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    Didn't get as much interest as I hoped on this project. Weird, as I still think anyone into electro etc would proudly wear a shirt displaying their passion for the music!? So I may still give it a go. I've spoken to a few artists. Usual licencing talk, although ten at a time printed in my workshop ain't really gonna put anyone out of pocket. Except me maybe!
    Oh, one total gent has been amazing as usual. Man Parrish, and pretty much said, ' sounds great, I'm honoured. Send me a couple of shirts as payment and if they start selling bigger numbers, lets talk about it then'.
    Always a pleasure to speak to Manny.

    Breakmixer-yeah you could be right there mate. When rap styles started to change in the mid to late 80s, ( and less and less synths were used) , that was the time I started losing interest. It's just my personal taste I guess, but everything I loved about the music was disappearing, so I stopped buying. I'm all for evolution in music, but the actual songwriting suffered too much.
    Take, for example, 'fast life' by jeckyl and Hyde.Or aleem-release yourself. Those tracks would sound great being played on a piano! Or most other instruments.
    Could NWA say the same?!
    PS, I heard Overlord X- 14 days in May earlier. Rapping in a british accent done proper!! KILLER track!

    Just a quick one. I'm a big fan of freeware vst synths, and been exploring and using some really great sounds recently, but it's been taking me a while to nail the bottom end on the 808 kick drum etc. so I read a lot of online reviews today, and picked up d16s ' Nepheton' drum plug in.
    Seriously, it pisses on the rest from a great height. Even the first 'classic 808' preset instantly gave me the sound I was spending hours on via eq/compression.
    I was using it earlier alongside arturias Jupiter 8, and an emu proteus vst. Bingo.

    Apologies for chipping in to an old thread, but this is something I've been thinking about recently. After years of listening to classic electro cuts, I've been exploring some new artists, and just agree that, although there's some great stuff out there, it does seem to follow the futuristic/instrumental/European path.
    I would imagine that the main reason is that most artists are just one person, recording in a home studio, making music for the sheer love of it. Which is great! But there's a lot of electro, and not much funk!
    I will admit that although I've been a pro musician for 20 years, with loads of contacts, even I'm finding it difficult to get a team together for my new ' delta city' project. Some good people are involved for sure, but the hardest part is finding a rapper who A-isn't a plastic gangster, B-Can pull off a good 'party' style, and C-doesn't rap with a over emphasised british accent. I'm a Londoner, and no offence to anyone, but that just doesn't sound right with the vintage sounds and production.
    If anyone can recommend any recent music with an old school russell brothers/jeckyll and Hyde type vibe, I'd love to hear it. The new imperial bros stuff just ain't my bag at all. :-/ shame.

    Greetings Electronauts!
    Would love to hear your opinions! I was recently looking for some old school Electro type tshirts, and was shocked at how little I could find online. I managed to get a Tommy boy logo t shirt, and a home made/transfer 'wild style' shirt. That was about it! So, as I have a small ( but professional ) tshirt screen printing set up, we've decided to do a few small runs of Electro/old school hip hop designs.
    So I wanted to ask you all, what kind of t shirt design would be most interesting to you? Would you prefer non specific stuff ( I.e- ghetto blasters, b boys, 'electro' wording etc,) or would you prefer specific band or artist logos?
    We're only gonna do VERY small runs ( maybe 10 or 20 of each ) but of course I will get permission from any artist that may be used.
    Hope to hear from y'all!!

    I'm sure a lot of EE members feel the same as myself, in thinking the 'Golden age' of Electro was the early to mid 80's, when labels like streetsounds and the pioneering artists were at their most active (I.e-jeckyll and Hyde, pumpkin, dmx, Newcleus, imperial bros. Etc)
    And I don't know wether it was just me personally, but it all seemed to end pretty abruptly. I know many artists are still playing, or have started up again due to modern interest, but I'd love to hear from you guys if you have any info on any artist from that era.
    I know that Egyptian lover is still nailing it, and Davy dmx is out with public enemy. I spoke to Man parrish recently and he's a busy man,same goes for the 'Breakin' guys.
    Look forward to hearing from you!
    Kneill X
    Delta city.

    Hey diamondetta. Not sure if you found someone yet, but we've got a mastering thing going on at the minute, aimed at Electro heads such as ourselves!
    I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to post here, as I don't wanna come across like an advert, so gimme a pm
    or something mate of you want details.
    Everyone else feel free to gimme a shout if interested. Honestly, anyone can afford this, and I'll even do a sample part of your track to make sure you're happy.

    Gotta get involved in this one!
    1.Pumpkin and the profile all stars-Here comes that beat
    2.Planet patrol-Play at your own risk (+ Planet rock)
    3.Captain rock-Cosmic blast
    4.Fantasy 3-The buck stops here
    5.Newcleus-Jam on it
    6.Man parrish-Boogie down Bronx
    7.Man parrish-Hip hop Be bop
    8.Aleem-Release yourself
    9.Soulsonic force-Lookin for the perfect beat
    10.Imperial brothers-We come to rock.
    Of course there are loads of others up there in the same league, but I've listed what I imagine as the perfect dj set list. And for old times sake.....
    11. Lisa Lisa and cult jam-I wonder if I take you home. It just reminds me so much of that time!

    Ok I might be a few years late here, but someone might be reading this thread. I did!
    If anyone would like a little tip of how to start off with a basic sound to give some inspiration, seperate your drums out onto seperate channels, even if you're using the same vsti for all of them, and solo the kick drum.
    Add a long drawn out ' cathedral' type reverb. Then use a gate plug in to chop the tail end of the reverb off. Just enough to make sure the hits don't overlap. Eq the bottom end up and make the room shake!
    Now duplicate the snare track, and use something like an 808 snare on one track, and a lower toned snare in the other. Use the sabe reverb as the kick on the snare sound with the most top end/fizz on it, don't hate it, but mix it with the lower snare sound so it sits above the kick nicely. Panning each one slightly can work well.
    If you've used ( for example) 16ths on the closed hi hat track, delete some notes so the pattern is down to 8ths, then add a rhythmic delay plug in, to make it sound like it's playing 16th note patterns. ( sounds crazy I know. Why half the notes, then double them with delay again? )
    If you have done panning on the delay feedback, it'll sound a joke wide now!
    Rough mix your basic drum sounds, and hear how much more LIFE is in them, instead if the sane old 808 clicking away and sounding flat.
    Might not work for everyone, but I can write so much easier if things are sounding alive from the start. :)

    Hey everyone. Been checking out EE for a while now so thought it was time to sign up and get involved!!!
    Very briefly, my names Kneill,from just outside London, I'm a pro/session musician for 20 years or so, been into Electro from the start pretty much, but will admit that I hated the way it went with dance/techno etc, so didn't keep up to date thru the 90's/00's. My tastes really lie in the classic 80s stuff, but I've recently been working on the new sharon brown ( I specialise in love !?) album with the guys from Mtd London, and it looks like we've started a pure Electro project under the name 'delta city'. The first tracks are shaping up well, and have a kind of man parrish/russell brothers/soulsonic vibe to them. :)
    Looking forward to chatting with you all!