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    Can anyone tell me the name of this R&B/funk song that came from the mid 80's? I have it on tape from radio, it came out around 1986-7?? I'd love to know the name of the song and the artist!! I also want to help out somebody who has been searching and searching for this song for a long time. :cylon: Here is the link: [ame]

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    Andy80's here!!

    I was just wondering if anybody has a download link to the rare 1986 hip hop/electro movie: "Knights Of The City". The movie was similar to the 1985 movie: "Krush Groove" with similar artists featured like the Fat Boys, KC (from KC & The Sunshine Band), Kurtis Blow, etc. I've searched and searched for that movie and no luck. There are clips on youtube but no full movie?? :"( If anybody has this lost and uncommon 80's movie, please put a comment below showing a download link to the movie! Or if you guys have a youtube channel, please upload the full movie!! I would really appreciate it as well as for other fans of the movie who are searching very hard for it!!