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    Highly recommended!!

    DeFeKT / ESS – Dimension Glider - AC Records – AC 10
    Succeeding to Koova and Morphology just to name a few, Matthew Flanaghan (Takeover Recordings, Bass Frequency Productions) inaugurates this month his first appearance on the 100% vinyl label AC Records. Ranging from Electro to Acid passing through Detroit, the style featured on the German structure has been constantly underground since its creation in 2009. This explains why the presence of the Dublin located producer on AC Records is not a coincidence. Multiplying (insane) releases this year like others multiply bread, the Irish wizard delivers here a much anticipated split EP made of five refine cuts dispatched into two of his welknown musical projects.

    The DeFeKT side opens with vibrant "Dimension Glider", a synthetic fusion of deep tonalities and modular sequences. If the tune shows lots of sensibility and emotion, bubbling "CV1", following immediately, turns into a merciless slaughter based upon menacing synths lines over eerie strings, some cosmic tones fused to stripped down Sci-Fi layers in the background. Massive, definitively my favorite!

    Taken from the SOM Compilation 4 and courtesy of Solar One Music, aesthetic "Comet ELEnin" reveals on the reverse another facet of Matthew's versatile talent under his ESS (Electronic Speech Systems) disguise thanks to chilling atmospheres and moody programming. Beautiful! Classic "Substance-D" coming next returns to the dancefloor with abstract touches and solid Detroit influences. A winner track to bring closer to Deemphasis style. Finally, slowing down the tempo, deep electro jam "Thermo drive" ventures with success into intriguing landscapes to offer the release a smooth conclusion characterized by analog melodies and a cutting edge construction.

    Perfect follow up to DeFeKT's highly recommended "Sequence One EP" published on French New Flesh Records in January, this tremendous "Split EP" is nothing sort of incredible from start to end and sounds like another must have from Matthew. Rush on it!

    Electro, 12"

    Review hereunder :) Don't miss it!

    Sonar Base - We Attack At Dawn EP - Cultivated Electronics CE010
    London based label CE delivers its tenth vinyl release this month and second of 2012 thanks to Sonar Base! Succeeding to Morphology, Frank De Groodt signs on Sync24's almighty imprint his debut EP after a series of remarkable outings as The Operator, Optic Crux or Fastgraph just to name a few on structures such like SCSI-AV, Djax Up Beats, Klakson or U Trax since 1994.

    With "We Attack At Dawn EP", the Dutch electro pioneer returns to the syncopated sound of the mid 90's bringing back a bit of nostalgia on the dancefloor. In overture of the A side, "The Deadly Storms of Uranus" gives the tone of an EP forged into TB303. Reminiscent of Underground Resistance, Hardfloor or Plus 8 early works, this bubbling cut introduces a noir atmosphere over a rolling 808 line while cutting edge storm samples merged with refine acidic lines and stripped down layers increase the tense. Hot!

    Slowing down the tempo, old school electro - techno "The Journey Home" coming next reveals a smoother approach thanks to progressive acid laments, hypnotic melodies and conscious low fi sequences. A perfect track to mix at 4am after a rolling set.

    On the opposite side, CE mastermind Phil Bolland (Touchin' Bass) offers a wonderful remix of "The Deadly Storms of Uranus". Adding more nervosity and twist to the original, his brainwashing rework goes deeper into the realm, with a fast rhythm, mesmerizing arpeggios, dark swirling pads and filtered bleeps all of them slowly building a sinister and unhealthy atmosphere. Stunning as usual when it comes from Sync24!

    Finally, Sonar Base concludes the record with aesthetic "The Swarm", an uplifting minimal affair accompanied by classic Electro beats, sharp kicks, crisp drums and detuned snares.

    Sync24's structure keeps on surprising release after release. The quality of the tracks and the artists roster are playing a main role in the label good health. Watch out for the forthcoming CE releases lined up next months featuring Dynarec, Boris Divider, Sync 24 and Morphology!

    12” Vinyl/Digital, electro

    Here's my review :)

    Boris Divider - The Source - Drivecom DCOM 13
    In the prolongation of the almighty "La Hora De Las Maquinas" opus in 2006 and the ambient "Ultralink" mini LP four years later, "The Source" sees Boris Divider (Drivecom, Semantica, Satamile) deliver his third album to date! If the sound of the spanish electro pioneer has significantly evolved since his beginnings on Psi49net back in 2001, it has now turned into deeper and conscious melodies thanks to the use of untouchable vintage (SCI,Oberheim, Waldorf ...) synthesizers. The Madrid located artist returns today at his best with a mature electronic concept release that goes beyond the simple output calibrated for the dancefloor. Representing a step in Boris musical career and the start of a new musical direction to explore virgin landscapes where the artist never went, "The Source" will probably be considered as one of the most influential albums of the last five years!

