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    Newcastle ran one of the first breaking/ popping sessions in the UK circa 83-86. for the last three years now we have been running a reunion event, this year it is being held twice for the first time. The next event will be held next week on Saturday 24th at Flares bar in the Bigg market, Newcastle from 12-00 till 7-00, entry is Free. Unfortunatley its an over 18's event due to company policy. Music will be Old school Hip Hop/Electro the same as played back in the day so if your expecting to hear funk and breaks this maybe isn't you thing. The event has evolved over the years and we get some of the new school guys in and everyone mixes together and have a good laugh, we have people travelling from all over the UK to enjoy the old school vibe and music (check out the video below of this years event that was held in July). So if your in Newcastle next week please come and check it out

    Hi guys on the 28th of July we'll be holding our 4th Tiffanys reunion.Tiffanys nightclub in Newcastle ran its "Sidewalk" breaking session between 83-86 every saturday afternoon and would attract from 500-1500 people. This years reunion is happening at Flares bar in the Bigg Market, Newcastle upon Tyne. Times are from 1-00 until 6-00, unfortunately its a 18+ event due to company policy. Admission is FREE. well be playing music from back in the day i.e. old school Electro/ Hip hop. Its a relaxed vibe where old school breakers /poppers prop up the bar and occasionally throw down and hopefully get up ;) Be great to see some of you old boys there supporting the scene we all love so much.

    Yeah your talking about the Whiz Kid remix Steve, i have it on MP3 somewhere, I dunno if its ever been released on vinyl though, maybe someone else knows that

    Brilliant Daro, sorry I took so long in thanking you, i needed to check with my friend that this was the right tune and he says your correct. So thanks for your time Yoda :)

    One of my friends keeps telling me about an old electro tune that has samples from the film Tron in it. I havent a clue as ive never seen the film and wouldnt be able to tell you were right without going through him, has anyone got any ideas ? cheers

    Whats your favourite Pretty Tony tune?, for me its got to be "Get Some", top poppin tune dont need no other reason lol.

    MC ADE- Bass Rock Express
    Do you hate it or rate it ?? I loved it at the time when released, sounded really raw with a echoy vocoder, I gotta admit it seems really dated now, but still have a soft spot for it.

    Just a thing that Billy mentioned about Hiphop and House being popular between 87-89, was it really that popular at that time or was it because the electronic sound had disappeared and people didnt know what to buy and simply latched on to what they could. I know me and my friends at the time just wanted to buy Electro but couldnt seem to get our hands on it with the odd exception like Ecectros example Maggaton. As well as this i remember a lot of people absolutley hating Hip Hop and giving us some right stick, the same people years later that probably embraced the whole genre.

    If the streetsounds Electro series had actually stuck to Electro what songs from 86 should have made it on to the tracklisting of Electro 13?

    Has electroempire turned into a site discussing obscure sealed electro music once a month that knowone gives a shit about or is it still about old school classics that everyone loves but gets a little bored chatting about? please discuss

    I would say that there were a few reasons, one was just a matter of supply,after the Electro series changed its name to Hip Hop 14 was really hard to buy Electro and i know myself i resorted to buying House music etcc instead because i didnt like the hip hop sound that they were trying to push on us and therfore House music was basically the closest i could get to buying the electronic sound, but it but it was a real step backwards and i didnt even like it lol. I was a breaker/B boy and just wanted something to dance to but just wasnt into that transition period at the time. Im not sure but i also think that these were the years that people really started to buy CD'S compared to vinyl and thefore much of the stuff that was coming out on CD was mainly mainstream music (Michael Jackson ,Madonna etc and therefore a lot of the less popular music such as Miami bass,electro took a big hit in sales in fact even now 25 years later i only think ther are only a hand full of Electro CDs worth buying so what does that tell you??? sorry if i dont make sense im pissed hic and cant be botherd to retype :P