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    Yep, I dig a bit of the dub-step also..

    As with all genres though, there's a lot of mediocre artists to avoid before finding some quality fatness..

    Yo Mathias, I always thought that your "Anti-Gravity Machines Re-Mix" had a bit of a dub-step style to it.. Obviously without the exaggerated dub-step bass tho.. Still, a favorite of mine..


    I've attempted to assimilate each track of this release over many weeks, however, as previously proven via "Future-Funk", I'm left in total awe...

    I honestly didn't know how to interpret this communication upon it's initial transmission, however, upon extended playback, I am confident in the application of my universal seal of approval to this quality product.. As always, Mandroid has delivered musical expression straight from his heart, expressing his personal experience in combination with typically excellent beat production.

    I'm reminded of my first listen of "Future Funk" years ago.. What a treat it is to be blessed with the prowess of Mandroid's excellent creativity..

    8) 8)


    Thanks Dr. Schmidt. Quite new to your sound, but I'm loving what I'm hearing so far.. "Engines of God" definitely one of my favorites on Electro Sounds..

    Also a huge fan of Andreas Kauffelt's "Subtonal" alias.. Great work.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours.. 8)

    Yes I agree, Retroish is also a fine album. Love the title track, plus 'Low Life Lovers', 'Centershade', 'The Eighth Approach' & 'R.T.F.2'.

    I thought the Deranged in Space compilation was a bit hit and miss, but love the mix by Surface 10, beautiful sounds. The Leaether Strip one I love also, chunky sounding track 8)

    There's an electronica album that I quite like, 'Electric Dimension' by Kraftwelt. Quite an interesting ambient album that implements many Vangelis cuts from the Bladerunner movie. Worth a listen, if you already haven't.

    They had to eventually relinquish their name due to legal action by representatives of Kraftwerk. Name similarity apparently.. :-/

    Man I long for the day when The Egyptian Lover comes down-under (Australia). I've always been frustrated at the lack of understanding and acceptance of real electro in my country. I love so many electro artists out there, and I can expect virtually none of them to come here for a show. To be fair though, Kraftwerk have always shared their greatness internationally, including my home city of Melbourne this year, where unfortunately Fritz Hilpert fell ill just before the show and thus rendered the performance in-executable (if there is such a word). Probably the most disappointing musical experience of my life! Always been a Kraftwerk appreciator to say the least, and the one time they enter my city and I'm expecting the arrival of the most awesome show on earth, this happens... Ohh well, hopefully they'll come back some time, I can't die without seeing these guys!

    The whole Kraftwerk discography, digitally re-mastered, is on the way!

    8 x individual CDs presented in special slipcases
    featuring newly expanded artwork, including many previously
    unseen images all of which have been reproduced to the
    highest technical standards. - 5th October

    CD Box Set containing 8 x CDs in ‘mini-vinyl’ card
    wallet packaging, plus individual large format booklets.

    8 x individual heavyweight vinyl LPs with large format
    booklets. - Mid November

    Digital downloads also.

    Hooray! Been waiting for this day for such a long time, but wish they were releasing in Super-Audio like once hinted..

    This calls for a Kraftwerk session!

    Hi all, I've just returned from planet "AWESOME" in the bionic cyber-funk galaxy with my new synth, they were on sale.

    Here's a video of my new purchase..


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    Quote from elektroakust.;22382

    whats some good tracks ~ productions by Billy?
    i got 2 Ultravox 12"s because of "Alles Klar" and "Mr X".
    (thought they were good because John Foxx was involved with the band(?))

    i'd say JMJ is hard to beat. alone for his "OXYGENE" album... that's absolute genius!
    one of the best synth albums ever.

    I'm a relative newcomer to this scene in general.. Into electrofunk since about 6 years ago, and come to love the synth genre in the process. I agree with Matt in that "OXYGENE" is absolute genius (1 & 2 are personal favorites) , also rate "EQUINOXE" as an epic record.

    Ashamed to say however, haven't heard of Billy Curry.. Can someone recommend a particular recording for me to check?

    Just wanted to share this Computerwelt/Numbers/Afrika Bambaataa remix I found on youtube, I reckon it's pretty dope.. Enjoy..


    All excellent tracks imo, love Mandroid, Sbassship, DBS, Imatran. I find it hard to go past Mr. Dagobert however.. "Ready to Rock", what a track! That whole album is f%@ing awesome...