    Taking electro to its higher level with influences ranging from Anthony Rother's early works to Vangelis passing through John Carpenter, EBM register, sci-fi movies and books such like "Ghosts In The Shell" or "Assault On Precinct 13" just to name, "The Source" opens with the title track, a cinematic 6'34" introduction made of emotive and moody layers over a downtempo. You'll feel like Rick Deckard propelled in the dystopian Los Angeles showed in Ridley Scott's "Blade Runner" movie. ACE! "1983" coming next unleashes the Bass for some body movement while powerful beats and cybernetic grooves bring you back to the past. If you're familiar with Boris live acts, you'll surely recognize "Streetwalker", a secret weapon he often plays on stage since 2005. Quite obvious as the first notes drop, sublime "Cop Assault", that follows instantly, pays homage to the 80's movies such like "Terminator", "Invasion Los Angeles" or "Escape From New York". Combining retro electro flavor to vintage melodies, urban sounds and minimalistic pad sequences, this track is one of my favorites from this off the chain album (and they're numerous!). Destined for home listening pleasure, "Survivor Sector" offers a sublime mash up of analog modulations and oscillations reminding of the so special atmosphere displayed on A. Rother's LP "Art Is A Technology". Hitting hard on the dancefloor tip, instant classic "Citydrome" serves up another milestone of a gem in Divider's typical signature. Based upon a mid tempo with a strong kick, this much anticipating tune progressively evolves into a road trip through the galaxy thanks to crisp rhythm programming, dark basslines and Detroit synths. This is the sound of the future brought to present especially for you! With its organic synths answering themselves over dark cosmic tones, introspective beauty "Escape From District 7" sounds like a moody EBM affair to bring closer to x2Proton's (aka Laurent "Növö" Boudic) fantastic "Euclid's Elements" album published last year on GenComProdukts International. Absolutely fascinating and another winner here!

    Next is "The Simulation", a sophisticated and aesthetic machinery made of electronica layers, sparse vocoder voices and futuristic melody lines that borrow from both Kraftwerk and Vangelis repertories. Incredible! Finally, "I Was" with its female vocals, rough beats, despair layers and heading loops closes the album on deeper sequences bringing the listener back into dense sounds meander.

    Homogenous and perfectly orchestrated, "The Source" offers a complete immersion into Boris Divider's world, a wildest and vastest universe with a much anticipating vision that encompasses automated societies controlled by machines. The result is a huge and outstanding spacecraft to transport you in the so famous Off World Colony evoked by Philip K. Dick in his "Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?" book. Depicting monumental landscapes and advanced megalopolis which are the main subjects of the opus, the album escapes from the current electro standards and robot clichés. No doubt numerous producers and freaks including me will find here an inexhaustible source of inspiration! Vital!

    Collectors limited 2x12", Digital Download exclusively at, electro

    Review hereunder :)

    Morphology – Information Paradox EP – Cultivated Electronics CE009
    Here comes the first full release from Finnish wizard's Morphology on Sync 24's inescapable UK label! Introducing Cultivated Electronics first release in 2012, the electro duo demonstrates with maestria why so many labels have been asking for their contributions lately. Authors of a handful of remarkable synthetic funk releases on structures such like Abstract Forms, AC Records, Zyntax Motorcity and SOM, members Matti Turunen & Michael Diekmann are definitively the artists to watch at the moment!

    Following up to Scape One's mighty “Potent Mutagen EP" on Cultivated Electronics 08 in 2011, the "Information Paradox EP" contains three unreleased tracks that worth a listen plus a remix from Phil Bolland himself. In overture of the A side, the title track "Information Paradox" serves up a mental dancefloor gem fuelled with minimal layers, deep melodies and accompanied by Detroitish modulations deluxe. Groovy “Escape Velocity” signs a surprising yet successful electro/techno cut bas(s)ed upon spooky pads over a rolling line, some frantic staccato action and light nightmarish strings in the background. Hard to explain why but this track reminds me of Anthony Rother's "Eyes In The Darkness" mayhem on Mikrolux. Brilliant!

    The flip side sees the appearance of CE mastermind Sync 24 (CE, Touchin' Bass) with a nasty rework of “Information Paradox". Moving forward from the original, this remix in Phil's typical trademark sound which ventures into hostile landscapes, merging a hypnotic arpeggio to a banging bass line, fusing audacious claps to rough beats, mixing dark heading loops to devil keys. Top notch as usual!

