made of rich synthesizer programming, insane sequencing, intricate strings mechanic 808 action and scary cinematic lyrics ("Where does he come from? Who are his People? These are the things i need to know") to ignite the dancefloor! Play it loud!

    Frajile Recordings signature Brice Kelly comes next to turn the original into a remodeled Rotherish affair thanks to punchy bassline, sharp melodies, crispy production, and classic spacey electro layers.

    Florida based duo Phonotronix formed by Illektriss and J-Tronik (Bass Frequency Productions, CHP Recordings, Black Magic Records) goes on with an ace conversion, adding to the main theme a personal vision enhanced by pulsating bass and schizoid flights. This gloomy version amazes thanks to an infectious industrial tone throughout that seems to presage something even stronger!

    Finally, going deeper into the realm, James Wolfe & David Noller aka Scratch-D of legendary "Dynamix II" under their Techtonic Plates moniker (Frajile Recordings, Zero One Music) offer a very naughty remix, probably the best of the pack, immersing the listener into Sci-fi landscapes surrounded by nasty robotic machines. The tone is instantly given as a mighty vocoder introduces the jam ("The converter, the conversion, I am your leader, Mechanoid"), immediately revamped by grafts of melodic synths and stunning Miami electro bass rhythm. Huge!

    With "The Conversion EP", Dynamix II Music & Fragile Recordings have joined forces to sign a remarkable come back into the musical biz. Cory's track was so rich that it inspired brilliantly the three others reworks. Essential!
    Digital, electro


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    V/A - Into the Stars - A Tribute to Dialect
    Demetrius Dialect Austin was only 29 when he passed away on December the 27th. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to meet him or talk to him but according to the pain and love posts on social networks from his family and persons he admired the most such as Bass Junkie or James Wolfe just to name a few, there's no doubt he was an awesome man.

    To accompany him on his last trip and celebrate his memory, Cory "Proliferation" Hernandez aka Inhuman Designed (Mars Frequency Records, CHP Recordings, Access Tonal Communications) has gathered together this very special album, featuring 15 tracks from some of Demetrius favorites electro artists and friends.

    The digital pack comes around with prestigious high quality contributions from Inhuman Designed himself, Diamondback Kid (Diamondback Recordings), Grow (CHP Recordings), Dwellz (Devine Disorder Records), Milky (The Lost Art), Shadowbunny (Black Magic Records), Binalog Freq (Binalog Frequency), The Bayou Bros (Reach Records), Prizm (Millenium Recordings), DJ JC (The Lost Art), Evil King Nasty (The Lost Art), Natural Nate (Battery Park Studio), Mike Devious (The Lost Art), Kidd Love (), and Element Z (Element Z Productions).

    "Into the Stars - A Tribute to Dialect" offers an epic collection of pure Sci Fi music filled with evil bass, nasty 808 drums, dense reverbs, beautiful analogue flights, emotional moments & devastating synthesis.

    Though the numerous jams deliver several different styles and tempos, the unifying theme for this release is dark electro conjuring imagery of gigantic machines slowly lifting off from Earth for a no return voyage into the depths of space. Alternating between moody pieces ("Remnants", "Ashes To Stardust", "How The Beat Goes (One For My Homie Mix)"), dancefloor slaughters ("Time To Rise", "Friendship", "Mind Expansion", "4 My Hommiez", "Are You Ready", "Planetary Rockin' Systems", "Beyond This Planet"), synthetic experiments ("Combined Effects", "As They Ride") and emotional transmissions ("Lost", "A New Dimension", "Butterfly Defect"), the album could have been easily used as the soundtrack of a science-fiction blockbuster movie.

    This is a compilation for remembering how good and loving Demetrius was, but not only, as it states the current sound of Electro & Breakbeat and let's foresee the talent of a new generation of artists who are knocking at the doors of both genres.

