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    Hmmm... I searched for it but couldn't find it but its in my collection on discogs and when I click on it there it takes me to the link Andre has posted, however when I click on 'Awesome Foursome' it doesn't list Monster Beat under them as a release, weird.

    I love Wrong Girls To Play With, especially since I discovered the original vocal version which is killer... What People Do For Money I reallly like, ruined by the over the top female vocals though, much like all MC Chill's stuff..

    Mighty B-Force featuring Hand Master Flash* - We Got You Rockin It / Is It Real Flash ? (Mantua Records)
    Freak L - Line For Line / When The Pen Hits The Paper (Urban Rock Records)
    Three The Hard Way Featuring White Flash - Hyped (Hardcore Records)

    Dope 83' soul boy heaven..


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    Anyone listening to that idiot Dave Pearce on Radio 2 right now? The brainwashing continues... he's going back to the 'early days' of the Hacienda and is asking old school house heads to call in with their memories... Graeme Park joining him soon to reinforce the shit and of course, goes without saying, Greg Wilson, hip hop, electro, whatever you want call it is not mentioned or referenced... like it never happened. I'm still buggered if I know why its such a universally avoided subject in reference to music outside of itself... HIP HOP.

    Great read, detailed, thorough and insightful as always. The lengths media and people go to marginalise/dismiss the importance of hip hop to dance music is mind blowing, it goes on here at EE as well, people hate giving hip hop any credit for anything! I have never understood it and never will accept it!

    Cozmo D.

    I've started a thread on OSHH about Grandmaster Flowers rockin' breakz in 69' and have been asking about the 'Bronx' home of hip hop piece and have a very detailed response from Mike Barnes who used to hang with you I understand? Check it out and contribute ma man... he agrees with you totally.

    Quote from elektroakust.;65032

    Its the essence of a PART of this discussion. ;D
    For large parts this thread was as well about finding hindsight-terms to clear the mess that we have today.

    I have no beef with what anyone wants to call all this in hindsight, my point of contention has always been that in defining now, we decide to change what has gone before to suit/endorse/JUSTIFY our definitions of NOW and that is just plain WRONG!

    Hip Hop started out as such a broad and beautiful ethic (...why the Mike Allen HIP HOP shows were just so good), and as time has gone on people want to write it of as just rap music over funk breakz.... what has hip hop done to deserve being marginalised in this way! NOTHING BUT CONTRIBUTE, INNOVATE and CONTRIBUTE! Lets stop disempowering hip hop and give it the respect and CREDIT it is due for creating the blueprint for ALL modern dance music AS IS! :D

    Quote from Cozmo D;65020

    You can call it whatever you want now, but I'm telling you that when it came out it was considered Disco. :*

    AND THIS, IS THE ESSENCE OF THIS DISCUSSION. In hindsight 'Electro' as a term could/should have been applied blah blah, that's not the point... historically, whether right or wrong, 'Electro' WAS a term that was shortened form of ELECTROFUNK... period... fact... thats it. Its not a matter of opinion here but the way it was!

    Looking back and deciding to subdivide and label, fine, do it, but you can't change what the term meant IN.. THE.. PAST:D