    Finally, Morphology returns with emotional “Tangent Spaces”, a perfect track to conclude the EP with cosmic tones over smooth atmosphere and classic dreamy piano programming. The kind of warm track to play at 4:00 am after an energized set.

    CE has got into its stride since release number 07 with one EP every few months from a notorious name (Silicon Scally, Scape One, Morphology). A successful recipe that will lead the label far far away. Highly recommended.

    Electro, 12” Vinyl/Digital

    Here's the review:

    V.A. - SOM Compilation Vol 4 - Solar One Music SOM-18
    In 2058, after the complete invasion of Earth twenty years earlier, mankind was reduced to a handful of inoffensive yet hard to locate resistants. Free from wars and conquests, the mercenaries and superior intelligences of SOM gathered together to rule on how to share the planet and set the basis of a new era where water, gaz, oil, minerals and Nature would be preserved from pollution and human... Earth would only be a lab to breed limited quantities of human species used as food for the Solaris people. Twelve points of this manifesto signed by all the villains, monsters and humanoids in SOM's pay were deposited in an audio disc titled "SOM 4". To be continued...

    While the first three opus of the series detailed aliens plans to invade, dominate and eradicate people of Earth, this fresh outing from Jena based Solar One Music would refer onto the future of the planet. Featuring SOM's regular signatures Aliensextoy (Militant Science), Clatterbox (Frustrated Funk), Kan3da (Transient Force), Crotaphytus (Solar One Music), The Exaltics (Solar One Music), Headnoaks (AC Records), Luke Eargoggle (Stilleben Records) and Weltwirtschaft (Dominance Electricity), this much anticipating fourth compilation serves up another special and collector edition of subsonic sounds for hedonists that we are, propelling us one more time into post modern electro and unsecured zones. Intriguing yet complex, this eclectic installment characterized by advanced music structures brings nice surprises as well as brilliant inaugural contributions from the like of new to the label Composite Profuse (Bunker Records), Das Muster (Transient Force), ESS aka Mattew Flanagan (New Flesh), or Morphology (Cultivated Electronics).

    Borrowing from the influential aesthetics of Electro Body Music register, Kan3da's beatless and luminous downtempo movie soundtrack "Fall" inoverture of the CD gives the tone of a sci-fi collection that alternates between warehouse slaughters, minimalistic experiments and contemplativetransmissions. Smooth, emotive, Morphology's "Dark Flow" keeps on with a similar moody approach, offering a twilight track where beautiful arpeggio recitatives are mixed up with linear Detroitish beats. "Opiatrezeptor" from unstoppable Headnoaks coming next increases the temperature thanks to relentless staccatos programming over a fierce rhythm. If Luke Eargoggle had no other ambition than make you dance, his bubbling "Girlfriend From Madrid" track not only fulfills its mission but also presents conscious funk under the strobes to make you think while you break. Whereas refine "Comet ELEnin" showcases one of ESS very best tunes, containing much depth and range over a slow down rhythm, both Clatterbox's "Singularity" and Aliensextoy's "Come Back 2 Life" return on the dancefloor to deliver tense tunes based upon frantic tempo, eerie lyrics and cold industrial layers. With the second part of his dark "Cycle of Life" jam combining deep spacey flights to cosmic atmosphere, giant gecko Crotaphytus maintains the listener attention alive in another of his great appearance. Clear synth lines and US influences in the background are key words to describe groovy yet cutting edge "My Point of View" from untouchable The Exaltics. The compilation escapes from the classic standards with audacious mayhems such like nasty "Maud" served up by gift talent Weltwirtschaft. Final tracks "Massendynamik" and "Die U-Bahn Mörderin" by inspired Das Muster and Composite Profuse end the compilation on a despair climax where hope is the privilege of the weaks in a no future land.

    Limited to 100 copies and packaged in a red textured sleeve from unknown galaxy, "SOM4" will offer to twenty lucky freaks of us 1 mysterious extra tune so don't sleep on this massive slice of underground and contemporary electro masterpieces! Believe me, Perfection definitively comes from outer space!

    Electro, Ltd CDR

    Exzakt - My Heart Is In Miami EP - Monotone USA MON037
    After a couple of Code Rising outputs, Monotone USA renews with its creator, delivering Exzakt's third digital release to date this year. Ode to Miami, the mythic city from where emerged electro heroes such like Debonaire, 2 Live Crew, Dynamix II, DXJ, Jackal & Hyde... futuristic "My Heart Is In Miami EP" serves up two versions of the eponymous electro cut. The original is an adrenaline rush of Electrobotic Bass that will immerse you in an apocalyptic world with infectious vibes, subsonic bass and deep melodies. Take a journey with the Speaker Breaker Exzakt as he will show you the light into the darkness thanks to incredible grooves, masterful beats and mind blowing vocals. For Electro connoisseurs only! Without being an exact replica, Serbian infamous N-ter's (Drivecom, Crobot Muzik) "Mein Herz Ist In Miami" rework uses most of the original components and musical structure but brings nice melodic effects turning his remix into a vocodered mind bender full of over-compressed bass kicks!