    All proceeds from this digital release available for the low price of $10.00 will be used for Dialect funeral costs. Thank you to all artist involved into this project that have donated their time and music in order to show lovely support. RIP Demetrius, we lost one of us. I'm sure wherever you are right now, as a key member of the, you're currently listening and jumpin' to the compilation with proudness cause you were a Bass addict and the album is nothing sort of you. Our thoughts go to your family.
    Digital, electro

    Mantra - Many Worlds (The Crystal Issue - Cycle 3) - Solar One Music SOM/CIC03
    Yorkshire, England, based operator, Mantra (Bunker, Creme, Abstract Acid) makes a remarkable entry SOM's artists roster as he inaugurates this month a brand new series of releases called "The Crystal Issue" on the German imprint. As the label is not restricted to electro nor impervious to other genres of electronic music, "The Crystal Issue" will be dedicated to early Acid, Techno and House from Chicago and Detroit as these styles played a main influence on SOM sound.

    With "Many Worlds", Mantra delivers here two wicked cuts straight from 1988 as if a time machine has brought us back to the glorious days of acid house! In overture of the EP, dark "Beat The House" serves up a slammin' cut made of relentless claps over a sexy yet sharped 303 line to bring closer to DJ International or Trax classics.

    Finally moody "Many Worlds" closes the EP with filthy acid sounds and slung bass lines taking you way way back in a era we were jackin the house.

    Perfect for warehouses and connoisseurs! "Many Worlds (The Crystal Issue - Cycle 3)" comes on orange marbled one sided vinyl in limited edition. No digital outing available! Next artist expected is Perseus Traxx!
    One sided Ltd 12", acid house


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    After 7 years of an untenable black out, Japan premium electro label Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings has resurrected to deliver the long awaited third volume of their "Tokyo Electro Beat Box" compilation series! As usual, you'll find here the finest beats and basslines straight from the land of the rising sun. Contrary to the previous releases, this new one only comes in digital format, featuring some of the Collective best representatives.

    In overture of the pack, Electro Bass DJ & producer Yosuke Ikeda aka AE35 (Fdb Recordings, Crobot Muzik) signs a mechanic "Beep Loud", a banging yet never aggressive cut demonstrating an immoderate taste for dancefloor electrobotic beats and justifying why his massive new school style is highly regarded both at home and abroad. Groovy as hell!

    Coming next is "Colder" from TEBR regular signature Space Thunder X, a melodic piece of electro combining deep layers, hypnotic pads and feverish bassline. Brilliant.

    Japan new electro hero Ichiro Ijuin aka Baxim (MHB) serves up with "Laughing Man" a heavy Miami Electro Bass killer tune where frantic scratches sequences have been merged to hot samples taken from Cybotron's "Clear" or Dynamix II classic "Feel The Bass" just to name a few. Ace!

    Finally, another famous TEBR member, Yoshihiro Hayashi, returns with violent "The Arousal Phase", developing some noir downtempo and industrial distortions over a powerful kick.

    This must have outing is a true surprise as we weren't expecting it from the TEBR camp. Warning: REAL ELECTRO inside, not for the fainted hearts!
    Digital pack, electro

    Year 2013 starts well for Mattew Flanagan aka DeFeKT! Following his latest appearance on Shameless Toady, the Irish talent (Takeover Recordings, Solar One Music) invests the brand new techno/electro orientated label Signal Code, based in Dublin.

    In overture of the four tracker, "Switch" offers a deep journey into moody Detroitish electro. Fusion of spacey and chill-out strings, much anticipated sounds and urban tonalities that perfectly fit together, this refine cut serves up some nice stripped down waves from the Motor City. Ace!

    While "Sunseq", a track with its own identity, signs an instant classic based upon a solid bassline, emotional layers and a heading atmosphere, filtered "Bring Back CV", on the flipside, delivers hypnotic clear synths flights completed with nice distorted melodies that turn a little bit darker at the end of the track.

    Finally, analogical "Trigger In" ends up this mind blowing EP with a cutting edge and granulated approach over eerie strings. Massive! No doubt one of DeFeKT's best modular EP so far. Perfect for dark basements and warehouses.
    12" & Digital, electro


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    Coming soon! Brilliant release :)

    V/A - World Electronix Volume 2 – Cultivated Electronics CE012 LTD
    Here's the second installment in the "World Electronix" series from the mighty label Cultivated Electronics. Unlike the previous release, this new limited chapter brings four electro signatures under the spotlights, starting off with excellent The Exaltics (Solar One Music, Bunker).

