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    Hi and huge THANX to Blastromen. Haven't bought the album yet, but hope to do it one day. The big reason for writing now is a track called "Sense of Ears". Heard it from the great "Bass Agenda" show. So the thing is, that as a blind persone I found a very strong connection with the topic of the song knowing how important this "sense of ears" actually can be. The line "analyzing data in my processor" also gives a strong reflecting selfrecognition, as I tend to operate more on facts/data rather than feelings. Somewhat like someone with Aspergers, or may-be I actually am like that. And at the same time starting from the line "vibrations in the air", so the melodic part of the track, I can totally say, that I haven't changed much since early childhood. I mean: music can modulate my entire sensory system in a truely profound ways. I'm not good at putting my feelings into words and explaining them, but anyway music can reach my deepest layers. I'm not pretending to talk like a machine, it's just being at home in the world of synthesizers, that brings those terms into my average language. So thanx again and don't stop blastin'!!!

    Hi all the good electrofunkers! My electric name is dRxId "Actually Darkside". Had to code the name a bit, because the original is obviously too widespread. I'm a blind musician from Estonia, who has finally accomplished hes childhood dream. On my soundcloud page there are among others some true electrofunk creations. Being totally blind it's not easy to work in this supersaturated modern world of technology, especially true in computer music. That's why I chose to go the other way. Not being a wealthy producer, have to work with modest tools. At the same time my setup is constantly growing bit by bit. Currently working with the following: Yamaha mm6, Alesis Micron, M-audio Venom and the rest from Korg: Microkorg, R3, Microsampler, Monotribe and since recently also the Volca series. Microsampler being of course the center of all this funky buzzing. Computer is actually used for editing/mastering and occasionally throwing in some samples, that can not be created on the listed instruments, sutch as speech synthesizer phrases. Being a detailed and somewhat pedantic guy I could go on for hours, but it's actually better for you to take a listen. So: and stay all funky!