    Finally, the digital pack is completed with a sick mix of "Welcome To Miami" from Shade vs Exzakt, offering a timeless Electro Bass masterpiece!! Based upon rocking beats and classic old school samples throughout, this relentless tune is accompanied by smooth melodies and sick DJ cuts. Ace!

    Ranging from pure Miami Bass to deep dark electro, this new Monotone is a must have for all Dj's.
    Electro, Digital / /

    Here's my review :)

    VA - Strange Tales From The Future Vol.3 - Solar One Music SOM 17
    Whereas the two previous installments were only available in CD, striking "Strange Tales From The Future Vol.3" appears today as a 12", to the greatest pleasure of vinyl lovers! If its format has mutated, the music remains fascinating, catching you like an UFO Xray to transport you on board of its spaceship!

    Returning to its mighty series started in 2008, German label Solar One Music reveals with this third chapter another refine collection of no less than height aesthetic, complex and solid electro gems that evolve around the musical sphere of Dopplereffekt, Drexcyia, Dj Stingray, UR and godfathers Kratwerk... While venturing into sorts of unhealthy no man's lands visited from time to time by unknown entities from beyond, the compilation features established artists & SOM ambassadors Weltwirtschaft (Dominance Electricity, Kommando 6), Luke Eargoggle / Johan Inkinen (Stilleben, Lunar Disko), Oestral (SOM, Black Montanas), and Kan3da (Stilleben, Transient Force), each of them signing two tracks.

    Opening the A side with Weltwirtschaft's offensive "Invention", the record progressively immerses the listener into forward thinking tonalities, crossing the boundaries of the galaxy to deliver an epic journey though the depths of space! From the cosmic atmosphere of Luke Eargoggle & Johan Inkinen's “The Heighest Height” to the synthetic sophistication of Kan3da's "Mm”, passing throught the weird universe of Oestral's “Sarah Or Rahema”, intriguing "Strange Tales From The Future Vol. 3" alternates intelligently between electronic vibes melt with techno abstraction and lofi experiments built up over contemplative layers.

    Sometimes bleepy, minimalistic, spaced out, organic and visceral, always futuristic, SOM's seventeen release, limited to 200 copies worldwide, serves up a pure fiction music done with modern synthesizer constructions, cutting edge effects and vintage components. Packed in a nice dark sleeve, these alien transmissions are just like your flying ticket to a no return trip, as if the SOM ambassadors have had kidnapped you to bring you onto their hostile planet far far away. Dark music to a dark world!

    Electro, 12''/mp3

    Here's the review of this must have EP (out on 11.11.11)!! :)

    Sound Chasers - Audio Hostem EP - DADEaBASS Recordings 03
    Freaks, prepare your speakers for some serious damages as Teknik (Nick Riesco), Juniorrock (Alvaro Campos) and cut-master Dj De La (Frank De La O) are back on the music business stronger than ever!! Four years after their "Speakerhead E.P", the devastating Electrobass trio hailing from Florida makes his great return with his third installment on DADEaBASS Recordings. The EP is named "Audio Hostem EP" which means "I hear my enemies" but no need to understand Latin to appreciate Sound Chasers (Back II Boom, Cut It Up Def) new digital outing, eclectic enough to please nostalgic and forward thinking djs.

    Kicking off the digital pack with a sinister layer, insane "Jam The House" offers a retro electro style, merging old-schoolish style beats to slamming techno bass rhythm and goldsmith arpeggiations. Completed with stripped off samples ("Jam, Jam, Jam") and whispers, this little jewel sounds like a dark 90's mayhem in pure Sound Chasers trademark. Brilliant!

    Yet trying to evolve from the group classic register, offensive "Crystal Lake" coming next turns into an underground spooky affair in pure Miami Bass style electro, feed with nasty 808 bass beats, authentic distorted kicks, terrific Sci Fi elements and clear synth lines that promise you feverish contests on the dancefloor. If the percussive rhythm will remind of Dynamix II planetary hit "Atomic Age", this feverish tune is a successful mixture of uncompromising analogical modulations and merciless tones guarantee to put you in a circle!

    Finally, going deeper into the realm, gloomy "Program This", my favorite, concludes the EP with a darker piece based upon obsessive melodies over infectious bass and discrete sampled references. Following a dark introduction, a true nightmarish atmosphere surrounds the listener as the first notes drops, immersing him into unhealthy landscapes rocked with lot of reverb, dirty patterns, echoes, eerie tones, crispy beats, female vocals and bboy lyrics while a real heading loop takes control of your soul. Off the chain!