    Opening the A side with the hard acidic "Ten Days", the German artist gives the tone of the whole EP. Relentless beats, dark melodies, fierce and tense 303 sequences turn the track into an instant dance floor standard.

    "Where This" from CE label honcho Phil Bolland aka Sync 24 (Touchin'Bass, SOM) keeps on the same register offering a solid piece of synthetic electro funk surrounded with classic acid lines, heavy bass drums, dramatic loops with groovy programming and bleepy moments. Off the chain as usual!

    Sync 24 returns on the flip side along with Abstract Forms mastermind Deixis. Together, they deliver with the insane "Who Knows" another dark electro beast based upon a merciless kick, and some nasty bubbling flights over sharped drums. Ace!

    To conclude, half of Finnish Morphology duo Michael Deikmann aka CRC serves up the epic "Holographic Memories", a combination of hypnotic Sci Fi touches melt with hot acidic tones and dark paranoid strings.

    Although the main theme of the EP is acid music, the four tracks sound completely different and will fit to every taste. Third volume of the series will feature tracks from JTC, Gosub, Sync 24 & DeFeKT and Versalife. To be expected this Spring/Summer. Awaiting for the last chapter, rush on this one, you won't be sorry!
    12” Vinyl/Digital,
    Electro, acid


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    Not sure if anybody talked about it here but what a crazy release.

    V/A - New Wave Of Miami Bass Vol.1 - Miami Bass History Multimedia Group MBH-V 001
    Back to the roots with the first ever Electro/Bass vinyl made in Brazil, one of the best electro outings in 2012! Aiming to expose the Miami Bass sound to a new generation of music lovers and become a premium source for new Bass music and talents, the long awaited Ltd debut release of MBH appears as a strong compilation of assorted electro enthusiasts including Tom Oliver feat. Maggotron, Baxim, Freak Force Crew and 25 Keyz.

    Hailing from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Clyeston de Oliveira aka Tom Oliver is not a newcomer to the syncopated scene, having collaborated over a decade with numerous Electro & Miami Bass artists such as famous Breezy Beat MC. DJ, label owner and Brazilian partner of the Miami Bass History Multimedia Group founded by none other than music historian authority PappaWheelie, he has teamed up here as a songwriter with one of his biggest influences & idols, Florida electrobass pioneer James McCauley under his legendary Maggotron pseudonym (Debonaire Records, Jamarc Records, nPandisc). Together, they inaugurate the A side of the 12" with "Brazilian Steps", a hardy piece of electro gathering all the components you would expect from a Miami Bass anthem signed by producers of such caliber: though snares and 808 drums, authentic electro funk, merciless vocodered lyrics plus samples from Afro-Rican. Ace!

    Japan rising activist Ichiro Ijuin aka Baxim comes next. The Tokyo Electro Beat Park member increases tension with "Boyz Get Bass", a hot and old school tribute to electro from the 80's merging frantic scratch sequences to countless samples and standard references (Dynamix II, Breezy Beat MC, Art Of Noise, etc.). Baxim knows the score no doubt!

    In overture of the flipside, Atlanta duo the Freak Force Crew, comprise of DJ Richie Rich & Franco D (Debonaire, Monotone USA, CBR), invests the place with loud and insane "8 0 MF'n 8", an instant classic based upon uncompromising trunk rattling beats and a nasty sample taken from an Egyptian Lover live act. You'll surprise yourself singing "eight o motherfuckin' eight" while listening to this dancefloor tune!

    Concluding this relentless EP with "Get Down", a fest of uptempo oriented workout emphasizing modern electro rhythms, melodic synth textures and robotic voices, Aaron Wilfork aka 25 Keyz (Blacksonaudio Produktionz) offers a feverish new school electro breaks final.

