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    i just got it today,watched it this morning right away.
    ok its no big budget release...however, the footage of wcwc doing surgery on some tv lip-sync thing is a must see!! pure electro gold!...theres footage of em live from the 80s...dre scratching live in his purple doctors suit and face mask....old disco style dance routines....its classic!
    he tells a great story throughout about the birth of west coast hip NWA was formed in his living room...WARREN G runing around his house when he was a little kid..heh! and other interesting was news to me that UNKNOWN DJ was the 5th member of WCWC back in the early days,performing live with em... he talks about the old photos the eyeliner etc..heh! putting on gigs with RUN-DMC all the money issues and beef etc...
    looks like hes planning an autobiography too which will be a must read for anyone.

    the footage also contains dozens of unseen photos and old posters/flyers etc...
    to be honest...lonzo's story and the footage/photos he is sat on are far far to important for just a low budget dvd release....
    someone needs to put out a definitive WCWC package of all the songs,demos,live footage,photos etc etc in one monster boxset.... other styles of music do this all the time,yet it seems it has never happened with electro.... and i cant understand why.

    can you imagine a deluxe say 5 disc boxset containg all the songs and demos on 3 cds...and 2 dvds of old footage interviews and a documentary !!! with a photo booklet included,maybe fold out poster, etc etc.... guess it wont ever happen though. its one of the most dissapointing things about electro in general.... everything is done on the cheap... and when you think that it spawned a multi million pound industry ..hip hop where you can buy all this designer 50 cent,jay-z pop bullshit clothes..... yet you cant find ONE old skool electro t.shirt! it dont make sense.

    why has electro been so over looked? ok a few forums here and there,but theres nothing real dvd's no deluxe compilations,no old skool designed t shirts (eg...all over print TECHNO HOP t shirts...why has that never happened?)

    i hope someone catches onto this one day and injects some cash into it....

    anyway go buy the DVD from lonzo... its a must see.

    all i remember is picking up THE ANTHEM 12" on the day and turning it over to see WCWC were on the bill! being only 13 then i was pissed off for about the next year or so... :(
    yes the fact that nobody bothered to film this historic event is irritating as hell.
    imagine a DVD boxset of this!!!!

    although it came out on TECHNO HOP as a 12" and also THE BEST OF was around long before then.never seen an earlier pressing though. it is a classic,one of the best ever.
    notice RAPPED IN ROMANCE is dedicated to the memory of DJ 3D.