    All electrobass release, all original, vital "Audio Hostem" is a milestone of an EP and definitively an instant classic!
    3xFile, MP3, electro


    Here's mine: :)

    The Exaltics - They Arrive - Creme Eclipse 10

    Follow up to their must have "1000 Lights In The Sky" 3 parts saga in 2010, surprising "They Arrive" signs the first intrusion of the Exaltics on Creme Eclipse. But whereas the Bunker Records outputs were rather acid electro, this new concept outing on Creme Organization's sub label evolves into brilliant abstract landscapes. Cross-over between Techno, Electro and Ambiant registers, "They Arrive" goes deeper into the mind and sound of Robert Witschakowski (Solar One Music, Transient Force, Dominance Electricity, Last Known Trajectory), delivering in form of a mini LP somewhat of his more experimental release.

    Soundtrack of your worst nightmare, the 12" introduces six tunes alternating between intriguing interludes without beat and downtempo mayhems. In overture of the A side, organic "See It Through My Eyes" gives the tone of a release that mixes US and German styles. Weird atmosphere melt with menacing overtones tell the story of an alien spaceship armada, on its way to planet Earth but rerouted from its mission after receiving a transmission of unknown origin from a nearby galaxy.

    If progressive "They Arrive" serves up a stripped out song, stellar "A Strange World Between" displays its unhealthy atmosphere throughout minimal tones with a bit of Detroit techno influences. As much menacing, obsessive "The Wrong Direction" goes on, spreading its magnificent yet corrosive atmosphere, moving slowy just like huge spaceships while alienating "It Takes Place" delivers a very cinematic piece a la Rother/John Carpenter thanks to sparse sounds and noises.

    Finally, groovy "One Circle" concludes the EP with funky tonalities over dark textured melodies. Complex but dense, "They Arrive" is an outstanding dystopian release that makes its way through monumental soundscapes, highly electro-tech-fi sequences and aesthetic melodies. Must have!
    Ltd 12", digital, electro

    Here's my review of this must have 12'':

    The Exaltics – We Are Not Your Friends... (Annihilate The Planet) -
    Last Known Trajectory – TRAJECTORY 1001X

    Hard to know what human race fault was this time (most probably a revolt in the far countries of uncontrolled Africa) but The Exaltics (SOM, Transient Force, Dominance Electricity), back from an outerbass trip, return to Earth with a vengeance, delivering a very limited and harsh one sided 12" to eradicate the rebellion!

    Featuring "The Hunch", an insane slaughter taken from their "We Are Not Your Friends..." five tracker EP published in 2010, half of the Solar One Music ambassadors Robert Witschakowski brings the original to another level, turning it into a totally terrific "Annihilate The Planet" rework. Based upon solid 808 lines and relentless rhythm, this untouchable tune kicks off with an intriguing atmosphere over solid beats, then quickly mutes into a bastardly dark piece surrounded with acidic loops while vast nightmarish strings colored with Detroit Techno reminiscences immerse the listener into chaos. Transmitting on all frequencies from Iena, The Exaltics unleash the Bass introducing one of their harder pieces to date. Properly massive and definitively on my top five playlist from this prolific talent.

    To definitively suppress the resistance and catch the fugitives, The Exaltics have brought together Hadamard, a no mercy mercenary, author of serious damages in the past on structures such like Transient Force, Bunker Records or Mighty Robot Recordings to name a few. Yet his "Ravage Of The Planet" version sees the producer in a moody trip, serving up an insane downtempo remix, enough beautiful to move you to tears, merging unhealthy analogical tones to disjointed acid modulations.

    Rich and lethal, the third installment from The Exaltics on Last Known Trajectory comes packed as usual in an open silver foil sleeve with a special photo print insert featuring a design by The SOM entities. Highly recommended, this off the chain 12" is the perfect complement to the new Galaxian EP on same structure.
    Ltd 12'', acid, electro

    Hi guys,

    here's the mix I did last year at Sonic Invasion party in Lyon along with friends Dj Umwelt (New Flesh Records, Satamile), Dj Mooly (Minimum Syndicat) & Dj Wa. Hope you enjoy :)


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    My review guys :)

    Dagobert & Kalson - Astronauts EP - Dominance Electricity DR-046.018
    This is not Electro. This is more. This is Dominance Electricity. Created in 1996, Dessau located label has constantly succeeded to push the electro in another dimension giving it a newer exposure. Taking electro to a higher level in a much anticipating vision, Sbassship's untouchable Dominance Electricity structure hits again with the almighty "Astronauts EP", a joint venture of talents featuring two regular signatures on the German structure, Dagobert and Kalson.