    On their mission to maintain the traditional sound of the original Miami Bass music in its puristic form, MBH is doing perfectly IMO, speaking straight to Bass lovers and electro connoisseurs. Each of the quartet explores the genre from a different and personal corner. This first volume sounds like the beginning of a very promising series. Electro Bass at its best!
    12", electro

    A1. DJ Tom Oliver feat. Maggotron - Brazilian Steps
    A2. Baxim - Boyz Get Bass

    B1. Freak Force Crew - 8 0 MF'n 8
    B2. 25 Keyz - Get Down


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    Here's my review. Rush on it:

    The Exaltics meets Elec PT.1 - Solar One Music 22
    SOM celebrates 303 music with its twenty two release and first outing in 2013. The third chapter of "The Exaltics meets" series welcomes one of Solar One Music regular signatures: Andreas Gehm aka Elec PT.1 (Bunker, Mathematics Recordings).

    Following Gosub and finnish Electro Duo Morphology, the renowned German artist signs here a couple of uncompromising cuts on the B side of the 12", while Robert Witschakowski delivers a mind blowing A side.

    In overture, soulful "The Midnight Connexion" serves up a magnificent track made of scary and emotive layers over a raw acidic line. On this apocalyptic track to bring closer to his early works on Bunker ("1000 Lights In The Sky" series), you will find back the classic Exaltics′s signature: merciless rhythm with Sci Fi atmosphere throughout. The way Robert manipulates the TB303 here is unique.

    Dancefloor "Nichts aber auch nichts" coming next begins with a similar approach but quickly turns into a relentless piece of dark acid completed with maniac Chicagoan claps and 808 tonalities. This moody electro combination of melodies and beats will remind of Acid Junkies or Hardfloor styles. Ace!!!

    On the reverse, dramatic "Drei Chinesen mit dem Acidbass" from Elec PT.1 offers a pure warehouse mayhem based upon evolving sounds, 303 modulations and a spacey atmosphere.

    Finally, deep "The Player" closes up the release with a more experimental and darker approach over nice vocals.

    This collectible record comes with a gloomy yet fully printed cover artwork designed by Duncan Mattocks, a great oil paint artist hailing from Australia and a nice yellow sticker. Vital.
    12" & digital, electro

    Don't sleep on this one:

    The System - Baptize The Beat – Electro Avenue EA006

    Electro Avenue Records keeps on going back in time with this new release from The System aka the great vocalist Mic Murphy and keyboardist David Frank.

    Following the highly acclaimed "Galactic Funk Constellations LP" in 2011, the Norfolk based label returns to the early 80's, giving a second life to "Baptize The Beat", the main soundtrack taken from 1984 iconic Hip Hop film, "Beat Street", that was only ever available on the eponymous CD album. Twenty height years later, Electro Ave is resurrecting this classic synth funk jam to give it a contemporary electro treatment and the 12" vinyl single collectable support it deserved. If you bought Mic Murphy Feat. Mele Mel "Electro Soul Satisfaction", Electro Ave's highlight two years ago, you won't be disappointed by this new record!

    "Baptize The Beat" comes along with seven fresh remixes from the like of international electro superstars and brand new talents. UK Diplomat (Electro Avenue) kicks the things off with a feverish EA Remix of his own delivering a blowing demonstration of 80's synth work! Coming next is a bleepy electro affair from Japan based Fleck Esc (Ukonx Recordings,Ghost Technology). The french artist delivers here a heading new school cover injecting with skill abstract waves to the original.

    Then from the memorable West Coast vs Germany Breakdance/Boogaloo atmosphere of Funk Master Ozone's (Da Source Records) 'Ozfusion' remix, to the purist Oldschool flavor of Diamond Back Kid's almighty version (Binalog Productions, Diamondback Recordings), passing through the stunning retro electro shuffle of DMX Krew's (Rephlex) "Dub Mix", the release immerses the listener deep into funk, appealing to a large panel of references.

    Finally, Spanish Sace 2 (Downrocks), and Swedish Daniel Savio (Losonofono Records) close up the 12" introducing sexy shaped electrofunk & electro breaks styles into their respective reworks.

