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    Correction - Anthony has stopped the electro house nonsense and Netzwerk…. demonstrates that he is back and in great form. True Electro style.

    Excellent work from Mr Rother.



    'Netzwerk der Zukunft' is brim-full with proper Electro like on 'Sex with the machines', 'Simulationszeitalter' and - to an extent - 'Hacker'. If you prefer those over crap like 'Popkiller' any day of the week then 'Netzwerk...' is right up your alley.

    It's a bit of a bummer though that Anthony is working on his next Datapunk album already which most likely means another 'Popkiller'-like record of some sorts. But as long as the next to this one will be a Psi49net album again, I'm absolutely fine with that. With 'Netzwerk...' we have something to hold us over until then.