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    Yes, that's a nice version but it's not the one I'm thinking of.
    I really should change the subject title because it's more like it starts off with no drums at all, and you hear just the reporter talking (which also means a lot of quiet passages in between). I think the drums come in after a couple of minutes or so, but as far as I remember there's no bass on top of that.

    Sorry, Acapella was a bad description.
    The basic idea was that all parts were separated from each other and didn't play along at the same time.

    As far as I remember it started off as usual ("In 1965 Vietnam seemed like just another foreign war....") but the drums/bass didn't start playing. Occasionaly, in the right places you'd hear the orchestra hit and of course "N-n-n-n-n-niteneteen" etc. Finally after several minutes the drums (and only the drums!) would come in.
    This version would be perfect for a remixer as he could easily add a different beat, bassline etc. without affecting the rest of the song.

    Does this sound like a version of "19" you've heard before?

    I remember a particular version of Paul Hardcastle's "19" which was sort of an acapella or DJ-remix version with only the drums by themselves, the orchestra hit and the vocals (in other words, ideal for remixing). Can someone please tell me the name of this version? It might have been on a B-side of a 12" version of the song.

    Could be for pads but that bassline/sound is fierce!
    Could it be a Prophet 5? I tried recreating it with a MiniMoog but the filtering is different.

    Aitch-ski: too bad about those Imperial Bros. tracks -would have been awesome! Any way we could get them to release them now? Even though times have changed they'd have nothing to loose by releasing the album, only gain.

    Does anyone know which gear (synths, vocoder etc.) Hashim used for his stuff ("Al-Naafiysh", "We're rocking the planets" to a name a couple of songs)?
    I've been searching in vein for studio interviews, "the making of" articles but the only info on the subject I can find is mention of "a $50 Casio keyboard" which he used to practice with. Other than the obvious TR-808 I can only guess what he used back in the day.