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    While we're on the MPC subject, I've got myself an MPC1000. Can anyone give some pointers as to where I can track down a bunch of nice electro samples to fill this machine with? Not too sure where to start..
    Would be much appreciated..

    That was shattering.. Was looking forward to it for about 5 years, still can't believe it, had a decent night tho, considering. :"(

    They were setting up the stage for Kraftwerk with about 15 minutes to go then some MC came on stage with Ralf Hutter and said he had an announcement. Ralf said that Frinz wasn't feeling good, that he had been taken to hospital and he didn't know the severity of his condition, looking quite concerned as he said it, and that the show wouldn't go ahead.

    The MC was quite dis-respectful I thought, he was pumping up the crowd saying "Are you gonna come back to Melbourne and DO ANOTHER SHOW!" Considering that Ralfs band member was possibly in a life threatening conditioning, I thought that was a little extreme.

    Anyway Ralf hinted at a possible return to Melbourne for a proper solo show at some point, which could work out better, since I always wanted to see them in a private show rather than a festival. I can only hope. Good to know that Frinz is fine.

    I didn't go to the Perth show, as it was the next day on the other side of Australia, and I don't think anyone expected at the time that Frinz would be fully recovered to do a show the next day.

    If they do come back, I hope it's with Florian too, wouldn't quite be the same not seeing that robotic bald genius in the lineup.
    Oh well...

    Unn - Blue Sky
    Unn - Love Me
    Dagobert - Ready to Rock
    Sbassship - Future was Here
    TRV - Unlimited Power
    Mandroid - Sonic Radiation
    Mandroid - Beyond Space, Beyond Life
    Dominance Crushing Crew - Nothing Stopping Us Now
    Morphogenetic - They Walk Among Us
    Mandroid - Abstrakt Orange
    E-Control - (B)eat This
    Dagobert - Der Mars
    Blastromen - Sky City 1000
    Imatran Voima - Commando

    To name a few..

    Drexciya I must say is an acquired taste, one that requires a patience (in my experience) to understand in it's entirety, yet absolutely worthy of attention as a truly unique musical style.

    As a relatively recent appreciator of the drexciyan musical philosophy, I feel that in recent years I have missed out on a whole genre of sound that is difficult to categorize..

    "Drexcyen Rest Principle",Drexciya,
    "Bermuda Triangle" - Abstract Thought
    "Synchronised Dimensions" - Abstract Thought
    "Scientist" - Dopplereffekt (video mix)
    "Plasiphilia" - Dopplereffekt
    "Voice Activated" - Dopplereffekt
    "Pornoactress" - Dopplereffekt
    "Sterilization - Dopplereffekt
    "Myon-Neutrino - Dopplereffekt
    "Z-Boson" - Dopplereffekt
    "Hydro Theory" - Drexciya
    "Sighting in the Abyss" - Drexciya

    Just to name a few of my favored...

    One of my top 80's electro tunes, although, seemingly quite mysterious in origin..
    Some say the record label cannot be identified, and that the track may not have been produced in 1984 as printed on the record. Man this track is cool..
    Anyone got some hard data on it's conception?

    Picked up my FutureFunk color vinyl bout a month ago (cheers Matt). I'm trying to restrain myself from over-playing this one, it's just so fresh! When each beat dropped, so did my jaw.
    Yo Dandroid, you say you like "space age renegade" cuz that track is one of the few good tracks you've heard by them (you mean him)? Of course musical taste is a personal thing, but man, to say that "space age renegade" is one of the few good tracks by Adrian Rataj ... ???
    FutureFunk is the shizzle! I genuanly can't reccomend it to any electro lover enough.

    Grab one Dandroid, you won't be dissapointed. ;)