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    hi guys,

    at first we know well TP team as we are a part of it.

    I've the feeling a few people know what cutting on demand is and why prices of cutting are higher than pressed records.
    When you order a one-off record that means you will get an original record cut only for. That means if your record is 20 minutes, the cutter (machine + human) work 30-40 minutes. This is not a pressing machine that presses 1 record every 30 sec or minute.The prices can't be the same because the work isn't the same.
    Why did the prices grow? because diamonds used are purer, better but much more expensive.

    Templeplate, New Flesh and labels that work with one-off cutting win nothing in this story.Of course 18 euros is expensive but as regards to the job,this is 50% of the real price.TP losts money everytime they cut records.18 euros doesn't pay the work, blank record,device,electricity...
    Thats's why they have a very small catalog on demand and don't welcome new labels.

    Why are sound not regular?this is the same as for pressing record!When masterings are not optimized the cutting is the same.The vinyl can't give more that the mastering.

    About the people you heard or saied they had troubles with some records,Anne from TP is still waiting for 5 or 6 of them since 2 years to send her back the records in order the groove is checked but nobody sent anything!
    As every record is checked twice on 2 different systems,she gave some advices about device checking (anti skating,weight,cleaning,cartridge positioning, tonearm level...) but she told me she thinks they even read.

    I think some of you are really unfair with TP work.This is easy to give someone bad reputation when you don't follow the advices and don't even send the records back for checking.

    At NF we try to improve our mastering but this is a very hard work because a few artists in the world are used to optimize his work for vinyl release.This is something they need to learn but this is hard.And mastering is a real job that costs very expensive.

    This is easy to make digital,everybody can make digital (my grandmother makes digital),you will never have troubles with the sound.This is another thing to make vinyl and music for vinyl.Majority of releases are not make for vinyl so when you want to release it on vinyl this is very hard to optimize.
    Like other labels we keep on doing records for those who are used to play records, who know them and want to keep it on but those who are looking for digital sound or cheap prices can find everything they are waiting for on Internet.

    When you buy a one-off record at 18 € instead of 10 € for a pressed don't think the volume will be 80% higher or cleaner!This is a unique piece not more.

    To finish with,don't forget vinyl is the sound of the underground not the sound of the supermarket cleaned with bleach! :cylon:

    Chuki, please tell us more about your experience with Templeplate.

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    We are happy to present you his first release on New Flesh under the name of Defekt.
    But the artist has already signed on the label under the name of ESS, it was for "Machine Talk EP".

    Listen :


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    "Sequence One EP" is now available on one- off cutting 12" at

    If you're looking for ESS release on New Flesh:
    . One- off cutting 12" is available at…-ep-p-7061.html
    . Digital release and tracks are available at

    Happy birthday New Flesh! French Sci-Fi label celebrates this month its tenth outputs since its creation in 2009 with an electrifying release from the like of gift talent Univac! Succeeding to heavywheight producers and label highlights ESS aka DeFEKT, Deemphasis, Jauzas The Shining, Absolute Fiction, Spectrum Data Forces and of course NF mastermind himself Umwelt, the enigmatic artist from Spain delivers here a four tracker that oscillates between US (in particular Detroit style) and early 90's German influences. When it comes to electro, Univac is no joke and the present "Voltage EP" will instantly reminds of the Ghost That Walks nasty outing on Satamile NYC this year.

    Heritage of the good old electro style produced on Bunker, Viewlexx or more audacious labels such like Praxis (those who know, know), energized "Soyuz" opens the A side with a frantic rhythm enhanced with sharped synth lines, memorable melodies and acidic loops over boosted bass!

    Full of uncompromising low frequencies, this insane slaughter surrounded by dark tonalities and not recommended for the fainted hearts, is followed by harsh "OSC Music", a milestone of a track based upon analog modulations and devil programming.

    Maintaining the dismal shades of the previous cuts on the reverse, bubbling "Basemodul A" introduces a solid straight up electro jam fully equipped with authentic 808 line, crispy 606 hats, heading staccatos and percussive rhythm. Ace!

    Finally menacing "Direction Leipzig" closes up this banging EP on gloomy tones, venturing into scary waves merged with oppressing sequences, psychotic arpeggio, pulsating echoes and eerie pads.

    Author of a remarkable and strictly limited "Radiation" album in 2010 on Bunker, Univac is definitively an artist to watch like milk on fire! This release comes illustrated with a futuristic artwork by yours truly. Must have!

    Nexus 6

    Acid electro

    One- off 12":…-ep-p-7184.html

    Prévious releases in 2011:
    "0401 EP" by Jauzas The Shining NF09
    "Invasion 1" CD Compilation NFCD01
    "Renegade Electro Corporation " by Umwelt & Morphogenetic NFR02
    "Machine Talk" by ESS NF08
    ... more releases at

    Buy all exclusive on demand records at
    Buy digital at Bandcamp