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    Hi Guys,

    I've been lurking here teh last couple of weeks since I seen Alavux referring to EE online. I'd never come across it before - so really interested in this production area. I've been reading all the pages here for the last couple of days & found lots of interesting stuff :D

    Never knew that the Orch5 hit came from the Fairlight haha ;D

    Anyway.. I was thinking that this would be the place to come to about the plucky synth in this track here. I come from a Techno background and although I've dabbled in Electro production over the years, my synthesis skills are "patchy" ;)

    To my ears, the main synth sound in this track leans more towards Electro than Techno..


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    Honestly can't nail it. Its such an epicly great patch. Love the way it opens up during the track. The delay of course is a significant ingredient to the overall vibe.

    I've tried a few saws and made a pluck.. added a bit of pitch - which actually ended up sounding good as a bass when played down low, so I'm guessing it may essentially be similar to a bass style patch, but played in a higher register. I'm using Sylenth mainly.. but have all the Ableton synths too.

    Sorry to be jumping in with the first post asking questions, but I'm hoping you guys don't mind chatting a bit. I love having a chat about production & would definitely appreciate the sharing of some expertise.