    When buying one of the 300 copies strictly limited edition picture disc, you'll get a free immediate digital download including all the digital MP3 files, two exclusive bonus tracks plus a heavy extra Dj tool System sample pack. The 80’s Electro funk sound is back with the true originators and their worthy successors! Must have.
    Electro Funk
    Ltd 12" Picture Disc, Digital (MP3)

    Here's my review of this vital release:

    VA - Electrofunk Resistance - Dominance Electricity DR048
    Following Dagobert & Kalson's successful "Astronauten EP" last year, Dominance Electricity returns with another milestone of a release in form of a compilation that demonstrates once again how ahead of its time is the East Germany based Electro music company.

    Taking you back forty years ago in a time where P-Funk was emerging, long awaited "Electrofunk Resistance" introduces an homogeneous collection of twelve refine cuts that compliment each other brilliantly, combining the very best from the past music to the current Electro Funk sound.

    Within the same quality that characterized Dominance Electricity's "Global Surveyor Vol.3" back in 2010, this off the chain opus offers international electrofunk, bass & breaks ruled by assorted cuts of beats, inspired programming sequences, clear synth lines, almighty vocoder action and heading vocals throughout on a mission to preserve Electrofunk existence. Nice surprises as well as brilliant inaugural contributions from the like of some of today’s freshest underground signatures put "Electrofunk Resistance" compilation under the strobe light on this old school flavored release with deep 70's - 80's influences venturing into the musical lands of Funkadelic, Parliament, Egyptian Lover and the West Coast of US, or Midnight Star!

    From the funkysized atmosphere of the opening track, "Americhael", an instant winner by French Principles Of Geometry (Tigersushi) made of attractive vocoder lyrics over a relentless melody, the compilation operates a brief curve into the Synthpop New Wave register thanks to Datassette. The UK gifted talent (Ai Records, Shipwrec) has no equal to turn every original he touches into gold. Offering here his fourth and best remix, he serves up an incredible cover of New Order's 83 classic "Blue Monday"! Rush on his website for more insane reworks (Grandmaster Flash "The Message", Kate Bush "That There Hill", etc.) including his latest revisited version of Joy Division's "Love Will Tears Us Apart", just a state of art!

    Coming next are Casio Social Club vs XS Night (Mullet Records), two fresh artists hailing from England delivering their funky 1984 style song "More Love" while German Sygaire & Defcon feat. Capitol A (Raw Fusion Recordings) introduce "The Latest" (Electro Mix), a purist Oldschool hip hop electro funk mayhem. Maintaining the compilation into the sphere of funk, well known The Artificial Arm (Orson Records) signs a feverish "Get Down (To The Sound)". His robotpop jam is immediately followed by "Oxygen", a great slice of Breakdance/Boogaloo funk, to bring closer to Funkmaster Ozone imprint, hammered out by German Fendaheads (Dominance Records) who inaugurates a series of forthcoming releases on Dominance Electricity.

    From the same country comes Dynamik Bass System (International Deejay Gigolo Records, Monotone). Four years after the "Mighty Machine" album, the Robotmachine Records mastermind returns to Dominance Electricity with "Evolution", another future classic combining 808, vocoder and retro synths actions in Thomas Werner famous trademark. Tuneeee!

    Netherlander Roko Dragonbreath's (Black Label) contribution sounds like a short yet epic space trip to "Planet Europia" whereas Australian DJ Sing feat. Andre Kaman (Dimensia Recordings) manages to work on multiple audio levels with its "Let's Do It" gem.

    "Lost Souls", "Shining Star" & "Neon Parallels", the final tracks respectively written by Diamondback Kid (Binalog>>>Productions, Diamondback Recordings), Reggie Blount (Clone Crown Ltd.), and Biepang (Open Concept Recordings) bring the compilation to a groovy open ending, keeping on the funk pressure till the last stands of the release.

    As Retro-Futurism is one of Dominance Electricity main themes since 1996, Japan's legendary sexy robot illustrator Hajime Sorayama has been asked to provide the beautiful record cover-artwork. You'll probably feel like you have received something very special when the collectible release knocks at your door, and you'll be right!!! Absolutely vital!
    Electro Funk
    2x12", CD, Digital (MP3s/WAVs)


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