    Author of a couple of highly acclaimed albums since the mid 90's on Dominance Electricity, from "Ready To Rock" to "Sonic Sound Of Bass" plus a handful of EPs, German Dagobert invests the first part of this split release with four slammin' tracks of pure madness. In overture, galactic "Lunar Orbit" is your embarking ticket to the Moon. Melting nice spacey sound particles to attractive galactic waves, this short intro is followed by heavy "Astronomie". To bring closer to Blastromen's "Le Nucléaire Civile" gem (Dominance Electricity, XOX) taken from their "Human Beyond LP", this instant classic serves up a sci-fi slaughter based upon a rollin' baseline and melodic strings, some warm robotic lyrics flying over deep atmospheric frequencies. Absolutely stunning! Coming next is "The Question (S.E.T.I.)". In the prolongation of the previous tune, this cyberetroish dancefloor tune delivers a massive orchestral jewel thanks to the use of modular synthesis machines and uncompromised arpeggio programming. Impressive. Finally, eerie "Astronauten Weltenraum" closes Dagobert's session with a feverish combination of intricate tones, complex vibrations and detailed textures over a rhythm that will remind of Charlie's italo-disco-funk "Spacer Woman" anthem. Ace!

    Kalson's part is more to the floor oriented. The Serbian gifted artist from Das Drehmoment & E75 Records blasts it all with emotive "Colosseum In Tokyo", a milestone of a track merging vintage synthesizers to analogue equipment, delivering a very Jarre contribution with modern beats and tremendous Japan vocoderish lyrics. While his remix of Dagobert's "Astronauten Weltenraum", made of a rich orchestration enhanced by inspired melodies, stays true to the original, keeping the main theme alive, "Digital Baroque" ventures into 4/4 landscapes displaying a moody downtempo beast with C64 and SID reminiscences. At last, resurrecting the ancient aliens sound, instrumental "Obscure Nebula" offers a masterly issue to "Astronauts EP" in an striking cinematic style.

    If the vinyl features 6 cuts, the CD contains two bonus tracks so that if you enjoyed traveling thought galaxies on board of Dagobert & Kalson spaceships, you can prolong your trip.
    Following the interstellar successes of "Global Surveyor 3" compilation and "Human Beyond" album, this split EP is nothing sort of incredible harking back to the robotic electro funk sound of the 80's. There's a lot more to say about this melodic collector outing but if we had to sum it up in one word, vital would be this one. Published with a wonderful cover artwork from the like of legendary Argentinian sci-fi comic artist Juan Giménez, this must have EP comes along in both digital (CD and MP3) and colored 12" formats.

    Electro, 12'', limited yellow, green, black VINYL, CD, MP3/WAV

    Here's my review:

    CeeOnic - Back 2 Bassix EP - Debonaire Records DEB-DL023
    With "Back 2 Bassix", let's directly enter into the 80's! You are Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox in the "Back To The Future" movies) and fellow partner "Doc" CeeOnic, an enigmatic yet seasoned scientist, has made you find a way to return to 1985 on board of a Delorean DMC-12 vehicule mutated into a time machine. Now travelling throught space & time 26 years backward, you're having an appointment with Freestyle, Arabian Prince, Newcleus and the old school Electro Funk heroes of the age.

    Signing a remarkable debut EP on legendary Debonaire Records Inc, the german artist has managed to take the traditional 80's electro style into present thanks to epic synth melodies, warn 808 flights and haunting robotic voices.

    Featuring six stunning retro pieces, this copious digital pack kicks off with "The Sound In Your Ear", a 05:23 odyssey into the early days of electro funk. Based upon a slow tempo, killout trancey arpeggios and insane waves oscillations, the tune opens with mighty Middle East layers to quickly turns into a brilliant revival, bringing to your speakers nice lyrics and vocodered voices. Tone is given as the second track is knocking at your door.

    Fueled with plutonium and nuclear fission to generate 1.21 gigawatts of power, "Dynamic" is the energy that make the Delorian's time displacement possible. Half way between Debonaire, Dynamik Bass System, Blastromen & Funkmaster Ozone styles, this milestone of a track sounds like an authentic old school moody tune combining uncompromised melodies & modulations to typical vintage synth programming, unleashing the Bass on all frequencies. Top notch!

    Going deeper into the realm of the West Coast sound, "Get Freaky" shuffles a nostalgic atmosphere. Keeping on where the previous jam stopped, this mayhem delivers a similar massive produced orchestral electro to help you definitively pass the corridors of time, scanding heading vocals ("Get Freaky, Get Freaky") over analogical strings.

    While tunage "Party Jam" serves up a true minimal song a la Egyptian Lover in pure old school electro funk tradition (beats, 808 and vocals), sensitive "Electronic Music", completed with rich pads sequences, merges some serious subsonic vibrations to a fat woofin’ bassline. Ace!

    Finally infectious "Unstoppable", enhanced by analogue equipment and modular synthesis, brings you back to the XXI century. Powerful choruses combined with incredible 808 programming upon razor sharp beats and striking FX close the EP with a tense mix of electro, synthpop and techno made on vintage equipment.

    Following Debonaire's off the chain "B.O.T.S" few months ago, fresh "Back 2 Bassix" is another must have release that doesn't sound like anything before on the Miami label. Vital!

    Digital, electro

    Here's the review ;) :
    While Komarken Electronics was applying his totalitarian domination on the planet, few species from Earth were sent to SOM mothership in the Moon neighborhood. Both women and men were introduced to Impakt, one of Solaris infamous and merciless scientists, in order to be studied. Impakt's first experiments focused on human race resistance to airwaves manipulations and subsonic frequencies from outer space. Unexpected but positive reactions on their bodies encouraged him to keep on his works, judging that the time had come to test his new secret weapon whose namecode was "Resonant Escape" (Tbc).

    After a remarkable debut single EP on Ed DMX’s Breakin’ Records in 2008 and several guest appearances, Jørgen Indal aka mighty Impakt returns to Solar One Music to deliver an unconventional Machine Funk style full lenght LP with fourteen tracks of finest brainwashing tunes. Author also of the last volume of the Unhoerbar Series, the Norwegian artist demo

    Mixture of experimental and abstract styles, melodic "Resonant Escape" goes a step further into the realm, serving up an eclectic and generous album full of synth melodies interspersed with beautiful yet intricate downtempo interludes such like "Devour You" or "Deaf Oscillator" cuts. From deep spacey acidism ("Squelchy Belchy", "Dance The Pain Away", "Lucky Strike") to epic arpeggio odissey ("Mountain Climber Groove") passing through Drexciyan-style techno-funk ("Interpiss") or bleepy electrorgy with retro reminiscences ("Spooping", "Lip"), the Envmod signature drives the listener into the meanders of an outstanding outing that crosses the boundaries of electro to visit sometimes the breakbeast genre ("Big Tims Lush Pad", "Virebia").Grade A to Warpian "Drink" or smooth "At The End", two of the numerous successful tunes taken from the opus.

    Clear synth melodies over fat driving analog bassline, bubbling acid loops and robotic voices... this fresh album, available in limited digipack CD edition and accompanied with a funny Impakt Paper Toy Action Figure, is the perfect balance between Detroit sound and more European dancefloor influences!

    CD, electro

    Don't miss the unmissable :) Here's the review:

    Debonaire - Bassed On A Tru Story - Debonaire Records DL Deb-020
    "To steal samples from one record is plagiarism. To steal from many is research" (Debonaire).

    Following his "Execute: Self Extraction" album published in 2010, scientist and electro pioneer Debonaire returns to Bass to deliver a copious 5 tracker pack, full of samples and references not really stolen but rather put together to highlight each others. Available as digital, this off the chain new release is a magnificent crossover between past and future, bringing back the early Miami Bass style to merge it with much anticipating music which is one of the proper qualities of Debonaire's inspiring sound: always going forward with cutting edge and innovative airwaves but without never forgetting the roots. Reducing the boundaries between Electro Funk and Techno Bass, Bots (for "Bassed On A Tru Story") is no different to the previous outputs on Debonaire Records, creating here a classic, yet futuristic cocktail of Miami Bass with little West Coast flavor.

    Feverish fusion of synthetic tones over some furious 808 programming, hot "Rock The Funky Beats" opens the release. Delivering a real state of the art stormer, the main song off the pack is a bass heavy dancefloor slaughter with deep and timeless pads, enhanced by a heading rap style voice just like in the early dayz of electro, some outstanding lasergun and scratches effects in the background. Funky, dancefloor, this irresistible gem with samples taken from Pretty Tony's "Jam The Box" quickly turns into an instant classic anthem. Ace!

    Next up is "16 Little Buttons". Sounding like an ode to the 808, this cut based upon devastating beats, vocodered lyrics and Middle East melodies is to bring closer to Dynamix II "Bass Generator" as the first notes drop while "When I'm On The Block", the third track of the EP, shows the Miami legend in a nostalgic mood. Mixture of hip hop lyrics and harsh kick, this retro tune reminds of Cybotron's "Clear" melt with Man Parrish's "Hip Hop Be Bop". Top notch!!

    Cosmic "Mars" is another milestone of a track. Venturing into deeper synthetic melodies, this fast paced jam offers a wild trip through space thanks to a bubbling bassline merged with luminous, rollin' yet intriguing synths. Definitively a magnificent hit and one of my favorites, sounding like an echo to Dynamik Bass Systems's "Invasion Of Mars".

    Finally, as a bonus, "Don't Wanna Get Down (Redemption Beats)" concludes in apotheosis the EP with an instrumental reworked version of the eponymous hit written along with Egyptian Lover and published on Street Sounds Nu Electro Vol.2 compilation in 2009. Slowing down the tempo, this unreleased mix serves up some superb old schoolish melodies while retaining the main components of the original such like the drums, as well as the pads and arrangements. Debonaire at the top of his art. His new digital outing is an orchestral orgy of Electrobotic Bass that will tear your speakers apart, brainwashing your mind while terminating your body in some poppin, jumping and moving figures on the dancefloor. Vital!

    Digital, electro

    Review of this fantastic EP:

    Scape One – Potent Mutagen EP – Cultivated Electronics CE008
    Over the last few months, Scape One has made a great return on the electro scene, multiplying appearances on labels such like Militant Science, Cultivated Electronics or Napalm Enema Records just to name a few but also revamping digitally his back catalog of tracks available at with remastered, unreleased and reworked versions. Yet, "Potent Mutagen EP" is no doubt the first of a long series of forthcoming vinyl outings from the Bognor Regis wizard.

    Limited to 200 copies worldwide, the 12" kicks off with "Substorm", an outstanding dancefloor burner that instantly drives the electro freak through funky highways thanks to obsessive patterns, distorted waves, great synths pads, brilliant drums and claps programming over linear bass lines and melodic parts. Ace!

    The title track, coming next, is another milestone of a gem, serving up an after hours piece of analogy for pure domestic pleasures thanks to deep sequences, slow down tempo, spacey moments and warm 808 flights. Beautiful! On the flipside, UK Sync 24 introduces a heavy reworked version of "Substorm".

    As usual leading the listener into unsafe zones, the CE mastermind turns the original into a rollin' madness made of funky tones over pounding beats, female vocals, robotic twist and atmospheric layers. To bring closer to his previous "We Rock Non-Stop" hit. Absolutely wicked!

    Closing the 12'' with heading tones, Dynarec (Delsin, Puzzlebox) offers a fascinating rework of "Time Falls". Based upon subsonic frequencies and frantic modulations, his trippy remix ventures into gloomy areas, merging synthetic layers to a powerful bassline that tears speakers apart.

    While the 12" release ends here, the digital pack is completed by Scape One original "Time Falls", as a bonus track, fusing stunning 808 kicks to chunky bass lines and deep strings. We'll never recommend enough the CE label, one of the few UK structure that not only keep on releasing vinyl records but also adapt to the digital demand. "Potent Mutagen EP" is no different to the previous releases, vital like the whole CE label catalog!

    12" & digital, electro

    Here's my review:

    Sync 24 – We Rock Non-Stop Remixes – Cultivated Electronics CEDIGI 003
    Third remix outing on Cultivated Electronics's digital division! After much success with the "Resynth Remixes EP", London based Sync 24 (Cultivated Electronics, Touchin' Bass) strikes back with three reworks of two slammin' tracks taken from the "We Rock Non-Stop EP" vinyl release published in 2010 on CE005.

    Featuring a trio of heavyweights producers from the UK, this brand new digital pack kicks off with Scape One's version. Author recently of a plethora of remixes on Dominance Electricity and Devine Disorder to name a few plus numerous reworks of his own tracks available at, the Bognor Regis located artist revisits Sync 24's original tune in a more stripped down register, injecting sparse yet funky 808 tones accompanied with robotic sounds melt to spooky atmospheres, bleepy noises and subtle voice programming. Ace!

    Venturing into darker landscapes, Heuristic Audio (Satamile, Tomorrow People) serves up a scary tune made of unhealthy layers over harsh beats and heading staccatos. A dope track that will make you feel unsecured while Clatterbox (Z-bop, Touchin' Bass), venturing with genius into emotional experiments, closes brilliantly the release with a luminous remix of the "Chosen Module" gem, fusing deep Detroit roots to inspired nu school sequences. One of the best reworks IMO.

    With the "We Rock Non-Stop Remixes", Cultivated Electronics signs another milestone of a digital pack, waiting for the next vinyl release from the like of Scape One called "The Potent Mutagen EP" to be published in April 2011 (including remixes from Dynarec and Sync 24).
    Digital, electro